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S15 Playoff Casino Challenge

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Each user that wishes to participate will receive 3 tokens in which they can bet with.


You May place your bet, any way you wish, on EFL and NCAA playoff teams. If your team you have bet on wins the Championship, you will double your bet.  You will then turn your tokens in at the end of the playoffs for TPE. You MUST bet all 3 tokens to be eligible and you MUST post a claim within the claim thread to earn your tpe from your tokens won. Payouts will not be automatic. You, the user, must physically go “cash” in your winning ticket. The game will lock at kickoff of the first playoff game and any invalid bets will be rejected. 


Playoff teams: 

EFL - Los Angeles Reign, Seattle Predators, Memphis Mambas, New York Herd

NCAA - Miami Hurricanes, LSU Tigers, Texas Longhorns, USC Trojans


6 tokens: 5 tpe

5-4: 2 tpe

3-2: 1 tpe

1-0: 0 tpe 


Due to this being posted late if you choose an NCAA team you can do it until the first presentation of the NCAA playoffs, but you can select an EFL team until the first presentation of the EFL playoffs.

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Posted (edited)

3 tokens: USC

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