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Wolverines | Open Letter of Interest

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Open Letter of Interest


I am the director of Athletics for the University of Michigan. I am writing today to express interest in any player, new or existing,  that may be considering a change of location for the upcoming NCAA season. As an expansion team, we have plenty of opportunity to develop stars across our whole lineup and potential to become major contenders. In lieu of targeting players from existing teams rosters, I am opening up the dialog to evaluate interest in becoming a key player on a new franchise. That being said, here are a few things we are looking for in a Wolverine:



In order to compete with the established teams, we need our players to be active in updating, and take pride in their team. Since we are starting from scratch, its is hugely important for us to stick around and participate in our weekly PT's. As AD, I will be providing weekly Article, graphic , and content ideas that my players can take advantage of.



Though not a requirement, we want our players to be engaged with the team and invested in the results. This includes writing articles about the team, participating in game day threads, activity in our Discord/locker room, etc... Engagement in the team makes the player experience that much better and makes it easier to stay active.



We are all here for fun, lets keep it that way. Our team atmosphere should be a fun, drama free environment where members can discuss the team, games, real life, or anything else while watching their players and the team grow. This will be a team effort to for this atmosphere so everyone is encouraged to get involved!


I'm hoping to build a great thing here. My goal is to establish a lively, fun and enjoyable locker room in which everyone can make their teammates better through discussion and where players will want to come spend time with everyone. Aside from the goals that I've expressed, there is not much more I can tell you other than to make the decision that is best for you.


Discussions are open to this thread or PM's. If you have interest in potentially becoming a Wolverine for season 3, please don't hesitate to start the conversation!


Athletic Director, University of Michigan

        Jackson Grey




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