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Miami Hurricanes: Football Program History

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"Today I will do what other won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't." 

The University of Miami Football Program History




Miami Athletic Directors

[ S5 - current ]  Dusty Trombone @cptmatt
[ S3 S4 ]  Jerome Johnson @bengreedy
[ S1 S2 ]  Ivan Locke @Jogn


Miami Head Coaches

[ S5 - current ]  Magnum Cream
[ S3 S4 ]  Unknown
[ S1 S2 ]  Unknown


Program Record: 52-32

Season 1: 9-5   [Knocked out in Playoff Semi-Finals]

Season 2: 8-6   [Missed Playoffs]

Season 3: 8-6   [National Champions]

Season 4: 9-5   [Knocked out in Playoff Semi-Finals]

Season 5: 7-7   [Knocked out in Playoff Semi-Finals]

Season 6: 11-3 [Knocked out in Playoff Semi-Finals]

Season 7: 1-13 [Missed Playoffs]

Season 8: 1-13 [Missed Playoffs]


Former Hurricanes Drafted in the EFL

Season 2 Draft    
Jethro Novacek @Doomsday   2nd Round 7th Overall
Season 3 Draft    
Colt Cream @cptmatt   1st Round 4th Overall
Season 5 Draft    
Matt Hunter @cptmatt   1st Round 1st Overall
BigHuge McLarge @TacticalHammer   2nd Round 8th Overall
Tugg Bote @TacticalHammer   2nd Round 10th Overall
Kevin Clash @Jogn   3rd Round 15th Overall
Lucas 'Lucky' Banjo @HalfOnionBagel   4th Round 21st Overall
Tye Williams @Doomsday   4th Round 22nd Overall
Kristaps Klukste @hedgehog337   4th Round 23rd Overall
Jeremiah Johnson @timeconsumer

  5th Round 29th Overall

Season 7 Draft    
Jonathan James     @Michael Houston   1st Round 3rd Overall
Dante Mitchell     @bengreedy   2nd Round 10th Overall
Marcus Green     @bengreedy   2nd Round 11th Overall
Michael Houston
    @Michael Houston  
  3rd Round 14th Overall
Season 8 Draft    
Jayron Gibson   @Quartz 2nd Round 10th Overall
Marcel Redman   @Quartz 3rd Round 14th Overall
Benjamin Vigilante   @Squamish 3rd Round 16th Overall




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