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Preseason Preliminaries - Meeting Magnum

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Hoch and Crowder - Preseason Preliminaries


Hoch: Gooooooood morning folks, welcome to the Hoch and Crowder show - this week, with preseason preliminaries.

Crowder: With the football season just a few hours away, we take an exclusive first look at the Hurricanes new head coach - Magnum Cream.

H: That Cream lineage is a good one isn't it?!

C: It sure is, for those of you that have been living under a rock the last few seasons, Magnum Cream is the father of former Hurricane runningback turned wide receiver and 1st round pick Colt Cream. I'll tell you what, I can't wait to see what Colt's kids will do-

H: He'll have to get a girlfriend first before we can start thinking about the kids!

C: Too true, maybe we can ask ol' pops to get an update on his love life?

H: Haha, well Magnum is currently at the team hotel in Texas as he and the team start their preparations for tonight's game. Let's give him a call...

...Hello? Coach Cream? You're live on 560 WQAM Sports Radio here in Miami with Hoch and Crowder, welcome to the show!


Magnum Cream:  Hi guys, what's the weather like in Miami this morning?

H: A hell of a lot nicer than it is where you are right? Reports of thunderstorms and torrential rain?

MC: Ahh yeah, it's... it could be nicer.

C: Has any said anything about postponing the game due to the weather?

MC: We've not heard anything yet, but who knows. Texas fans are a crazy bunch so they'd still come out to the game even if their dodging lightning strikes!

C: We'll hope for the best but we could be looking at another mud bowl at this rate. Hell of a start to the season eh Coach?

MC: Sure is, trial by fire- I guess water. Trial by water. Not quite the same ring though.


H: Now obviously this is the first time the media and the fans are going to get to see you in action and this is the first time you've spoken to the media right?

MC: Sure is, Dusty inherited a team that was a bit of a mess, so it's been pretty hectic getting ourselves set up and ready for the season - this is my first free moment.

H: I can imagine, the obvious story line since the announcement has been all about your links to the team via your son - but you're just coaching the team your son played for - Rusty Trombone, Miami's AD brought his son with him to the team and now you'll be coaching him - Were you consulted on this or was he just dumped on you? He'd been set to go to Texas to play QB before his Dad poached him and now you've got him playing runningback, what's the story?

MC: Geez guys, right for the jugular..

C: Just asking what everyone wants to know!

MC: Alright, alright. I was aware that Danny would be joining us, Rusty brought up the idea of it and considering the state of the team when we came on board it only made sense to bring him in - we didn't force the position change on him though. Danny is a mature young man and he wanted to do what was best for the team, staying at QB meant - whether he was here or at Texas - he would be bench warming for 2 seasons. So he took the initiative and of course the desire to have playing time and suggested the change himself. He'll need some coaching up, but he has a bit of speed behind him.

H: That's good to hear, it must have been a relief to fill a much needed spot when the rest of your recruiting hasn't gone to plan-

MC: No fault of mine, might I add!

H: Of course, but there has been the one high upside recruit you've brought in amongst the off-cuts and fillers from other teams...

C: DeMarcus White, my maaaan. When you're late to the party you gotta go delving into the frozen tundra to the north I guess!

H: Hey that's no way to talk about America's Hat!

C: Of course haha, no direspec' meant. DeMarcus has really shown potential so he could prove to be a huge success in Miami. Is he with the team already? I know the scholarship was just announced yesterday.

MC: Unfortunately the paperwork couldn't be done in time to get him on this trip but he'll definitely be with us for week 1. We're real excited to see him in action, his versatility could be a real boost for us so don't be surprised to see him play at CB and SS despite being a FS on paper, he's a smart kid. I'm definitely looking at him to be a cornerstone of our defence for the next 4 years.


H: Are there anymore players in the pipeline that could be signing on before the season starts?

MC: I can't comment on specific players but I'll say we have some feelers out for a number of prospects and we're just waiting on responses. The bigwigs at the university made it a real tough assignment by hiring Dusty so late in the offseason, but we're hoping we can pick up a couple more players and do better than expected of us.

C: Talking of expectations, the Preseason Power Rankings were released yesterday as well - were you surprised at all the see you be placed comfortably as a mid table team this season?

MC: I cant say I've looked, but being mid table doesn't surprise me. There are teams that have had it far worse off than the Hurricanes, teams that have failed on recruiting efforts too and teams that have been left talent devoid following mismanagement by their Athletic Directors.

H: What do you mean mismanagement?

MC: Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggestion anything nefarious is going on but just teams that were powerhouses in the 1st season and stayed that way right up until they lost all their players to the draft. Their ADs failed to recruit season by season to backstop their talent. USC for example, I'd argue their defence is worse than the Season 1 Notre Dame defence.

C: Fighting words there coach, I just hope the on field performance will back them up. We'll be facing them twice again as usual, do you think this years hurricanes can take the series?

MC: I'm not one to make bold claims but unless they see a substantial improvement across the season I don't see them taking it - at worst we'll split.


H: Now I don't want to go to the dark side, but obviously your success this season will likely frame your career with Miami and could very well dictate how much leeway you're given going forward... but if all goes well for you - where do you see your future heading? 5, 10, 15 years on?

MC: Haha, I'm having flashbacks to my interview, I've coached at smaller schools going on 20 years now and the shortest period I've stayed at a school in the past was 3 years. This is clearly a much greater opportunity and I don't have to consider Colt's schooling now he's graduated and moved out, so if they'll have me I plan to have a long career here.

H: What about if an EFL team comes calling after just a couple of seasons?

MC: Wow, honestly, I don't see that happening for little ol' me, but I'd have to consider it definitely. Still, I like to leave a mark at the places I've been - so unless I can take Miami to back to back championships in those two seasons I think I'd probably stay. 

C: Speaking of championships, who do you see taking it this season?

MC: Miami. Haha, don't take me seriously... Seriously - Michigan are at the top of their game right now, they're riding the success of last season and look set to carry it on for another season. I can see them - them and Notre Dame - battling it out for the Championship.

H: Well we shall have to wait and see! I'm afraid that's all we have time for this week - but tune in next time for more of 560 WQAM Sports Radio. Home, of the Miami Hurricanes. Thanks Coach.

MC: Thanks for having me.

C: Good luck tonight!


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