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WQAM: A Nailbiter!

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Hoch and Crowder - A Nailbiter!


Hoch: Gooooooood morning folks, welcome to the Hoch and Crowder show - this week, we cover Miami's week one victory at home to Texas, the outlook for the season and get some fan thoughts on Athletic Director Dusty Trombone and Coach Magnum Cream.

Crowder: That Texas game sure was a close one, wasn't it Hoch?

H: It certainly was, but considering the beat down Texas gave Miami in the preseason game just the week before I think our boys did a great job!

C: They sure did, what changed? That's what I want to know.

H: There's plenty of folks saying it was just home field advantage, but it's more than that - I'd say home weather advantage definitely helped out. They were practically playing in a thunderstorm in Preseason, Miami's weather was definitely more friendly.

C: Gotta love that Miami weather. For those of you who missed the week one game, Miami fought hard for a 15-14 victory over Texas, after losing by 25 in preseason...

H: Quite the turnaround...

C: The biggest different had to be defence, Sophomore Cornerback Benjamin Vigilante roped in two interceptions killing the Texas momentum and keeping Miami in the game.

H: Hell of a performance, if I'm not mistaken he's already doubled his interceptions from last year - and with that defensive player of the game showing I think he could really be in the running for some awards at the end of the season if he keeps it up.

C: Talking of player of the game performances, how about Danny Trombone? The Freshman QB turned runningback has shut down the doubters, myself included, by rushing for almost 100 yards, catching 4 passes and scoring the only Miami touchdown of the game. I'm starting to see why they called him the "Music Man" back in highschool.  Not bad for his debut. 

H: I gotta say, there were a lot of people doubting the sanity of Dusty, who orchestrated the move to bring over his son from Texas before the season started. It's not often you see a QB convert to being a runningback so successfully. If it backfired completely it could have spelt the end of Dusty's career at Miami before he'd even had a chance to get started.

C: It sure looks like a great move this week - we'll have to see if Danny can keep it up.


H: So with week one in the books, how do you see the rest of the season going?

C: Well Texas are a pretty good team this year, they showed that in preseason and they showed it again in week one. If Miami can beat teams at or around Texas' level, I think we're in for a good season. We've got a caller on line one to give us their thoughts;


H: Caller, you are live on WQAM Miami Sports Radio - what've you got to say?

Caller 1: Hey guys, last week had me on the edge of my seat it was so tense! If our boys can keep fighting hard all season we're in for a run at the playoffs again I swear! The only teams we really need to worry about at Notre Dame and Michigan. Every other team we can take on a good day. I can't wait to watch us put the beat down on Oregon this week. Go Hurricanes!

H: Well that's one excited caller - Notre Dame and Michigan are definitely the big dogs of the league this season - but just because we beat Texas once doesn't mean they'll be able to do it again when we're visiting them later in the year, and every other team can pull out a win on a good day. I'm hopeful for a great season but with so many teams in flux after the recent draft it could go from one extreme to the other with our season record. I think I'll reserve judgement until later in the season.

C: BOOOOOOORING, give us an early season estimate Hoch! Give the people what they want!

H: Haha, fine then. I'll give our boys a tentative 7-7 record.

C: Trust you to sit on the fence. 

H: Well I told you, it's too early to tell!


H: Anyway we've got another caller on the line - let's see what they want to discuss...

Caller 2: Hello?

C: How's it going! You're live on 560 WQAM Sports Radio, what've you got for us?

Caller 2: Hey Crowder - 

H: Hey, I'm here too!

Caller 2: ...and Hoch,  I was just calling to say how I think Dusty Trombone had done a hell of a job so far with what little time and resources he's been afforded so far. I think the whole fan base had all but given up on the season after going almost the whole offseason with no leadership but Dusty has given us hope again, he's brought in coaching staff we can get behind and new players with the right kinda attitude for the U. I can't wait to see him unleashed on a full offseason. It looks like Coach Cream has got Houston protecting the ball AND our defence making plays on the ball, it's not often you find a head coach that can improve both sides of the ball. I've got a couple of over/unders for you guys if that's cool?

C: Sure is, fire away!

Caller 2: Okay, first one, Michael Houston, over under, 15 TDs.

C: Oh tough to call that one - he's not thrown a TD pass yet but I'll push the boat out and say over. Hoch?

H: 15? Nahhhhh, if it were 10 I'd say over, but 15? Nah. Under. I think he's a good QB stuck with below par receivers, they'll be looking to punch it in the end zone on the ground this season.

Caller 2: Alright, alright, Vigilante, Interceptions, 8 over under?

H: No doubt, over.

C: I'm with you on that one. He was all over the field against Texas - he keeps that up and he'll be into double figures by the seasons end. 

Caller 2: Nice! Thanks guys, catch you later!


C: Alrighty, thanks for calling. That's all we've got this week, tune in next time for our recap of Week 2.

H: Peace!

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