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WQAM - Midseason Review

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Hoch and Crowder - Midseason Review


Hoch: Gooooooood morning folks, welcome to the Hoch and Crowder show - our Miami Hurricanes have just played their week 8 game so we all know what that means...

Crowder: It's time for "How they doing Hoch?" and "Canthey do better Crowder?"

H: It sure is, lots to talk about, plenty of takes to... well take? I don't know.

C: Alright, alright, so HOW THEY DOIN' HOCH!!?

H: THEY DOIN' FINE CROWDER! Haha, seriously, after 7 games in 8 weeks they sit 2nd in the division with 5-2 record. Our Hurricanes, that we all thought were going to take a huge tumble in the rankings this year are rallying behind the new and enthused athletic director and the coaching staff he's brought in to prove they've still got what it takes to challenge for the championship. I'm going to go over a few key points with your help now Crowder, you got that list I gave ya? Okay, so hit me - 

C: Protecting the House.

H: Alright, all 5 of Miami's wins, where were they? At home. Their two losses? Away games. This team is proud of their turf and they're protecting it at all costs. The fans are loving it, every game they go to see is a win. Their screaming "NOT IN MY HOUSE" every time they take that field and they're delivering on that promise. Next.

C: Houston, we don't have a problem?

H: That's right, we sure don't. 3rd year quarterback Michael Houston @Michael Houston is playing like he's out to win it. Considering the lack of real talent around him compared to other teams he's still put up the 2nd most passing yardage in the league with 1686 yards, has the second most touchdowns with 11, has the second best passer rating with 92.4 and has the best completion percentage in the league. 

C: Technically his team mate @Sami K and backup has pipped him to the post in post completion percentage and passer rating...

H: ...while true... he's only thrown the ball 4 times so we can't really include him, although if he keeps up a 75 percent competition when he steps into the starting roll I'll have no complaints, haha. What's next?

C: Sweet Brass Music!

H: Oh yeah, Danny 'The Music Man' Trombone. There were a lot of questioned raised before the season began about the logic behind poaching QB Danny Trombone from Texas to convert over to RB for Miami. It seemed... odd to say the least, but what can I say? It looks like it's working well enough for now and he's set to only get better. Sure he's 5th in rushing yards and has the lowest yards per carry out of the starting runningbacks, but he's netted 5 touchdowns and he's shown he has some moves out there. Clearly Coach Cream has a knack for coaching running backs, and I'm looking forward to seeing just how high the ceiling is for Trombone. Next!

C: Diamonds in the Defence.

H: You're damn right there's some diamonds in that defence. Let me ask you a question - and I'll preface this with the fact that absolutely no one is talking about this and it's a damn tragedy. Who is the current NCAA record holder for most tackles in a game? Do you know? Anyone?

C: Uhhhh.....

H: It's Jonathan James. @Michael Houston Our very own linebacker netted 17, I'll say that again, SEVENTEEN tackles in just one game - Week 6 at Alabama. Not one news report has picked up this story and personally I find that to be outrageous, so what if Miami lost the game in the end - the kid set a record. Make an effort people!

C: Well damn, I'll tweet it right now. 17?! I knew he looked good in that game but 17!? Wowee.

H: And he's not alone!  Benjamin Vigilante @Squamish is having a career year, he had two 2 interception games in a row! Show me another player who's done that. Freshman CB DeMarcus White @Sami K has also started to show he's made of the right stuff as he just caught his second interception on the season in a pivotal moment in last nights Alabama game. He's going to be a real star in the future who's just going to keep on getting better and better! So I ask you, can they do better Crowder?


C: Can they? I'm not so sure. Obviously I'd love to say yes and have them win out the season but it's just not going to happen.

H: Awhmaaaaaaan.

C: You were saying about how they were protecting their home field, that's great, but they've lost every away game. You know what happens when you win every home game and lose every away game? You go .500 and miss out on the playoffs. This team needs to start winning in other teams houses. Dropping a game to the 2-5 Oregon Ducks just because you had to travel there is just poor discipline. Not to mention their schedule has given them all their easy games early, the second half of this season is going to be a real test. Weeks 1 through 8 they only had 3 games against opponents with a record over .500. They squeezed by Texas by a single point and split the series against Alabama. The two 1-6 teams, Ohio and USC were only beaten by a single score - Miami have got to pick up their game if they want to play with the big dogs. Whether they're ready or not that's who they'll be playing with in the latter half of the season, 7 games remaining, 5 against teams with over a .500 record, and 5 away games. This is a tough end to a season that has gone surprisingly well so far. 

H: Okay, way to put a downer on the show man! What do you think the season record will be when it's all said and done then?

C: If we can start winning away games? At best 8-6. We should take USC and Ohio away from home, we're likely to lose Michigan both home and away because well... they're Michigan. and then we'll either split the series with Notre Dame, or we'll drop that series and we'll win out against Texas. 

H: So I see it as we could end up anywhere between 7-7 and 9-5.

C: Yeah, around there I guess. Luckily Alabama also has a tough end to the season so even if we go 7-7 we might still manage the playoffs. 

H: Well, there it is folks, let us know your thoughts. Are you happy with a 7-7 season? Do you think the team should be performing better or are you surprised at how they've done so far? Let us know at 560 WQAM Sports Radio. Home of the Miami Hurricanes. 



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You will drop the series against us. Nice try though.

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