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WQAM - Regular Season Recap

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Hoch and Crowder - Regular Season Round Up!


Hoch: Gooooooood morning folks, welcome to the Hoch and Crowder show - our Miami Hurricanes have just played their final regular season game of this season so we're going to do our season round up and have a quick look at the future...

Crowder: There sure is a lot to talk about... but guess what Hoch?

H: What?


H: Damn right we are. For a team that wasn't expected to be competitive this season they've sure shown a lot of folk's they were wrong about 'em.

C: Sure did, although we should reign in the excitement just a touch as they do have the face Michigan - Mighty Michigan, their division rival that went 13-1 this season and outscored Miami by 56 points in their two meetings combined. They're the team of the season and they're the clear favourites to win the National Championship. 

H: Yeah okay, so you're saying we don't have a chance?

C: Sure we have a chance... I'm just saying, lets be happy we made it into the playoffs and not focus so much on the upcoming beating we're gunna receive.

H: Come on Crowder, we're supposed to be the Home of the Miami Hurricanes, lets now bring everyone down!!

C: Alright, alright, you're right, only positives from here on out! With the regular season complete and a full 14 games to peruse, I want to know your favourite win of the season, and if there can be such a one - your favourite loss?

H: Yeah I'm not sure any fan can have a favourite loss, but I'll think of something. My best win has got to be the week one victory over Texas. Sure it was a low scoring game but it gave us a bit of everything - and it was the first real look at the Miami team under new AD Dusty Trombone and new HC Magnum Cream. We had 2 receivers with over 100 yards, the QB turned RB Danny Trombone had just shy of 100 yards and a touchdown, proving a lot of doubters wrong, and our defence held strong with 2 turnovers from Vigilante. Getting a win straight out the gate soothed the nerves of a lot of concerned fans and really built the atmosphere for every game going forward.

C: How'd I know you'd pick that one? Haha. We had a lot of games this season that we could have won but didn't finish out - this was a game where every member pulled together and forced out the low scoring win. Now, your "favourite" loss?

H: I can't in good conscience claim a loss as being one of my favourite games but I guess the away leg against Alabama, it felt like we were the better team on the day despite our offensive woes, but when they forced overtime late in the fourth it became one of the most tense games of the season. We had turnovers, big plays and hard fought yards but as you said, it was one of those games that we just couldn't hold on for. Unfortunately for Jonathan James, the loss overshadowed his record breaking 17 tackles in a game.

C: I was on the edge of my seat for the end of that game, such a heart breaking loss. I'm more inclined to go with this game just gone, we led Notre Dame the whole game and one mistake in the 4th quarter shifted momentum and ended up losing by 1 point. If we can convert more of those kind of games into wins next season we're gunna be in a very good place.

H: Speaking of next season - how do you think we'll do? Time to get it on record, your far-to-early prediction!

C: Oh man, why'd you always do this! Fine, fine, I think we'll do better than .500. We're returning the majority of our players, many of whom are heading into their final season and Dusty hasn't been idle during this season, so despite missing the recruitment window entirely he's still brought some new youth talent into the team, some of which have proven to be very skilled indeed - Marcel Redman has already taken snaps as a starter and looks very promising, Jayron Gibson stepped in immediately as the starting strong safety and is already flying around the field.

H: And don't forget DeMarcus White who joined earlier on in the season, he's already nabbing interceptions and making his presence known!

C: Very true, and I think one of the most exciting parts of the season has been the rare glimpse of Patrick Triscuit, our QB of the future stepped in for a few drives this season and has shown to be incredibly talented already, going 9 for 13, 80 yards and 2 touchdowns with no mistakes. Personally I'm very excited to see him take the reigns full time in season 7. 

H: It's always nice to know you have the talent of the future sat on the bench, but Michael Houston has had a fine season himself, 3rd in yards with the best completion percentage, tied 4th for touchdowns and had the second fewest interceptions. If he improves further next season he's set to have a career season. 

C: There's a lot to be excited for with this Miami team, but I'm afraid that's all we have time for today. Tune in next week for our Playoff Recap. Fingers crossed it's a good'un.

H: Thanks for listening and go support our boys in the semi-finals! Go 'Canes!





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