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  2. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/20235-season-26-efl-western-conference-championship/&do=findComment&comment=296854 Prezzy
  3. im dumb and did not see the equipment tab lol
  4. Equipment can be bought on eflo now
  5. Name: TJ Dunne Team: Winconsin Workout/Equipment Name: T2 AGI and T1 Speed Equipment Gain(If applicable): +2 Agility +1 Speed Cost of Purchase: 14mil Cash you Have: 26.5mil Cash Left: 12.5mil @Sharkstrong@TacticalHammer
  6. Fill out your mock HERE Predict the first two rounds of this year's EFL draft! For each correct pick you earn 1/2 TPE and you will earn 1 TPE just for participation! The following list is eligible for claiming the average due to being in the draft room: Admins/Draft Graphics GMs In case trades happen, if you have the right player in the right spot, but right or wrong team, it will still count. You have 2 GM picks set for you this season. Deadline: Thursday April 22th, 2021 15 minutes before the draft begins. TIM
  7. let me just fix this If you have any REALISTIC suggestions just tell me!
  8. Can only speak from my experience, but you really can't go wrong with choosing stacks for an AD.
  9. Yesterday
  10. William Joseph has received a Contract Bonus of $1000000 for S27.
  11. I appreciate the support and kind words @UZI®
  12. Beautiful work all around, one of my favorite graphic artists on here ❤
  13. He doesn't have 24 free hours to run enough sims to make that happen.
  14. Tfw when you're ranked number one but you don't have the player. Biscayne is going to be better than us this season anyway. Best of luck *cries softly*. (Kidding... mostly)
  15. Glad you chose the best place for you, I wish you all the best with Biscayne Bay I also totally understand why you would been rooting for BBP harder than HCP lol
  16. It has been a busy offseason for the Wisconsin Brigade as their front office was revamped with @Cornholio coming in as the new GM. After a 4-12 season there is a lot that needs to be done to make the Brigade a playoff contender, but one of the first things the team wanted to check off was to lock up their franchise quarterback. They did that Friday afternoon when Cole Kelley signed a 2 year extension. It hasn't been a great first two seasons for Kelley who finished as the worst rated QB his first season with a 70.9 QBR to go along with more interceptions (23) than touchdowns (17).
  17. @Rayzor_7 I guess mine didn't go through when I asked about it here -
  18. make athens win every game and rig it so we win
  19. This Rankings has been claimed in EFLO for 6 TPE (Word Count: 587) by Sandy Barkley Jr., using Clipp-E.
  20. Adris McBride Ranks Pitches I need to be honest, despite being a fairly loyal guy with almost all of my sim league players (my two most successful SBA guys both never left their team as a free agent) one of my favorite experiences is being pitched to join teams. I like to see what different teams have to offer, and how different personnel managers handle their process. When McBride first came to the league mid-season a few years ago he got a few discord messages that halfheartedly asked him if he wanted to join a team, ultimately Wally won out with a detailed pitch that hit all the
  21. Player(s) Name(s): Adris McBride Team(s): Technically Free Agent Week: Offseason Claimed Tasks: Sim Ateendies $ amount claimed: $100,000 Total Claimed: $100,000
  22. I dream of not doing text. Every. Single. Time...
  23. Only three brave souls correctly predicted the romp of San Antonio in the EFL Championship game! An extra entry for you all see you again soon!
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