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    We all know that Lucas Brandt is going to be the next best kicker in EFL history. I literally made this account specifically to only ever create kickers. There will be no one better than me now, and there will be no one better than me after I'm gone. With that being said, let's begin. 1. DeShaun Marion @okochastar - With only 817 TPE earned this guy is nobody. I can't believe I listed him as my number 1 competition, yet here we are. He plays for the Seattle Predators. I don't even know who this team is, so they must be garbage to pickup a kicker like Marion. No wonder they didn't win the championship in S20, like who would with this guy? 2. Mowanabe Bad @Molholt - Not much better than the last guy i just brought up. This one plays for San Antonio. Honestly, I don't know how he hasn't just retired yet. It must be hard as a team knowing that you can't depend on your kicker for any field goals or extra points. Woof, maybe one day some kicker will enter the draft that actually has some kicking prowess and will save San Antonio from their poor demise. Hint, his name will be Lucas Brandt. Until that day comes, just hold on San Antonio I'm sure you'll endure during these troubling times. 3. Kasay Longwell @ADwyer87 - Another poor sod with a mere 908 TPE. He currently plays for Los Angeles. Have you noticed a trend yet? None of these kickers were on a championship winning team in S20. Huh. Sounds like these teams should try out some new ones if they want any hope at winning a ring. Oh who should they try you ask? Probably Lucas Brandt. I've already received offers to go straight to the EFL without even touching the field in college. Unfortunately, that's not allowed, but who knows maybe they'll make an exception. As for Longwell, there's really not much more to say here. He's bad. There you have it. 4. Johnny Greg @brenstl - Greg looked like he had so much potential. He had 911 TPE, but one day that all came crashing down on him. I'm not sure if this news has been reported to Wisconsin yet, but I'm here to break the story. Greg had a nice family. Wife, kids, dinner on the table when he got home, the whole shebang. Unfortunately, that turned out to be his downfall. One night when he was playing catch with his son Johnny Jr. Greg felt something pop in his leg. Not just pop, but also break and tear. He went to the hospital and they only had bad news for him. His kicking abilities had dropped from around 911 TPE to 199 TPE. Poor guy, but such a non-threat as well. 5. Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy - Oh here she is. I heard ya'll saying I should be concerned? She has 1320 TPE? That's child's play. I eat that much TPE for breakfast. Honestly, by the time I get to the EFL I'll be surprised if she isn't living in a retirement home reading some of those lovely large print books they have there. I've heard her saying such things as, "you know I started the competitive Kicker wave right". Well, bad news I am the competitive kicker wave. I don't know why people are so afraid of you honestly. You're nothing more than a face behind a screen, and your kicker is nothing more than a flash in the pan. My coach told me I had to put a disclaimer here saying this is a meme and not to be taken seriously.
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    OK everyone, before we go to OT this week was pretty crazy all around. We're going to do some updates on how the other games went before we finish off this one, and i'm going to whore myself out for reactions in the process If you want to see how DEN-MEM ends, this post If you want to see how LA-MIN ends, this post If you want to see how SAN-WIS ends, this post If you want to see how SEA-NY ends, this post If you want to see how SF-MIA ends, this post I'll brb in 5 mins, and try to go through these quickly
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    Season 21 Trivia How time flies! Welcome everyone to Season 21 and another season of fun trivia! Here's a fun new (I hope it's new at least) Elizabeth Olsen GIF for everyone! First of all I'd like to thank @Renomitsu (ilysm) for all of his help managing trivia in past seasons and helping me get accustomed to the role this upcoming season. Secondly, I'm now your new host, so feel free to contact me if there are any issues or if anyone needs any clarification with a question. There were a few changes last season in regards to dealing with 3 questions but we will now be going back to 2 questions per week. Getting BOTH correct would give you 1 TPE and for EACH question you get correct over the course of the season you will get 1/4 leaderboard point. At the end of the season you will get the total number of TPE that shows up on the leaderboard! You can earn up to 12 TPE doing this every week so it's something you don't want to miss! Similar to seasons past, please don't post the answers in a public forum! Anyone who does will get banned from trivia for the season and the week will be nullified for everyone else. Thank you for participating in trivia and let's hope for a smooth and fun season of trivia! WEEK 3 LINK Tagging users who participated last season!
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    https://i.postimg.cc/59sKsBBS/Denver-Steam.png https://i.postimg.cc/SRPw3CMR/Los-Angeles-Reign.png https://i.postimg.cc/JzZ9Yy47/Memphis-Mambas.png https://i.postimg.cc/yNFsRQSP/Miami-Neptune.png https://i.postimg.cc/85NDmRRV/Minnesota-Frontier.png https://i.postimg.cc/V6fQCYwf/New-Orleans-Kraken.png https://i.postimg.cc/j22pMZCB/New-York-Herd.png https://i.postimg.cc/3rL72DWP/San-Antonio-Wolfpack.png https://i.postimg.cc/FsZSyp0h/San-Francisco-Frenzy.png https://i.postimg.cc/Jnpw397b/Seattle-Predators.png https://i.postimg.cc/FsdtcWML/Toronto-Skyhawks.png https://i.postimg.cc/hPHk08n3/Wisconsin-Brigade.png
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    12. @AW13 (San Antonio Wolfpack) - Now here's a guy who I simply can't stand as a GM. He's everything I aspire not to be. 100 pass, whining about the sim, always beating the Kraken. He's simply my worst nightmare, why would I rank him higher than the lowest spot on the list. Just typing about him is making him unreasonably mad. I'm not even going to get into his presence on the BOD. 11. @LittleRiDog (Denver Steam) - I can't say much about Ri as a GM right here, which I why I put him so low. It's not like I dislike him, because I think he's a fine/good user. As an AD, I thought he was a respectable guy, I could sit down and have a drink with him. Truthfully, Ri would be at #12 if I didn't dislike Andrew so much, so at least he has that going for him. 10. @Nykonax (Wisconsin Brigade) - Nyko is a fine lad for the most part. I believe he's the youngest of the non-expansion GMs, but he's not nearly as annoying as his age would suggest. At least he doesn't blabber on about the SBA like some of the other young guys on Discord. The only thing he's buggy about is always insisting to be put on the BOD instead of me, sit down kiddo. 9. @MMFLEX (Seattle Predators) - Good ole Flex, if we were just basing people off of how I like them as people, he would be near the top. However, I am also considering them as GMs, so he's down here at 9. First off, his team's been bullying me for the majority of the time that he's been the head of the Predators. Also, some of the trade offers I receive from this man...he must be thinking he's playing Franchise Mode on Madden! 8. @Rockstar (Los Angeles Reign) - Poor, poor Rockstar. If he was given another season or two as GM, he would be at least another 3 spots higher on this list. I'm a big fan of him, he helped set the original foundation for the Kraken with keeping ASS there for around 8 or 9 seasons. He just hasn't been around as a GM long enough for me to make too many judgements. And as GM, his biggest accomplishment has been forgetting about the protection deadline and making a big mess after the expansion draft. 7. @OscarTheSwagDude (San Francisco Frenzy) - Good ole Oscar, a nice little lad. He may be a little annoying when it comes to SBA talk and the such, but he's been truly a standout guy in the Kraken locker room. In my only interaction with him as a GM, we made a very quick, efficient trade involving Harry King which I thought was very even for both sides and only took about 3 hours to hash out, which makes me very excited for our future talks. 6. @McWolf (Toronto Skyhawks) - Goddamn, do I love McWolf!!!! After this draft, he feels like a son to me. Trading away all of your assets, tanking the season, but having 5 firsts next season sounds like exactly something I would do. I partially do hope his whole plan crashes and burns, I'm so happy to see someone else tank for a change. Wolf is also just a super cool guy and I look forward to him being the beat writer for my team this upcoming season. 5. @oilmandan (New York Herd) - I adore Dan, he's such a cool ass guy. Like, he's the common man of the GMs. I could probably sit down in a DM with him and just talk life for a few hours, OMD is legit one of the easiest people to talk to just as a person. One day I'm just going to fly up with Alberta to share a drink with him. (Tell me when your free babe) 4. @Renomitsu (Minnesota Frontier) - Who could forget about the Doctor himself? Reno has been a great locker room presence in New Orleans and be an extraordinary GM once he gets on his feet. Even though his CB is kind of trash, I love him anyways. We had a few talks during the draft and he seemed to have a good head on his shoulders considering how shitty his lottery luck this season. And I can always love someone who can laugh at their misery. 3. @Wheaties (Miami Neptune) - Anything that I could put right here has already been said before, so I'm going to insert a quote from @HuddleHussy here: "Wheaties is the GM that makes you want to work for him. You know he is invested, and it makes you want to put in the work and be the best you can be. When he contacted me about potentially drafting me, he invested in a player and user that had no history in the league. I love that he is willing to take a shot on people. If that is not enough, he knows the sim and is always willing to talk with his players. He is by far one of the most kind and consistent GMs I ever played for.” 2. @Jetsqb101 (Memphis Mambas) - Jets and I literally joined the league on the same day (April 2, 2018). I remember all those times throughout both NCAA and EFL getting torched by Interception Isaac, several long talks I've had with him, and both of us being doomed to having to work with a shitty hand from the start. Although, he did much better within 3 seasons than I did. I really can't find anything negative to say about Jets, he's probably my second favorite user in the league, only behind #1. 1. @Latti (New Orleans Kraken) - Really, who else could it be? No bias here, I am most definently the best EFL GM, don't even try to argue with me here.
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    Yo Yoooooooooo! Wanted to do a piece to show some much needed love to the peeps that I believe helped me to love this league as much as I do. I'll be listing the main reasons as to why they have that special place in my sim heart. I could literally go one by one for a multiple set of users that I can do here but I can definitely do this every other season or so to show appreciation to the friends and family that showed me the way. Let's get started!
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    SEASONAL UNCAPPED PAYOUT! As we come to a close on Season 20, I wanted to give you all a big thank you for participating in Trivia throughout this special edition. You'll be guided by a new Trivia Lead next season, whom I trust will be carefully selected. I've been very fortunate to be your trivia lead for the past eight seasons now, and only hope that our next head will be as generous with Elizabeth Olsen/Aubrey Plaza/awesome person of their choice GIFs. The maximum payout for this season was +7. Please note that Week 3 was not worth +2 leaderboard points (that's what I get for copying and pasting) - hence +7 instead of +8. @a_Ferk +7 @aCrypticPancake +3 @Acydburn +6 @ADwyer87 +6 2/3 -> +7 @AW13 +2 @Beowoof +3 @Berocka +2 2/3 -> +3 @Big Mac +1 2/3 -> +2 @Briedaqueduc +1 @Caboose30 +1 2/3 -> +2 @Cornholio +5 2/3 -> +6 @dcon_28 +1 @denns +6 @DollarAndADream +7 @Doomsday +3 @emidas +2 @Enorama +3 @fishy +1 @fonziGG +1 @Higgo4 +7 @Hooperorama +3 @HuddleHussy +3 @J.Dragon11 +7 @J0EB +3 @Jeff +2 @Jetsqb101 +7 @jhatty8 +1 @JorgTheGoat03 +1 1/3 -> +2 @KevinDurantsDoc +7 @Leathlord +5 @Lefty_S +6 @LittleRiDog +6 @Matty7478 +5 @McWolf +7 @mill1634 +1 @MMFLEX +7 @Molholt +1 @Mr_Hatter +2/3 -> +1 @Nepto +6 2/3 -> +7 @ngine4 +3 2/3 -> +4 @Nykonax +6 2/3 -> +7 @oilmandan +6 2/3 -> +7 @omgitshim +5 2/3 -> +6 @Opera_Phantom +7 @OrbitingDeath +6 2/3 -> +7 @OscarTheSwagDude +2 @Patdatass +5 2/3 -> +6 @Pengu +4 @PigSnout +7 @prezzys +2 2/3 -> +3 @RWBYaddict +2 @Sharkstrong +6 2/3 -> +7 @Siddhus +5 2/3 -> +6 @SnapTackleDrop +5 @Snussu +4 2/3 -> +5 @Spartan +5 @StackTheRacks12 +4 @Steve +1 @TacticalHammer +6 2/3 -> +7 @Tate +4 @TotallyNotGus +5 2/3 -> +6 @Trifecta +1 2/3 -> +2 @TTtheT +1 @Turner +7 @Turts +1 @twists +1 @zekethatbeast25 +7 @Renomitsu - Average of those participating more than once = 5.11 -> +6.
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    HOFing it is never a guarantee so I wanted to honor these 2 guys who had pretty Golden Careers Welcome to my gold card collection for Retired EFL stars @Symmetrik @oilmandan
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    Ok, lots of thoughts here My first thought: To @LittleRiDog and @TacticalHammer , back in season 17 I decided to completely rebuild our team coming off of a championship season. We're doing that again, so pack your bags (jk <3). In seriousness, you two specifically had to put up with a few shitty seasons while we rebuilt, and I want to thank both of you for putting trust in me for our rebuilding process. @omgitshim I know you've got mixed feelings on this game (probably Mo too lol), but I'm very happy to have you on our roster. You're the dude who first helped me put the Mambas on the map, and I u even though we argue in BoD over salary cap For our S18 Draft Class keepers: CB Mikey 2 Dope @Molholt LB Easton West @Tate S Hunter Higgins @Higgo4 and TE Antonio Gonzalez @TheNano74. This draft class is the reason for why we jumped from 3 wins in S18 to 7 in S19, and you're all a big reason for why we're a championship winning team today. You've quickly become the core of the team, and similar to Ri and Tac, y'all deserve you all deserve a ton of credit for continuing to update so we could reach this point For the other 2/3 of our WR core: @oilmandan, I had some trepidation about letting a rival GM in my locker room, but you're always welcome man. Seeing you root for Wilinsky with us was a joy, and this season doesn't happen without him on our roster. I'm glad we were able to send him off with a ring, and hope that your career follows a similar path to Sabathia Jr. who also finally won a ring in his last season. Get Wilinsky in the Hall of Fame! @Cornholio Your player has been through so much with Memphis. A #3 receiver for our 1st championship, A #1 for our second, and then returning in Free Agency for championship #3. I think you, snu, and tye (Gser) are the only members that have been on all three championship teams, but this one has huge ties to you specifically. When I pitched you to Memphis my selling point was that you would move us to being championship favorites, and that you would be a part of the best receiving core the league has ever seen. With this title, I think that both of those are established as true. Thanks for believing in Memphis Unfortunately with expansion, we're also losing some members of our team. @Snussu Chong has been incredibly good for us over the years, from his borderline MVP performance in the S16 championship to this season's conference championship game against Wisconsin where you pinned them at the 1 yard line 3 separate times. Chong never gets the credit he deserves for being a great kicker, but he'll always be a Mamba legend in my book. @JaysFan26 I'm sorry we didn't put Jakobson to the best of use this season, but you've been a great user for us throughout. Consistent updater, 0 complaining even when I pass it 50 times in a game, but Jakobson just went out there and pancake'd fools like the 100 overall fullback he is. I think your dude needs to make HoF one day, and I hope he reps Memphis when he does. @jhatty8 I enjoyed having you on our squad with both Longfingers and Stiffland, and the trade me and nyko did to exchange them is still one of my favorite things I've done as a GM lol. I hope both of your dudes get to put up big stats for their expansion teams. @Wally I'm glad to see you're active with Lem again, and wish you the best of luck in Minnesota. Your dude is still a really good weapon, and I'm excited to see what his career looks like moving forward. Squaliforme Chondrichthyes @Sharkstrong, I'm sorry for not playing you but I u shark TY everyone for continuing to make Memphis the best franchise, 3 titles and counting for the Mambas!
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    Running Backs - A Resurgence... or A Return to the Dark Ages? The earliest seasons were a great time for RBs. Imagine the three major booming eras for running backs: Peyton Nydroj’s fantastic Season 10 outing. Alton Taylor and Freeman Montgomery posting seemingly invincible records in Season 1, until Marcus Johnson fought for his place in the pantheon with 1,604 yards in Season 3. And, perhaps more recently, Gustav/Duke Starscream’s eighth-overall rushing yards performance in Season 20 to pair with Reginald Sharkstrong’s 1,599 yards in Season 19, which barely hangs on to its top-ten spot with the New York back’s new entry. But there are notable gaps in backs’ histories: there are zero representatives between Seasons 3 and 8, or between 12 and 19. And sure, the odd David C Moriarty season in those in-between periods might have representation on the touchdown chart. Marcus Johnson posted the top rushing touchdowns number in Season 4, too. But the heyday of running backs in the EFL seemed to be limited to those three main eras (Seasons 1-3, 8-12, and 19-20), with clear and obvious standouts from the rest of the field. And with Starscream retiring this past off-season and Reginald Sharkstrong sitting at a menial 469 TPE in his twelfth season among us mere mortals, it’s safe to say their respective primes are over, too. The question that follows is, of course: are we in for yet another Dark Age for running backs? With the league booming and more popular than ever, teams are actually able to field a top-flight QB with two or more great receivers at the same time – our most recent champions in Memphis make that clear as day. But that over-crowding at wideout (and simultaneous turning retirement/benching of non-prime QBs) might also be dead with expansion – and the impending retirement of many of the game-breaking receivers that made the era possible. With the Season 20 Awards posted just several hours ago, it’s clear that the new wave of running backs has a clear and specific face to it: New Orleans’ Oscar Jebaseelan, a back that’s just finished his third season in the league. At 871 TPE, he’s now “the guy” in the offensive backfield, as we haven’t seen a running back in the first half of their career make their argument for top RB (and a close call for Offensive Player of the Year) since arguably the days of Moriarty or even Tugg Bote. While the likes of Brian Gesicki, Clap Trap, and Dale Cooper have obvious talent as second through fourth year players, it’s clear that their teams (Miami, Wisconsin, and Memphis) were the Eastern Conference squads focusing most on getting the ball through the air with the aforementioned elite QBs. They'll be getting their first shots at being the primary 'feature' of their offenses as the likes of Rose and Renomitsu approach or progress through regression. Rookie RB Apollo King made a strong impression in his rookie season. Two players we have to consider emerging on the scene, however, are Seattle’s second year holdover Margaret McPoyle and New York’s rushing sensation Apollo King. They’ve very quickly earned their way to starting spots on their respective squads. King in particular will be relied on heavily in the next couple of seasons as QB Omgits DaddyTurner cobbles together a passing attack in the twilight of receiver Dewey Jackson’s career. On the other hand, rookie Gustav ManCheetah in Seattle will be a subject of hot debate over the next couple of seasons as he matures with now fifth-year receiver Frank Funk – a pairing on a much different timeline than DaddyTurner/Jackson. With so many offenses still passing-oriented, is Oscar Jebaseelan set to establish a dynastic aspect to his rushing titles? Or do the likes of McPoyle, King, Gesicki, Trap, and Cooper all have a chance at leaving their mark on the league? (Current) Players Mentioned: @Sharkstrong @Turner @OscarTheSwagDude@StackTheRacks12 @MMFLEX @Wheaties @Beowoof @Jetsqb101
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    looks like we forgot one folks! How can seattle trade S22 NY 1st if they didnt have it?!?!
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    Welcome to BEAUTIFUL Madison, Wisconsin, this years host site of the EFL Draft! It's already season 21 and that amazes me that we are coming up on THREE years here at the EFL. Where does the time go? A HUGE shout out to every member for making this place an awesome little corner of the internet! Let us not delay any further and get this draft started!!!
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    Introducing: EFL Regional Hello EFL! We have some exciting news to share! Using an idea that I got from the SBA and in particular, their awesome Head of Media @DangerGolding, we are going to be introducing the concept of beat writers for the 12 EFL Franchises for a platform called EFL Regional. In an effort to provide more content for the EFL and additionally, more team specific content, this will be a way to get your latest up to date news for your favorite teams or players. For now, this will be EFL only to highlight our professional league, highlight our teams and players that people have put hard work into, test out this platform, as well as manage the influx of job opportunities that this will create. Job Opportunities you say? Yes, you heard me right! With this, we will be opening 12 new job opportunities for members of our league as EFL Regional Writers. You can apply HERE for the regional writer for a specific franchise. We will need 12 dedicated individuals to put out media for all of our wonderful EFL franchises, both old and new. Please take time and decide which EFL franchise(s) you would like to cover and indicate that preference or preferences on your interest post. You do not need a player on a franchise to cover them. What does this mean? For each week an EFL Regional piece is submitted, 3 job pay would be claimable to reach the 12 job pay cap in a given week. With any EFL job we will be looking for people that do their job so much like how the SBSN functions over in the SBA, missing 2 consecutive EFL Regional pieces will result in losing the job for the rest of the season and risk losing the position with a team if an additional person is hired. Obviously, there can be some forgiveness if you let me know beforehand that you will not be able to get one done in a given week or span of weeks. Hope that makes sense! Each piece will be required to meet a 300 word count limit and any images or graphics in addition to it will be appreciated but not necessary in order to complete. The pieces can be anything surrounding a given team, such as how they are performing, any changes to the team, interviews with GMs or players, or much more. With the permission of a specific GM, maybe join their locker room to get a feel and have an inside scoop on the team. I want this to be a fun experience for you the writer as well as the team you are covering and the league as a whole!
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    Jakob Markstrom and Caleb Watt are hereby declaring their intent to transfer from Death Valley and Biscyane Bay, respectively, at the end of this season. @TacticalHammer, the time came too soon, and I've loved every minute on Death Valley. I hope to continue to work alongside and under you, as you're a fantastic person . @StackTheRacks12, my mentor and friend, it'll be my honor to do battle against you on the gridiron. You're an absolute beast in sim leagues, and easily one of my favorite people along with Tac as well. Can't thank both of you enough for what you've done for me, and I hope to keep our friendship and bonds intact. That being said, it's time to start a new chapter and build a dynasty in Trenton!
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    1st Quarter Scores 7-7 7-0 0-7 7-7 10-0
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    This upcoming draft class looks to be very deep, with 29 Non-Fillers over 200 TPE. All numbers I refer to will be for the Non-Fillers with 200+ TPE. This draft is very intriguing to me, as there are some positions which are very heavy, and others which have very few players! I will try to talk about most players, but I may miss you, and if I do, sorry about that! 1. Who is the Number 1 QB? There are 3 Quarterbacks, in this draft, Randall Staubach (313 TPE), Julian Falk (312 TPE), and Juliet Quebec (300 TPE). There is still no definite number one player at this position, so it will be interesting to see which quarterback goes first, as only one team, the Denver Steam, absolutely need a quarterback, while a team like the Miami Neptune could possibly use one as Gavin Rose is getting older! 2. Why so many Tight Ends? There are 4 Tight Ends over 200 TPE in this draft, which I feel is a lot. These Tight Ends are Cormorant Bumberpuff (319 TPE), Tyson Tripp (272 TPE), Cash Carter (261 TPE), and Matthew Perry (239 TPE). It will be interesting to see where these tight ends go, as their value may be lowered due to having many options at the position. 3. Where are the Safeties? There are only 1 Safety in this draft, which is insanely low, especially compared to this past draft which had 4 Safeties! This may frustrate a lot of teams, as I feel like the safety position is one of the weakest in the league. Come on new users, create some safeties! 4. Too Many Linebackers? There are 9 Linebackers in the draft, which is definitely a lot compared to past drafts. Lucky for these Linebackers, there are always 3 or 4 Linebackers on the field, so there is a high need for them. However, just like the tight end position, it will be interesting to see if GMs wait till later in the draft to take one, rather than waste a top pick on a position with a lot of depth! 5. Weak Cornerback Class? Just like the other secondary position (the safeties), the cornerback class is extremely weak, with only 3 players at corner this year! Although last year was also a weak cornerback year, I feel like there is genuinely more corners than three in most classes. 6. Who is the best player in the class? There are currently 8 Players with over 300 TPE, in this class, and they also all have under 320 TPE! There is a tie for the best player in the class by TPE right now, between Cormorant Bumberpuff and Jakob Markstrom. However, some of the player behind them could definitely jump ahead if they do good in predictions and uncapped TPE opportunities! This upcoming draft may be one of the biggest ever, and also one full of great users. I know personally I think this could go down as one of the best drafts ever if the users stay active and earn well, but we shall see! That is it for this article, thanks for reading! Players Mentioned: @Doomsday, @Nepto, @Opera_Phantom, @OrbitingDeath, @J0EB, @TTtheT, @fonziGG, @Spartan
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    The following may collect 1 uncapped tpe for voting! Thank you! @StackTheRacks12 @OrbitingDeath @oilmandan @JorgTheGoat03 @Ikahnic1 @omgitshim @GGOriel @Turner @Scoot @PigSnout @jeffie43 @Nykonax @Hooperorama @chefpockets @Jetsqb101 @LittleRiDog @Benni @zekethatbeast25 @Wheaties @kevinscix @DangerGolding @McWolf @BigZouzou @Renomitsu @Steve @Spartan @Lefty_S @Frugger @Doomsday @Symmetrik @Enorama @Acydburn @Beowoof @ngine4 @OscarTheSwagDude @Siddhus @J0EB @Higgo4 @AXweilder17 @Latti @Rayzor_7 @Domkey @TacticalHammer @MMFLEX @Nepto
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    MVP: Playoff MVP: OPotY: DPotY: QB: RB: FB: WR: TE: LB: CB: S: K: KR: Off Rookie: Def Rookie: GM: MIP:
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    Alex SonFire @oilmandan SonFire was truly phenominal this season. Quarterbacks usually do not do as good in their first season, due to the sim system, but SonFire proved them wrong, leading the Death Valley Rangers into the playoffs, while playing good enough to be in the talks for Quarterback of the year. Congrats to oilmandan.
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    I'm baaaaaaack! It's Reddit Recruitment time baby! Many teams in the ECFL need some new recruits, so we're out here trying to get some new Reddit dudes. As always, just give each post an upvote and only comment if you're answering a question. Let's click on a button EFL! r/minnesotavikings r/Seahawks r/LosAngelesRams
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    Man we not even hiding our SBA 2.0 status anymore smh
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    Draft Order 1. Seattle Predators 2. Los Angeles Reign 3. Toronto Skyhawks 4. New York Herd 5. Miami Neptune 6. Denver Steam 7. San Francisco Frenzy 8. Minnesota Frontier 9. San Antonio Wolfpack 10. Los Angeles Reign via Wisconsin Brigade 11. New Orleans Kraken 12. Memphis Mambas TRADE ALERT!!! Seattle Predators trades S21 Pick 1.1 Denver Steam trades S21 Pick 1.6, S22 Round 1 Seattle drew the lucky straw in this season's expansion, getting the #1 pick. But this pick will only be worth it, if Seattle can cash it off through a trade. An expansion team is most likely to trade for this pick, because of the high stakes of the Gustav ManCheetah chase. This trade makes sense, since Seattle will want to trade down for sure, and will have to bite on whatever offer they recieve. This will give a big incentive to the teams trading up, and Seattle will be able to get a decent pick, in a stacked draft class like this one, and another first pick in a season, which an expansion team would not do that good. 1.1 | (via SEA) | QB Gustav ManCheetah @Turner The consesus #1 overall pick was going to be Gustav ManCheetah. Turner will be 550-600 TP with his carryover by the time of his first game, and will be prime to do good in the league in arrival. ManCheetah led the Biscayne Bay Pirates to 15-1 this season, the same team primed to win the National Championship this season. A good team, can build around a good young quarterback, and Frenzy now have the chance to be the best out of all the expansion teams that are joining the league this season. ManCheetah is the third highest TP player in the draft class, pre-carryover, and the only quarterback that is in this draft class. Frenzy have team needs at every single position, and until Wednesday we do not know the results of the expansion draft yet. 1.2 | | RB Marcus Briscoe @Rockstar This is the first of the GM picks of this draft. Rockstar has two GM players coming up, in this draft, and Marcus Briscoe is the first of them. I do not think that the Reign will trade down, since after ManCheetah is gone, there is no one else as valuable that is not a GM pick, and also Los Angeles has already traded a lot last time, from trading down with Wisconsin, with a 1st round pick next season, in which they are still going to be rebuilding with Cedrik Eevee being in his only second season, and his first season that he is starting. Unfortunately, Rockstar can not get any other rookies in this draft, but a linebacker and running back added to his squad will help. Rockstar has some decent carryover from his last players, the Saint-Sebastians, so that will help him out. TRADE ALERT!!! Toronto Skyhawks trades S21 Pick 1.3 Miami Neptune trades S21 Pick 1.5, S22 2nd Round Toronto is another team that has a GM pick this season. They are an expansion team, so need to stack up on as many picks as they can manage so they can get more quality picks. Toronto benefits from getting another second round pick, while Miami can trade up, to select someone that is a big need for them, while giving up a second round pick in a draft that will not be as stacked as this one. Honestly, I see this as a win-win for both teams, and something that makes sense for both teams 1.3 | (via TOR)| FS James Boxman @Siddhus Like most people, it is kind of weird to write about your own player. But I need to draft my own player at some point. Boxman is the second highest TP player in the draft class, pre-carryover. I am also an AD, so will get the 12 cap every single week, and can be a reliable earner that does all the TP opportunities. Miami need a Safety, and cornerback and Boxman is an option at cornerback, till Wheaties' GM Player, who is a cornerback gets drafted, in then which Boxman can switch to Free Safety. Even then, Brian Moore could go to Free Safety and Boxman staying at cornerback. Miami is slowly older, with players like Sharkstrong, Ian Kelley, and Gavin Rose retiring any season now. 1.4 | | CB Jay Cue @Opera_Phantom Jay Cue is a very interesting first-gen prospect coming in to this draft. He is the 6th highest in TPE, pre regression and is decently active in the discord. I know him from other leagues, and he is a great guy to talk and interact with. New York have 3 DBs, and have one spot available. Even with this, two of them are inactive and they could potentially be picked in the expansion draft. Jay Cue has been earning TPE very consistently, and if he can get a job, he could increase his already great stock. 1.5 | (via MIA)| CB Pharoah Aadvark @McWolf Pharoah Aadvark is the second GM pick that will be picked here. Skyhawks traded down, to get an extra pick for them in the future. Aadvark is in a primal defensive position for the Skyhawks, with cornerback being arguably the most influential defensive position. Based on the results of the expansion draft, can decide where Aadvark will be played. Unfortunately for Skyhawks, they can not draft anyone else in this crucial first round. 1.6 | (via DEN)| RB Margaret McPoyle @MMFLEX Flex finally takes, his GM pick in Margaret McPoyle. Seattle did not have a pick in the first round in the last draft, so McPoyle had to sit out for a season. Now that he is on Seattle, he can either play Wide Reciever to pair up with OMGits DaddyTurner, or to play runningback, and Reginald Sharkstrong could switch to Wide Reciever. Either way, this is another piece for Seattle's puzzle as they try to improve their offense. 1.7 | | RB Schitt Brickhouse @Leathlord Our second runningback off the board today. There were no runningbacks available in the expansion draft, so RBs are a big commodity in this draft. Brickhouse is the 4th highest TP player, pre regression. He has played very good this season, for the Death Valley Rangers, helping them make the playoffs this season. Leathlord has been a pretty good earner this season, and can be a solid piece for a team that doesnt have as high a QB in TPE standards. 1.8 | | RB Will Hemakeit @Lefty_S Another runningback off the board in a row. Hemakeit is a very good prospect in this draft, which I am sure Renomitsu does not want to pass on. Considering the scarcity of runningbacks, and considering that runningbacks can do really good with less TPE, this is the best choice at the 8th pick. Also Lefty is an AD, so you can count on him to earn the 12 TPE every week. Reno and Lefty are cool with each other, and I think Lefty has said, Reno better not pass on him. 1.9 || LB Jaxon Saxon @Leathlord Our first linebacker off the board in this draft. New Orleans Kraken lost some linebackers in the expansion draft, so Jaxon can pair up with Palpaturner and Blade to make their running defense very good. Jaxon is the best prospect not picked yet, and I can not see him falling past the 9th pick. Good luck to Saxon in the pros, he was a big part of Death Valley making playoffs. 1.10 | | LB Walter Briscoe @Rockstar Our last GM pick of this draft, and Rockstar's second GM pick. Walter Briscoe is another top linebacker prospect who would get a lot better with his 40ish carryover. He was one of the only bright spots in this Lincoln Mammoths team that only ended up winning one game this season. Los Angeles is in a similar situation as Lincoln, but as it is the big league, it is more long-term so Briscoe brothers can make sure to turn Los Angeles into the right track. 1.11 | | RB Cheeks McIntyre @AW13 Another GM Pick which is our 4th running back in a row. Cheeks has a lot of carryover and will do really good for his EFL career. Luckily for San Antonio, they got a really low pick, since they made it all the way to the championship, so that way they dont have to waste a GM Pick so high in this draft. Cheeks will be the 2nd best in the class after carryover, and will hopefully do as good as his predesecor. 1.12 | | LB Jarvis Taylor @Lefty_S Jarvis Taylor will be the final pick of this first round. Memphis are in a big need for linebackers, with no one really there except for Easton West, and an inactive linebacker. Jarvis Taylor will be a big part of this Memphis Mambas' defense next season, who at the time of this article will be challenging in the EFL Season 20 final against the Wolfpack. But since pick 11 is a GM pick, it does not really matter who is 11th or 12th. Note: I wrote 1/2 of this before expansion draft, and 1/2 after so if anything is unrealistic based on expansion draft results, thats my bad. Tried to make article better with some trades, but I am not a GM so I can not say what is considered a realistic trade. Hope the article isnt too bad, just needed something for media week. 1617 Words
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    Me last night after I ninja’d Wheaties to look at the boxscore:
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    21 - 24 7 - 20 Victor Von Vanmort 3 yard TD run DeShaun Marion 36 yard FG 28 - 23 Clap Trap 3 yard TD run 7 - 24 Thorn Forg 75 yard Punt Return TD Apollo King 9 yard TD pass from DaddyTurner 34 - 17 Handsome Jack with a 9 yard TD pass to TJ Hendrix 44 yard FG by Jawshua Gilbert Some pretty interesting games here, still time left for leads to disappear though
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    These are my Week 4 ECFA Power Rankings. Along with every team I will put their last game, next game, and some more details on my reasoning. These are going from first to last: Number One: Hades Creek Phalanx (4-0) Last Game: W, 30-16 vs Biscayne Bay Pirates Next Game: @ 2-2 Grand Rapids Growlers This was an obvious choice. They are they only undefeated team left, they have an MVP front-runner in Randall Staubach, and have played good teams on their schedule. Their running game has been subpar, but with Staubach, their offense is high-powered anyway. They allow the least ppg in their conference, the least ypg in the whole league, and have the best pass defense in the conference. Need I say more? Number two: Anchorage Storm (3-1) Last Game: W, 31, 13 vs Death Valley Rangers Next Game: @ Lincoln Mammoths My team. This might be a little biased, but I genuinely think we have a strong chance to be the second best team in the league. Julian Falk is off to a slow start, but he's thrown 10 TDs, so I'm not complaining. The rushing game is 2nd in the conference, so it's not too bad. But, we still put up the most PPG in the league. Our rush defense is the best in the league as well, and McCauley, our CB, has 4 picks, and a pick six. I think it's safe to say the Storm are a force to be reckoned with. Number three: Manchester Lookout (3-1) Last Game: W, 34-10 @ Savage City Wraiths Next Game: @ Roswell Encounter Despite a slow start, after losing to the Carnage, the Lookout have become a team to.. ahem... lookout for. Sorry. Scoring the most ppg in their conference, and having a running back with 6 TDs is nothing to sleep on. Overall, there's not a lot to say here, because they are in the top 5 for most categories. Number four: Athens Carnage (3-1) Last Game: L, 3-12, vs Roswell Encounter Next Game: @Trenton Generals If I had done this last week, Athens would have been in the top two. But I didn't, so they weren't. Athens has maybe the best defense in the ECFA, allowing the least ppg, the least pypg, and the second least ypg in their conference. Their offense is another story. Despite a rushing attack that has been very strong, with 187 rypg, they have been bottom of the pack in all other offensive categories. Yikes. Number five: Sacramento Venom (2-2) Last Game: W, 27-7 vs Trenton Generals Next Game: vs Savage City Wraiths The best rush offense in the league helps them here. Strength of losses does too. With losses to two 3-1 teams, they are a little unexcusable. However, what isn't unexcusable is the worst pass offense in the league. On the defensive side, they have been solid. Honestly this is not a very interesting team. Number six: Roswell Encounter (2-2) Last Game: W, 12-3 @Athens Carnage Next Game: vs Manchester Lookout Putting up the most yards per game in the conference and allowing the least yards per game in the conference is nothing to pass over. A not-so-close win over a top team is also a big boost. The problem is that getting yards and not allowing them seems futile, as the allow the 8th most points per game in the league, and score the 8th most ppg in the league. Oof. What is weird is that their offense and defense ranks are the same per category in each league. Strange. Number seven: Trenton Generals (2-2) Last Game: L, 7-27 @ Sacramento Venom Next Game: vs Athens Carnage Losing to the venom by 20 points shoots them down the 2-2 rankings. But, they did beat Roswell, so theoretically they should be higher right? WRONG! Their offense is worse, having one of the worst rushing offenses in the league, despite having one of the better passing games. Their defense is also dreadful. The only category that they are not last or second to last in is rypg. (Sarcasm) Ooooh, that helps a lot. Number eight: Death Valley Rangers (2-2) Last Game: L, 13-31, @ Anchorage Storm Next Game: vs Biscayne Bay Pirates Eh. That's the perfect description of this team. They haven't beaten anyone that good, and they haven't lost to anyone that bad. Pretty much all of their team stats are middle of the road. This team is doomed for mediocrity. At least they are in the same conference as the Mammoths? Number nine: Grand Rapids Growlers (2-2) Last Game: W, 35-3, vs Lincoln Mammoths Next Game: vs Hades Creek Phalanx There are a LOT of 2-2 teams. This, in my opinion is the worst one. Beside their conference best rushing game, they are middle of the pack in every other category. What is it with teams and being middle of the pack? Their QB has thrown one touchdown in four games, so that's fun. I have nothing else to say about this team. Number ten: Biscayne Bay Pirates (1-3) Last Game: L, 16-30, @ Hades Creek Phalanx Next Game: @ Death Valley Rangers Very solid defense. Top 6 in the league in oypg, opypg, and orypg. However, maybe the worst offense in the league isn't going to do you any favors. They have one win, and it's against, in my opinion, the worst team in the league. By the time the season is done, look for the Pirates to be maybe the worst team in the league. Number eleven: Savage City Wraiths (0-4) Last Game: L, 10-34, vs Manchester Lookout Next Game: @ Sacramento Venom Stealing a premise from one of my favorite youtubers, urinatingtree, lookout for week 9 of their season. They play the 0-4 mammoths which means, TANK BOWL. Overall, this is not a good team, not good at rushing or passing, yada yada yada. Let's move on to the worst team. Number twelve: Lincoln Mammoths (0-4) Last Game: L, 3-35, @ Grand Rapid Growlers Next Game: vs Anchorage Storm Worst in ppg (3.3). Worst in yards per game. Worst in rush yards per game. 3rd worst in pass yards per game. Worst papg. 2nd worst yards allowed per game. 3rd worst pass yards allowed per game. This is, without a doubt, the worst team in college football. Their quarterback has not thrown a touchdown. They have scored two touchdowns the entire season. This team should not be. But it is. Thanks for reading my power rankings.
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    Due to the fact that we are late into the week and I haven't posted a statmaster yet, I will wait till next week and post early in the week. I'll have 10 prompts. I'm also going to try out a new way of doing statmaster this year and if everyone likes it, we will keep it going forward. Get excited and stay tuned.....
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    The O’Brien(QB) Award will now be:
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    @Turner!!! A long time admin for the league and has been here since day 1. He helps with games, answers questions, and welcomes rookies to the league to just name some of his responsibilites. Along with that, this season he took over simmer duties for half of the season, and dealt with all the ADs in terms on DCs and strats.
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    Join us Monday at 6PM CST, as we honor some of the best EFL players, and they take their rightful place among the legends of the game here! At the Hall of Fame Show! [Sponsored by SEGA and ATLUS]
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    Im sorry I fucked this up. Blame Mc"I gotta trade with 11 teams STAT!" Wolf.
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    @MMFLEX welcome to Seattle bb!
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    I’ve been waiting a long, long time for this. You’re making a grown man cry lmao
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    Oh and Six: AW down again I don't really know what to say. The first thing I can say is I am happy for the players on the Memphis Mambas, especially the ones who also share a team with us here in San Antonio such as @omgitshim @Molholt and @Higgo4. I also have to give a big congratulations to @Jetsqb101 on another championship and building yet another winner in this league; something that is not easy to do. While San Antonio played a hell of a game, we were outplayed by a Memphis team and with them getting home field advantage, you have to be nearly perfect, if not perfect to beat a quality team such as Memphis while being on the road, and today, at least in the second half of the game, we were not. I won't make excuses, I shouldn't at least because it would be a bad look and I should never diminish the Mambas' win or the season that we had as a team. I am ready for all the jokes and all the people making memes. At this point, there is literally nothing I can do about it and at this point I am just accepting of it. I will never stop trying to get a title, but I can no longer be hopeful for one, it is to that point where even when we were up 8 after the first half, the thought immediately turns to "Okay, time for them to score and then stop us, and then score again," and while maybe that is an awful thought to have, it continues to happen, each and every time. We had some players play a hell of a championship game such as La Fleur, Kelly, Jackson, McBoatface and others as well. This team is a team that can make me think that maybe we will pull it off, like we did in New Orleans, which was our first playoff win since I took over as a GM after losing in our previous 3 to Seattle. We have made the playoffs in 4 of my 5 seasons here, this team is great, there is no doubt about it. It has been a weird career as a team leader here in the EFL for me which pretty much prompted this post game article. It was originally going to be a pregame article but might as well add another am i right? I started back when I got an Athletic Director position at Oregon in Season 7 which was just my second season ever in the EFL as a user which was an awesome honor. We went on to have a ton of great users and players come through and made the NCAA Championship in 3 straight seasons from Season 7 to Season 9 and just missed out on getting to another in Season 10. We ran into the Alabama dynasty and lost every one of the title games, the first two by just 7 points, and the third...well...by 20. I was contacted about moving to the EFL to which I expressed interest and made the move to GM Seattle. In my two seasons there, we had the best offense in the league in Season 10 but missed the playoffs cause of tiebreakers and had the best defense in the league in Season 11 and made the title game! We went on to play Wisconsin and lost...in overtime with a rookie QB, damn. I then quit for a bit because I did not have as much time but eventually saw my way back taking over for Matt in Miami for a couple seasons. It was another time where we made the Championship in my 2nd year and of course, went on to lose, by 3, with a 100 TPE QB, you can't make this up. Now, in Season 5 with San Antonio, we made it again. We started off strong getting the first touchdown of the game on a Peter La Fleur rushing touchdown and then made a few stops before they rattled off 13 unanswered to go up 13-7. After a Tyson Kelly touchdown catch and a Boaty McBoatface punt return for a touchdown, San Antonio saw a 21-13 lead headed into halftime. The weapons on the other side however proved to be too hard to hold down for long and Carswell found Cornholio and Vorschlaghammer for TDs to go up 28-21. To add a bit of insult to injury, Cooper found the end zone an additional time for Memphis to get to the final score of 35-21 and a Memphis championship. So, that was it, 0-6 in title games between 4 different teams. San Antonio will be my last team whenever I hang them up but even if I am 0-10, I won't stop trying while I am here, that is a promise. So...while I am ready for all the jokes and the memes, I am hurt, I am sad, I hate losing so be patient with me for any comebacks. I care too much about my teams and take that with me. Always have, and always will.
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    I want to preface this by saying: this list is not meant to rank Athletic Directors for their skills. This is purely made based off the limited interaction I had with most of you all, so enjoy the rambling of an affiliate dude. 1.Sharkstrong Where do I start? Shark has absolutely blown me away with the branding of his team and the additional media he created for Hades Creek. He always got a great attitude and on top of that is simming for the EFL. Who couldn’t like this guy when one is entering the big league? 2. StacksTheRacks12 Stacks was one of two ADs who pitched me back then, so I probably talked more with him than any other EFL user. Stacks has an incredible energy around him and has built a hell of a team in Biscane Bay. If that is not enough to be Number 2, I don’t know what is. 3. Tactical Hammer How could I forget the Legend himself? Tac has dominated the collegiate level in the EFL for years and kindly lost to the team my shit CB was on in his freshman season. Beside that, I always see Tac being a humble guy, joking around with the rest of the league, even when presenting his own awards. 4. Lefty Time to give my boy Lefty some love. He may have had a hard time in the SBDL with the Barons, but he is doing just fine with the Carnage here. I mean, winning a championship gotta count for something, right? Good guy with some obvious team building skills. 5. denns Though he is only in the AD game for a season, I appreciate denns. Not just for his European friendly presentation times in the SBA, but his easy-going nature and sense of humour make him a top AD in my book. 6. jh8 I am not even sure if hatty is still the Prowlers AD, but since he is my GM in the SBA and I am getting benched if I put him any lower is enough for the 6th spot. Also Bear and Beer give additional points. 7. Enorama I never spoke much with Eno, but he organized a great Graphics Tournament and is a good bloke as far as I can tell. Also we gotta credit him for taking in poor Oscar as a Senior Advisor. 8. Spartan Tbh I did not know Spartan was an AD, but I always see him in the discord and never saw any bad things about him. 9. OnMyWings Another guy I never spoke to, but as far as I heard there is nothing to complain about with him. 10. Siddhus Yes, Sid is down here and mainly for one reason: Because Boxman makes all us other Defensive Backs look so bad this season. 11. Caboose Another guy I rarely spoke to, beside one of the famous SBA 2.0TM discussions. 12. zekethatbeast25 And here do we have the lone reason I am doing this ranking, so I can annoy Zeke by having him read the list and finding himself at the bottom. He obviously sucks for not leading us to a championship with at best middling teams in the last two seasons, so he is the worst AD there is. Get good. There you have it, my totally legit and serious rankings that should influence every new member. Feel free to comment.
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    It is that time of year again ladies and gentlemen! It is the EFL Championship, and this year it will be between the Memphis Mambas coached by @Jetsqb101 and the San Antonio Wolfpack coached by @AW13. Both coaches are excellent and both teams are great, but only one side can come out on top! This article will be comparing each position group to each other, and seeing which teams appears to have the advantage in this game! I will try my hardest to be unbiased as well since my player Vince Carswell does play for the Mambas. Quarterback: Peter La Fleur @omgitshim vs Vince Carswell @LittleRiDog As much as I would love to give this one to my own player, I have to be unbiased. By stats, it would appear to be Vince, but I believe that is due to him have more weapons than La Fleur. From a pure player standpoint, this one goes to La Fleur, but it may be closer than some think. SA leads 1-0 Running Back: Boaty McBoatface @Enorama vs Dale Cooper @Jetsqb101 This was one of the hardest decisions of this article. By APE, it would be McBoatface, but Cooper is already an elite player at such a young age. This will be a controversial pick, but I am going Cooper on this one. They are very similar in terms of rushing performance, as their yards per carry are separated by only .1. Once I looked at the receiving game, I saw how much of a better receiver Cooper was. He has 196 more Receiving Yards than McBoatface, and he also has less receptions than McBoatface. Their Yards per Reception differ by 4.9, and that is what gives Cooper the edge on this one. Tied 1-1 Receiving Core: Dewey Jackson @Tater_Tot, Tyson Kelly @Higgo4, Matt Saracen @jmoney, and Ja Walker-Santos @Kayfabe vs Taktischer Vorschlaghammer @TacticalHammer, Mr. Cornholio @Cornholio, Dan Wilinsky @oilmandan, and Antonio Gonzalez @TheNano74 This one was definitely the easiest decision of this article, as Memphis boosts a receiving core that’s the best one, we have seen since S11 Seattle. Memphis’s Passing Game averaged 379.1 Yards per Game, whereas San Antonio’s averaged 313.2, which is still impressive, but isn’t close to Memphis’s. Memphis leads 2-1 Kickers: Mowanabe Bad @Molholt vs Evenging Chong @Snussu Both of these kickers are elite and great at what they do. I’m giving the edge to Mowanabe Bad because he has a better field goal percentage and a better extra point percentage. Tied 2-2 Linebackers: Amina Gunner @HuddleHussy, John Tweedy @Uphillmoss, and Mum-O Killowe @OrbitingDeath vs Steven Stiffland @jhatty8, Easton West @Tate, Jackson Gser @Ty3, and Rock Lemington @Wally For me, Linebackers are very hard to anaylze, because many are unsure about whether having a high amount of tackles is good or bad. For this one, I basically went off of TPE and tackle numbers, so San Antonio wins it, as all three of their linebackers were in the top 6 for total tackles. San Antonio leads 3-2 Safeties: Perrin Night @OnMyWings and Jean Christophe @Enorama vs Hunter Higgins @Higgo4 and Jeffrey Beaumont @Jetsqb101 For this one, I did not really know a way to determine who was better, as all four of the safeties didn’t have great stats that really made them stand out. Due to this, I just went off of TPE, which San Antonio has more of. San Antonio leads 4-2 Cornerback: Jarius St. Pierre @Jeff, Lou Shox @AW13, and Luka Cafferty @jmoney vs Mikey 2 Dope @Molholt and Vivian Allison @omgitshim For Cornerback, I based if off of Pass Deflections and Passing Yards Allowed, which give Memphis the edge. San Antonio WINS 4-3 That is it for this article, as according to these pieces of criteria, San Antonio looks like the champion. However, we all know the sim does not care about TPE and it’s all luck, so hopefully we will at least get a good game. Also, if it seems like the article kind of died off towards the end, it’s because I find defense very hard to analyze. Thanks for reading!
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    I got a heavy heart at the moment so I'm tryna find the words to say but regardless of the result, I can't tell my fellow Pirates how proud I am of you guys! We showed why we deserved to be here above all else and although the result wasn't to our liking, I know for a fact that this team can go far. I did my best to send Man @Turner Cheetah, Cheeks @AW13 McIntyre, Quentin @Uphillmoss Barnes and Mikel @Underclass_Hero Cunningham to the next level with a ring along with fell Bachelor Duo RB Devin @Malikk Quadri Rose to a perfect send off after announcing his retirement and Caleb @Spartan Watt unfortunately taking his talented to Trenton but I know that you all will kill it in the EFL and represent the Brown and Orange with pride! It's been a pleasure working with you all and we'll be sure to bring your alma mater to greatness! As for the rest of you Pirates and future young lads, we got some work to do! We can get back here and do what needs to be done for our team goals! I'll like to thank all of the Biscayne Bay players, coaching staff and the BBFs (Biscayne Bay Faithful) holding it down in the Pirate Cove and keeping us motivated! Can't thank@TacticalHammer enough for the well run sim day and an awesome way to end Season 20 and also, shoutout to @Lefty_S and the Athens Carnage for a hell of a game, some say the Pirates deserved the win but the game result proved otherwise. Glad that we're both living up to the rivalry! I have a mantra to always own up to what went down and at this point, most would attribute this to sim luck but I'm above all of that, there's always room for improvement on my end. We'll learn from this and take these lessons to the next level for next season and beyond! To the rest of the league, if you thought I was motivated this year, wait until you see the S21 version of me and the Biscayne Bay Pirates! LET'S GET IT, PIRATES!!!!!
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    In their second year of existence, after management turmoil and turnover, by the margin of a single point, the Athens Carnage are your Season 20 ECFA Champions! 17 -16
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    The final game, this one is for all the marbles Carnage. Let's get it done today and prove who is the best team in the ECFA! @Turner @Acydburn @a_Ferk @Burum Jackson @MMFLEX @StackTheRacks12 @dasboot @KevinDurantsDoc @SnapTackleDrop @omgitshim @BBallBobby @tylerw30 @Jetsqb101 @BigZouzou @Hydracronis
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    Welcome to the Season 21 EFL Expansion Draft, where our four newest franchises will select the foundation pieces (or trade chips) of their teams. The Toronto Skyhawks, Minnesota Frontier, Denver Steam, and San Francisco Frenzy will begin play in Season 21 with at least some of these players. Without further ado, let's bring up Frenzy GM @OscarTheSwagDude to make the first pick of the draft!
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    Today's road team is the Hades Creek Phalanx. They are the #3 seed in the Legends Conference playoffs after finishing the regular season with a 9-7 record. They made it here after defeating the Death Valley Rangers 21-14 in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. They won on the road in the previous round of the playoffs and they are looking to repeat that today. The Phalanx are the defending Legends Conference champions and they defeated a 15-1 team in the conference championship game last season, so they will be looking to do that again this year to win a second consecutive conference title.
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    A special thank you to @Enoramaand @Pengu who provided us with new OTC and trade graphics, and the draft graphics respectively. Each will be on an full 12 tpe pass for the season starting this week. You may use this thread to claim your points weekly Week starting 6/21: 12 Week starting 6/28: 12 Week starting 7/5: 12 Week starting 7/12: 12 Week starting 7/19: 12 Week starting 7/26: 12 Week starting 8/2: 18
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