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  1. When I joined into the sim league world I never expected to do more than one. I came into the VHL back in October of 2020 and fell in love with the entire concept of sim league. It was thrilling to make my player, watch their career, and see how doing different tasks helped me gain TPE. I’m currently earning my Master’s degree, and I found myself sitting in the library after class making graphics, coming up with media spot ideas, and just talking with people in the league. Eventually, this led to me joining the EFL, then SBA, and finally PBE. I was incredibly active in all of them. But, I quickly realized that this was too much for me. Between hockey, baseball, football, and basketball I disliked basketball the most. After 1 season in the SBA I left, which I don’t regret at all. Up to that point I was still very active in EFL, SBA, and PBE. Once that concluded, life changed pretty dramatically. My wife and I discovered that she was pregnant, which was incredibly exciting. On top of that, we were gearing up to move back to Pennsylvania and I was going to be starting a new job at a new church. This was a full-time position at a much larger church in a larger town, meaning there is a lot to do. Not only was I starting this new role but I just recently finished my 2nd to last semester of my 96 credit Master’s degree. So, the last few months have been chaotic, busy, and a whirlwind. Now, as I type this, my wife is at 39 weeks pregnant, and I still remain fairly active in VHL and PBE. However, my activity in the EFL has slipped quite a bit. Frankly, it’s due to time and priorities. Hockey and baseball are my two favorite sports, so I don’t see my activity in either realm slipping, but with the addition of a baby here pretty soon, I don’t see myself getting more active in the EFL. Really, the only reason I still check in every once in a while is because as a GM in the VHL I know how frustrating it can be for a player to go inactive. I don’t want to do that to my GMs. Well, what does all of this mean? It means that as along as I keep doing tasks in VHL and can claim at least the affiliate TPE, I’ll likely do that. When there are weeks where I have a free week, like this week, I’ll try to write something up, but it won’t be my priority. In the long run, I don’t see myself recreating after Leonidas and Kessel retire. It has nothing to do with the EFL organization, any issues, or a dislike for the league. It has everything to do with priorities. I’d rather be heavily involved in one or two leagues than to be slightly involved in many. But, who knows, maybe after my son arrives any day now I’ll get used to it and find myself wanting to dive head first into EFL again, though I doubt it. Thanks for giving this a read. Also, great job Leonidas on another championship! 540 words
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  2. I would like to nominate @Turner because the award is named after him.
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  3. Sorry I’ve been keeping Thad busy (probably won’t get the joke unless in vhl server )
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