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    OK everyone, before we go to OT this week was pretty crazy all around. We're going to do some updates on how the other games went before we finish off this one, and i'm going to whore myself out for reactions in the process If you want to see how DEN-MEM ends, this post If you want to see how LA-MIN ends, this post If you want to see how SAN-WIS ends, this post If you want to see how SEA-NY ends, this post If you want to see how SF-MIA ends, this post I'll brb in 5 mins, and try to go through these quickly
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    https://i.postimg.cc/59sKsBBS/Denver-Steam.png https://i.postimg.cc/SRPw3CMR/Los-Angeles-Reign.png https://i.postimg.cc/JzZ9Yy47/Memphis-Mambas.png https://i.postimg.cc/yNFsRQSP/Miami-Neptune.png https://i.postimg.cc/85NDmRRV/Minnesota-Frontier.png https://i.postimg.cc/V6fQCYwf/New-Orleans-Kraken.png https://i.postimg.cc/j22pMZCB/New-York-Herd.png https://i.postimg.cc/3rL72DWP/San-Antonio-Wolfpack.png https://i.postimg.cc/FsZSyp0h/San-Francisco-Frenzy.png https://i.postimg.cc/Jnpw397b/Seattle-Predators.png https://i.postimg.cc/FsdtcWML/Toronto-Skyhawks.png https://i.postimg.cc/hPHk08n3/Wisconsin-Brigade.png
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    The following may collect 1 uncapped tpe for voting! Thank you! @StackTheRacks12 @OrbitingDeath @oilmandan @JorgTheGoat03 @Ikahnic1 @omgitshim @GGOriel @Turner @Scoot @PigSnout @jeffie43 @Nykonax @Hooperorama @chefpockets @Jetsqb101 @LittleRiDog @Benni @zekethatbeast25 @Wheaties @kevinscix @DangerGolding @McWolf @BigZouzou @Renomitsu @Steve @Spartan @Lefty_S @Frugger @Doomsday @Symmetrik @Enorama @Acydburn @Beowoof @ngine4 @OscarTheSwagDude @Siddhus @J0EB @Higgo4 @AXweilder17 @Latti @Rayzor_7 @Domkey @TacticalHammer @MMFLEX @Nepto
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    21 - 24 7 - 20 Victor Von Vanmort 3 yard TD run DeShaun Marion 36 yard FG 28 - 23 Clap Trap 3 yard TD run 7 - 24 Thorn Forg 75 yard Punt Return TD Apollo King 9 yard TD pass from DaddyTurner 34 - 17 Handsome Jack with a 9 yard TD pass to TJ Hendrix 44 yard FG by Jawshua Gilbert Some pretty interesting games here, still time left for leads to disappear though
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    These are my Week 4 ECFA Power Rankings. Along with every team I will put their last game, next game, and some more details on my reasoning. These are going from first to last: Number One: Hades Creek Phalanx (4-0) Last Game: W, 30-16 vs Biscayne Bay Pirates Next Game: @ 2-2 Grand Rapids Growlers This was an obvious choice. They are they only undefeated team left, they have an MVP front-runner in Randall Staubach, and have played good teams on their schedule. Their running game has been subpar, but with Staubach, their offense is high-powered anyway. They allow the least ppg in their conference, the least ypg in the whole league, and have the best pass defense in the conference. Need I say more? Number two: Anchorage Storm (3-1) Last Game: W, 31, 13 vs Death Valley Rangers Next Game: @ Lincoln Mammoths My team. This might be a little biased, but I genuinely think we have a strong chance to be the second best team in the league. Julian Falk is off to a slow start, but he's thrown 10 TDs, so I'm not complaining. The rushing game is 2nd in the conference, so it's not too bad. But, we still put up the most PPG in the league. Our rush defense is the best in the league as well, and McCauley, our CB, has 4 picks, and a pick six. I think it's safe to say the Storm are a force to be reckoned with. Number three: Manchester Lookout (3-1) Last Game: W, 34-10 @ Savage City Wraiths Next Game: @ Roswell Encounter Despite a slow start, after losing to the Carnage, the Lookout have become a team to.. ahem... lookout for. Sorry. Scoring the most ppg in their conference, and having a running back with 6 TDs is nothing to sleep on. Overall, there's not a lot to say here, because they are in the top 5 for most categories. Number four: Athens Carnage (3-1) Last Game: L, 3-12, vs Roswell Encounter Next Game: @Trenton Generals If I had done this last week, Athens would have been in the top two. But I didn't, so they weren't. Athens has maybe the best defense in the ECFA, allowing the least ppg, the least pypg, and the second least ypg in their conference. Their offense is another story. Despite a rushing attack that has been very strong, with 187 rypg, they have been bottom of the pack in all other offensive categories. Yikes. Number five: Sacramento Venom (2-2) Last Game: W, 27-7 vs Trenton Generals Next Game: vs Savage City Wraiths The best rush offense in the league helps them here. Strength of losses does too. With losses to two 3-1 teams, they are a little unexcusable. However, what isn't unexcusable is the worst pass offense in the league. On the defensive side, they have been solid. Honestly this is not a very interesting team. Number six: Roswell Encounter (2-2) Last Game: W, 12-3 @Athens Carnage Next Game: vs Manchester Lookout Putting up the most yards per game in the conference and allowing the least yards per game in the conference is nothing to pass over. A not-so-close win over a top team is also a big boost. The problem is that getting yards and not allowing them seems futile, as the allow the 8th most points per game in the league, and score the 8th most ppg in the league. Oof. What is weird is that their offense and defense ranks are the same per category in each league. Strange. Number seven: Trenton Generals (2-2) Last Game: L, 7-27 @ Sacramento Venom Next Game: vs Athens Carnage Losing to the venom by 20 points shoots them down the 2-2 rankings. But, they did beat Roswell, so theoretically they should be higher right? WRONG! Their offense is worse, having one of the worst rushing offenses in the league, despite having one of the better passing games. Their defense is also dreadful. The only category that they are not last or second to last in is rypg. (Sarcasm) Ooooh, that helps a lot. Number eight: Death Valley Rangers (2-2) Last Game: L, 13-31, @ Anchorage Storm Next Game: vs Biscayne Bay Pirates Eh. That's the perfect description of this team. They haven't beaten anyone that good, and they haven't lost to anyone that bad. Pretty much all of their team stats are middle of the road. This team is doomed for mediocrity. At least they are in the same conference as the Mammoths? Number nine: Grand Rapids Growlers (2-2) Last Game: W, 35-3, vs Lincoln Mammoths Next Game: vs Hades Creek Phalanx There are a LOT of 2-2 teams. This, in my opinion is the worst one. Beside their conference best rushing game, they are middle of the pack in every other category. What is it with teams and being middle of the pack? Their QB has thrown one touchdown in four games, so that's fun. I have nothing else to say about this team. Number ten: Biscayne Bay Pirates (1-3) Last Game: L, 16-30, @ Hades Creek Phalanx Next Game: @ Death Valley Rangers Very solid defense. Top 6 in the league in oypg, opypg, and orypg. However, maybe the worst offense in the league isn't going to do you any favors. They have one win, and it's against, in my opinion, the worst team in the league. By the time the season is done, look for the Pirates to be maybe the worst team in the league. Number eleven: Savage City Wraiths (0-4) Last Game: L, 10-34, vs Manchester Lookout Next Game: @ Sacramento Venom Stealing a premise from one of my favorite youtubers, urinatingtree, lookout for week 9 of their season. They play the 0-4 mammoths which means, TANK BOWL. Overall, this is not a good team, not good at rushing or passing, yada yada yada. Let's move on to the worst team. Number twelve: Lincoln Mammoths (0-4) Last Game: L, 3-35, @ Grand Rapid Growlers Next Game: vs Anchorage Storm Worst in ppg (3.3). Worst in yards per game. Worst in rush yards per game. 3rd worst in pass yards per game. Worst papg. 2nd worst yards allowed per game. 3rd worst pass yards allowed per game. This is, without a doubt, the worst team in college football. Their quarterback has not thrown a touchdown. They have scored two touchdowns the entire season. This team should not be. But it is. Thanks for reading my power rankings.
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    21 - 24 Schitt Brickhouse with a 6 yard TD run Lorrence Longfingers with a 10 yard TD catch from Logan Crawford Longfingers also with a 96 yard kickoff return TD Vince Carswell 15 yard TD pass to Mr. Cornholio 40 yard FG by Kicker McKicking 7 - 10 Hobo Jackson 6 yard TD run Pengu Lee 17 yard TD pass to Butter Fingers 28 - 16 Cheeks McIntyre with a 4 yard TD run Johnny Greg with a 38 yard FG, and once again, a 65 yarder 0 - 17 DaddyTurner with TD passes to Dewey Jackson for 27 yards ad Deep Golding for 6 yards 24 - 17 Hemakeit 71 yard punt return TD Handsome Jack with a 50 yard TD pass to TJ Hendrix 33 yard FG by Jawshua Gilbert 63 yard FG by Diana Gunner
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    Big game and finally back at home today!!! Gonna be wearing some new threads this week too! Gonna look stylin as we fly past the Neptune. Thanks again to @Sharkstrong for doing these!!
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    Why. Do. We. Have. A. Safety. Playing. Receiver.
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    Let's go boys! @Doomsday@Tits Mcgee @Symmetrik@Renomitsu@ngine4@Berocka@OrbitingDeath@Nykonax@Turts@Underclass_Hero@BenBoyToTheRescU@AW13@Sharkstrong@dcon_28@Tallinder
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    1st - @jeffie43 This is a guy who might've been my first recruit starting ad'ing and he has been nothing but a huge surprise. Don't get me wrong. Some of the guys who we recruit end up ghosting on us for not being to invested on the site or thinking it's too much work. Yet, jeffie has stick through it and is en-route to be an even more amazing user than he already is. He has also been a huge help maintaining motivation in the locker room and for that I willn't be able to pay you I believe. All I want you to know, is that I'm very thankful for having you here. 2nd - @Lefty_S Isn't this guy the AD from the Athens Carnage? Damn he is but he still was a fulcral player on our Roswell history and he's a great presence for us. Lefty has put a side competitiveness and helped me when I most needed. As many people know I had some troubles in the last couple of months and he was around guiding some of my guys and that's one great and amazing attitude that many people wouldn't do. 3rd - @LittleRiDog I mean, you can't go wrong in the top3. Ri is the former AD who has been far more sucessful than me at it but I feel like I'm making him proud. It's great to have him pop around sometimes and answer questions when I'm at work or out of discord. Ri has been superb in his NCAA/ECFA days and I'm trying really hard to emulate that. Hope I can make you proud man. 4th - @Latti The most loyal guy of Miami/Roswell. You might recall him being Sean Sparks and you can see him now as Levi Lattimore. When I asked him if he would stay on the Encounter to help me out he was fairly fast to say yes, no matter what. I know guys want to win but with latti it's quite different. He supports you even though you aren't doing well and that's a fulcral thing in a team's structure. I can't honestly put to words how much it means to me having you here Latti. Thank you brother. 5th - @StackTheRacks12 Another Athletic Director but yet someone who played the Lefty's role in my absence. Stack has been making me improve every damn season teaching me the ropes of this job and that's great. In the locker he has been a huge help for the new kids on the blocks and that is great. He didn't need to do it and yet he does it with open heart. That requires attitude. This has been my top five and I hope I don't hurt any egos by not selecting you to a greater position or even into the ranking. The Roswell team is my house and it's honestly the reason I keep grinding and hooked into the ECFA as I'm more of a big league guy. I keep on learning and trying to improve my ADing. It's been a huge learning process as many things are doing fairly fast at this level but I feel like I'm going to succeed and if I don't well.. Bugger. I don't care. I have great people around me and that's that.
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    2:46 Dale Cooper 104 yard Kickoff Return TD 31 - 38
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    13:28 left Andy Mortensen hits a 28 yard FG 24 - 24
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    Game Predictions: Carnage over Mammoths Phalanx over Lookout Encounter over Growlers Venom over Rangers Wraiths over Pirates Storm over Generals Lets Go Storm
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    that's a franchise record for catches in a game with 13 by Gonzalez @TheNano74, and 648 yards of offense is absolutely ridiculous. Another huge game for Ri, Corn, and Vorsch @LittleRiDog @Cornholio @TacticalHammer, and a solid effort by the defense all around even without the sexy stats.
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    Out of Town Scores: Q3 3 0:00 17 Q3 0 0:00 28 Q3 35 0:00 16 Q3 10 0:00 28 Q3 23 0:00 14
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    Tfw when I get a notification that someone fire reacted to the post at the start of the game, knowing what they're in for.
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    Giddy up boys and girls, first game of the week of the season! @oilmandan @fishy @evryday @Mr_Hatter @GGOriel @Garappogoat @FrostBeard @Josh @FNHurts @J0EB @chefpockets @Maki Hiro @diamond_ace
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    New Orleans - 14 Denver - 7 Miami - 24 Minnesota - 7 Herd - 38 Skyhawks - 0 Predators - 14 Reign - 10 Mambas - 20 Brigade - 13
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    The NOLA Chronicles; Still Perfect. NEW ORLEANS, LA — At the conclusion of Week 2 of the EFL schedule, only three teams remained perfect; the Memphis Mambas and the Wisconsin Brigade lead the Eastern Conference with a record of 2-0, while the New Orleans Kraken sits alone on top of the Western Conference. The Kraken was firing on all cylinders in their first week matchup against the bottom-dwelling Los Angeles Reign. Ja LongArm maintained a QB rating of 93.0 and connected for two scores with sophomore route runner Henry McDolin, who had that to say after the game: "Honestly it’s a great feeling. For such a long time NOLA has been rebuilding. I’m glad to help them take that next step man. Improvement is key. And we are going to be great." Oscar Jebaseelan rushed for 103 yards in only 19 carries. Chief Jeff was perfect on six total kicks, including two field goals from over 40 yards. Even the defense took part in the offensive fest, as Hiroki Renomitsu secured the win with a pick-six with 4:38 left in the 4th quarter. Here's what the Ivan Zamora Award favourite had to say about the game: 'It's really the guys up top that let Richaun and I get to work and be aggressive on passes in flight. We've got a rock solid defense all the way up, and it just happened to be my turn to shine. Cheers to Jalen and Jugga.' Coming back from such a solid performance, the Kraken welcomed the Seattle Predators in their swamp in week 2. They continued where they left off the previous week, as they outplayed the Predators in pretty much every category imaginable: time of possession, passing yards, rushing yards, 3rd down completion percentage and penalties. The only column where the away team had the upper hand was in turnovers, as they picked LongArm twice, doubling 1st overall pick Gustav ManCheetah's interception total on the game. LongArm connected for a touchdown with McDolin for a second straight week, taking both players' touchdown total to 3. The true hero in the game, however, was all-pro Oscar Jebaseelan, as he exceeded the 100-yard mark for a second week in a row, this time reaching the endzone 3 times himself. "I think we're playing solid currently, we're playing the way we want to play our football and we feel we have a great team bound when on the field. Personally I feel like I'm playing the best football of my career and I'm always happy when I'm able to contribute to wins. It's only been two games though, so we still need to keep playing this brand of football if we want to keep on winning and we have to keep focused on beating Denver next week." Members metionned - @denns @zekethatbeast25 @OscarTheSwagDude @Renomitsu @okochastar @TheNano74 @Turner
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    3:03 Smitty Werbenjagermenjensen 3 yard TD run 31 - 31
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    Aren’t you only 11 lmao
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    This sim is the reason I have grey hair
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    Memphis is the home team
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    6:304th and 5TOR - 2239 yard FG by Jeff, C. is NO good. The kick is no good! Jeff hits the upright from 39 yards out, and this game is still tied!
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    Hey all, here is the change log for the newest build of EFLO: - Added a "Fillers Window" to EFLO where fillers are controllable by their users. This is controlled by EFLO Admins on the backend, and will be used to allow fillers to be updated after the rollover has occurred, during the offseason. - A "Team Page" button has been inserted into the Player Section of EFLO Home. - Added a Team Section to EFLO Home for GMs and HCs, with links directly to their Team Page and GM/HC Office, as well as a few points of data about their team. - Added secondary tabs to the "Roster" section of the Team Pages. All tab displays all players as you previously have seen, and the Active tab now shows all non-filler players. - Added a "Duplicate All" toggle to the Submit Manual Tasks section of Player Updates. You can now set this to yes, and all tasks being added will automatically duplicate to all of your active players. - Added TPE Planner feature to EFLO. - Added Player Comparison - Ratings feature to EFLO. - Added Team Salaries and Upcoming Salaries features to EFLO. - Player Stats on the Player Page is now in a collapsible container to fit the design of the rest of the page. - Added an "Other" section to the Player Update sidebar, where you can hot swap to other players under your control. - Added more logic to properly unset your cookie when logging out of the system manually. - Uploaded all Team Logos that were missing in the EFL and ECFA. - Updated the Upcoming Draftees view to include all players in the final year of eligibility, regardless of TPE. Previously this only displayed players over the threshold and did not consider eligibility. - Improved auditing for Importing Predictions. - Updated Player Comparison Ratings. Player now no longer have their own header/table and have cleaned up the look for a tighter, cleaner view. Page re-written to support multiple leagues. - Updated TPE Planner. Page re-written to support multiple leagues. Minimum values are now enforced on ratings when using a template build. - Regression Calculator has been temporarily removed in order to bring it in line with the standards we want to set in our system. - Updated Player Creation, Re-rolls, and Editing. Weight is now a drop-down with values based on your position and build. - There is now an Edit button on all Updates on the Update Dashboard for EFLO Admins. They can - at their leisure - more easily correct updates. Please refer to Turner on this. - Warning alert added to Update Dashboard to notify updaters when an update includes tasks for one or more weeks where Clippy was utilized. - All snapshots should now appear on a Player's Page. - Team Page layout has been improved. - Giveaways should now appear disabled if you are not eligible for any current Giveaways, have already claimed all current Giveaways, or there are no current Giveaways. - Adjusted select borders for tabs across all EFLO Themes. - Adjusted the shape and style of tabs on Team Pages and the Player Update page. - Added a new view for Player Snapshots. You can search through these snapshots by player name and type of snapshot. Peak Snapshots are recorded the moment prior to regression, whereas every other snapshot is recorded after rollover, during the first moments of a new season. - Added Player Names to Kobe posts for Clippy Claims and Exceptions. - Added several tooltips to help the process in Player Updates. - Cleaned up Player Names on Team Pages. - Altered some text alignment on the Update, Submitted, Earnings, and Purchases tabs of Player Update to better align with data standards. - Adjusted spacing between the +/- ratings on Player Update. - Added First Submitted and Last Submitted timestamps to the Submitted tab on Player Updates, to allow users to easily see when they first and last submitted their current update. - Added Update Status to the Submitted tab on Player Updates. - Your Update Notes will now properly display and carry over when you submit additional manual tasks during the week, instead of being overwritten/deleted. - Fixed a sorting bug on Team Pages. They now sort by APE Descending by default. - Fixed a bug where moving a player via the GM Office would not consider extensions. - Fixed a bug where Team Page Finances and Upcoming Salaries would not consider active contracts that were tagged as Extensions when calculating future season's budgets. - Fixed a bug where being sent to the Maintenance page in some cases would place a user in an indefinite loop of redirects.
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    Day 6 Results The Town dwindles until just a handful remain. @Beowoof prances to the Town Square and announced, "Hey everyone, Mafia runs this town now!" "What are you talking about?" questions @TacticalHammer. "As the Seer we've already caught someone else red-handed!" he exclaims as he gestures towards @Wheaties. Wheaties remains calm. "I've already told you I've been guarding you from outside your house every night!" Beowoof jumps in, "No need to keep up appearances anymore. I am the Turncoat so like I said, Mafia runs this town!" Wheaties ponders for a moment, then smiles. "Excellent. Well as your Godfather I welcome you aboard." "Godfather?" questions Tac. "But why then did you show up as suspicious with Ri...?" Wheaties laughs. "Oh poor dear, you seem to have it backwards. It is @LittleRiDog who was the suspicious one! My little Mafioso hasn't learned how to hide his tracks yet." Tac stammers, "But he matched with Caboose! Was Caboose a fraud?" "Perhaps I could help with that one," states @a_Ferk, who everyone else forgot lives in this town. "My associate Ri wanted to look like a Veteran, so I said a few words, made a few arrangements, and for one night, he got his wish." Tac stared on bewildered. "I have no idea what you just said." @TotallyNotGus sighs. "Maybe you haven't picked up on it, and the dead haven't made notice of it yet either, but sometimes a Medium doesn't need his powers to use his intuition. Ferk is a powerful Barrister, and he used his influence to protect Ri the first night you checked him." "Wait a minute," stalls Tac. He looks around and mentally counts. "If there's 4 of them and just 2 of us..." Wheaties smiles. "Take your shot first Ri, I want the satisfaction of taking down the last one..." Mafia wins! Turncoat wins! Actual Role Player Jailor MMFLEX Seer TacticalHammer Investigator Ptyrell Doctor Caboose30 Medium TotallyNotGus Vigilante DonCutta190 Bodyguard jeffie43 Vigilante Latti Tracker Spartan Godfather Wheaties Mafioso LittleRiDog Barrister a_Ferk Poppet Nykonax Parasite KevinDurantsDoc Turncoat Beowoof
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    Game is played in Minnesota.
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    Down in the Valley, we've had one of our most significant roster turnovers in my 13 seasons as Athletic Director this past offseason. With NINE new players, exactly half of the team is made up of new faces. with our returning veterans facing new leadership roles in helping them learn the ropes. That being said, I thought it would be a fun and good ranking idea of rank these freshman by order of importance. Lets start off with number 1! And that concludes our list! I know a ranking such as this can be divisive, and hopefully no one is too unhappy with where they landed. Also I should note that... Roughly 1100 words, claiming as my article and rankings this week.
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    Totally unrelated, but why do I always feel like Nyko is evil and Caboose is always a doctor?
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    Out of Town Scores: Q1 0 0:00 7 Q1 0 0:00 14 Q1 21 0:00 0 Q1 0 0:00 7 Q1 10 0:00 0
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    damn I thought the Predators would be up by now
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    efl gms lookin' at this thread like (not that i'd know)
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    Anyone wanna bet on Zeke rage-quitting today?
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    I mean.... you're up by 17... in the first half... in the GOTW... RIP bud
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    I saw u trying to bamboozle me into presenting mister
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    SA should be more worried about the result than us
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    We really choked this game, at least we gave a good fight to a legit team.
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    Did also go heavy heavy run today, not knowing you'd be running with basically a bot?
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    Henry McDolin - Open Market Coming Back to NOLA The Homeland Although I am only in my 2nd season, it's been a whirlwind so far, drafted 2OA by the New Orleans Kraken, it was an amazing experience for me. Although for a while they were the cursed franchise of the league, the S20 Draft did wonders for them, bringing in talent like Me, Longarm, Fleck, and PalpaTurner, we have legitimately turned into the next league dynasty. Even if I didn't win OROTY, I had fun, a lot of fun. Our LR is more active then ever, and with some even more new draft acquisitions, we are looking primed for the future. Currently we are 2-0, and I haven't been playing my best ball. However, that didn't stop GM @Latti from reaching out to talk about an extension. I will admit I wanted more money, but I knew it wouldn't be best for the team. So now I'm locked on till S24, who knows where I'll be by then, I just know that by S24, I want to be that top dog, the best in the league, I want to be the greatest. In terms of why I resigned here, I think it's mainly because the culture a string of us have created here in NOLA. Denns, Oscar, Turner, Latti, Reno, Leath, even KDD, the LR has been fire as of late. And I finally feel like we have created a family here, in just our first season together, last season, we made the playoffs, and was this close to beating SA to get to the Finals. Just think of what we are going to do for these next 5-6 seasons, you know for once, Latti actually did his drafting right these past 2 seasons. And I have a damn good feeling it's going to pay off. As for the future, it is bright for sure. We are 2-0 to start the year, and aren't looking back, and with some teams on our schedule, we should increase to 4-0 quite soon as well. The McDolin and Longarm connection looks legit, and could be the next Gavin Rose, Patrick Kelley type QB/WR connection. Me and @denns have always had that same connection, and we are only going to get better. Especially with @KevinDurantsDoc at the WR#2, it's going to be nice having a good Duo Partner for the long term future. @OscarTheSwagDude just won another RBOTY award, and he probably won't be slowing down any time soon. As for defense, @Turner I'm expecting to have a breakout season this year. Overall, we got a lot of potential superstar players in our core, the league better watch, because the Kraken are coming. Word Count: 449
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    Was attacked and healed! Thank you doc
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    2. Harlon Connecticut (S8-S10, ORE) @AW13 It's hard to believe that we are down to it already. 18 seasons worth of football. Statlines, awards to analyze, compare, with the intention of bringing you the 10 best players per position in NCAA history. All-in-all, that's 70 college players featured. Which is around four per season during which the NCAA was the NCAA. There are probably a couple of players I missed and a couple of other events in the history of our former college system that would deserve a deep rewind, but it's the end of the line for me. After 2 full seasons during which my weekly point tasks were pretty much always these lists, I need to take a break and treat myself to something different. Keep things fresh for me. But this is for next week, because we are not done yet. I'm guessing pretty much everyone who followed the progress of this list was able to guess who #2 and #1 were, in order. Harlon Connecticut played against four players mentionned earlier in this list - and was #1's biggest rival, we'll get there in a minute - as it now becomes obvious, if it wasn't already, why I dubbed the S6-S10 era the Golden Age of Quarterbacks. Being one of the poster child of this era has its good, but it definitely made it harder for Connecticut to be recognized among this wave of tremendously talented passers. Despite graduating as in the top 7 in all of passes completed, completion percentage, passing yards, touchdowns and QB rating in only three seasons, despite being the only quarterback ever to throw for 4,000 yards in two different seasons, despite carrying his Ducks to two straight National Championship games, he was limited to a mere Freshman of the Year title - nothing else. It'd be interesting to see what his trophy case would look like - and that works for John Smith too, among others - if he had played in a different era. Overall, there are only two quarterbacks in this list that threw balls before Season 7, and only one who did so post-Season 13. There were talented ball-slingers in every season in the history of the NCAA, but the competition would not have been as fierce if Connecticut hadn't been confronted with Martin Isaac or Logan Crawford, which might have given him more luck on the award ballots on a yearly basis. Career stats 971 completions (6th in NCAA history) 61.3% completion (7th in NCAA history) 11,355 passing yards (5th in NCAA history) 83 touchdowns (3rd in NCAA history) 49 interceptions (14th in NCAA history) 87.7 QB rating (5th in NCAA history) Career awards S8 Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman 1. Martin Isaac (S6-S9, ALA) @Jetsqb101 And this is how it ends. Did someone ever doubt it? I bet when I announced I'd be doing lists like these, there are couple of seasoned veterans that thought about Martin Isaac before even wondering where their own players might end up. Honestly, I could go on forever about how he deserves the top spot, but there's really no need to. I don't think anyone needs to be convinced that arguably the best player in the history of the EFL is also arguably the best player in the history of the NCAA. He was the face of the Alabama dynasty of the late 00s, leading the Crimson Tide to 3 straight National Championships. He won numerous awards, including a Heisman Trophy in his senior season, which he was awarded after throwing for 57 touchdowns in 14 games. For those counting, that's 1 more than 4 per game. For reference, the second-most touchdown passes a quarterback ever threw in a single season is 41. Only 9 different quarterbacks ever threw for more than 30 scores in a season, yet he almost got double that in Season 9. Even more ridiculous is the fact that, if Isaac had only been in the NCAA for this one season, he'd still be ranked 10th all-time in career touchdowns passes. It's how ridiculous this season is. I'd probably consider omitting this dot on a graph of TD passes per season - or something like that- due to how much it would bring the average up and skew the whole data. The only caveat I suppose someone could find in his statline is the amount of interceptions he threw and his not-so-elite completion percentage. In both cases, it can easily be explained by the sheer volume of passes he has attempted in his four college seasons. Let's say it how it is: you can't throw for over 15,000 yards and 120 touchdowns by holding back. Isaac was swinging for the fences on every snap, every possession and that's what got him these borderline ridiculous numbers. And while it's true that he ranks 1st in all-time interceptions, he still has the single best TD:INT ratio at 1.52 among passers who stuck in the NCAA for a full career. Once again, you don't throw for 120 touchdown passes without taking risks, but at the end of the day, he proved time and time again that he'd make it worth it for his team more time than it would backfire, anytime they'd let him take a risk with a long pass. Career stats 1,281 completions (1st in NCAA history) 57.0% completion 15,409 passing yards (1st in NCAA history) 128 touchdowns (1st in NCAA history) 84 interceptions (1st in NCAA history) 81.5 QB rating (17th in NCAA history) Career awards S7 National Championship S8 National Championship S9 National Championship S9 Heisman Trophy - Most Valuable Trophy S9 Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player of the Year S6 Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman S9 Davey O'Brien Award - Top Quarterback
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