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  1. Name: AJ Taylor Team: Savage City Wraiths Workout Name: 2 TPE & 10 TPE Cost of Workout: $5,000,000 Cash you Have: $5M Cash Left: $0M Name: Chief Sanders Team: Savage City Wraiths Workout Name: 2 TPE & 10 TPE Cost of Workout: $5,000,000 Cash you Have: $5M Cash Left: $0M
  2. Player Name: Chief Sanders Team: Savage City Wraiths Player to use for the sig: CJ Moseley
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  4. Sanders Embraces Increased Leadership Role Last season, the Savage City Wraiths surprised the ECFA with a fourth place finish in the Heroes Division, 7-9 finish and a playoff birth, a significantly higher finish than anyone expected the upstart team to have. As we enter the 20th Season of EFL football, and the second for the newly minted ECFA, the Wraiths look to capitalize on their playoff run a year ago with an increase in production and wins. One of the players tasked with increase both is Linebacker Chief Sanders, whose 99 tackles in S19 led a Wraiths defense that finished tied for second to last in Points Against. "We have to play better as a team," says Sanders, who is embracing an increased leadership role in Season 20. "We gave up way more points than anyone on this team is used to giving up, than is acceptable to give up. We know that. We've been hard at work to put last year behind us and have a better year in Season 20." To improve on last year's lackluster performance, the Wraith will need the second-year Linebacker to improve as a tackler, as well as a captain of the defense. "I'm all in," says Sanders. "We're all in."
  5. Savage City Spotlight: Chief Sanders Welcome again to Savage City Spotlight, a show where we earn Career Point Task TPE for Shaka by talking to his players about whatever that specific opportunity wants us to talk about! Today, we're talking to Linebacker Chief Sanders about his journey from prestigious Mater Dei university to Savage City, USA. Host: "Chief, welcome to the show." Sanders: Thank you!" Host: "Where did that name come from, Chief!" Sanders: I come from a long line of Firefighter Chiefs, My father and both my grandfathers were all firefighters, all fire chiefs." Host: "Ah, so you've bucked the family tradition for the name of football?" Sanders: "I like to think my play is fire, so they're both proud and disappointed in me haha." Host: "Haha that's fair. Tell us, how did you get here? Give is some info about the Chief Sanders we don't already know." Sanders: "Hmm, that you don't already know? Well, you know I went to Meter Dei Academy. That was, well, an experience. Talk about professional football before professional football. Did you know we practiced in the morning and afternoon? Every day at 5am and then again at 3pm. People complain about two-a-days in the summer. Every day is a two-a-day at Mater Dei." Host: "Really, two days a week. That didn't take it's toll?" Sanders: "I think, they're thought is we're 16 and 17 year old kids. Our bodies are built to run and run and play and run and keep going. The coaches always talked about back when they played and back when they were 16. They call us Gumby. We're elastic. We don't get enjured. We don't hurt. We just keep playing." Host: "That sounds like a dangerous mindset to have from a coaching stance." Sanders: "Well, it worked." Host: "It did, indeed. In your time, Mater Dei won 4 consecutive State Titles and a National Title, correct?" Sanders: "Yes Sir." Host: "How did you fair in each of those season?" Sanders: "Hmm, I use to know these. My freshmen season I tallied 104 tackles and a sack. MY sophomore season 118? I think 118 tackles and 10 sacks. It was a jump for me. My Junior and Senior years I had over 150 tackles and 10 sacks. I had three defensive touchdowns in my Senior year. I was a blast." Host: "So this is the first time since youth league that you haven't had 100 tackles?" Sanders: "Oh, so you're going there? Shots fired.... ya, that's right. Thanks for reminding me." Host: "Well, that's 400+ words so we have all the footage we need. Thanks for taking the time with us and good luck in the playoffs this week, Chief!" Sanders: "Damn. That was short. Thanks for having me. Who do I see about getting paid?"
  6. Taylor, Sanders Shine In Rookie Campaigns This season was a hit or miss season for me, as a member. On one end, I stayed active with players in the EFL for the first time in what feels like a decade. On the other end, I still haven't felt the full draw to really engage here again. Because of that, my earning just hasn't been where it should be. Barely hitting 100 TPE in my freshmen season with both players, by the time the season will end, it will be a poor showing by myself and one I'm not comfortable with, as I usually set high standards for myself when I participate in something. Thankfully, despite my lackluster activity in earning and in the locker room, my players have held up their end of the bargain with me. Taylor, who played fourth fiddle to the first, second and third lead by MaWae, ran for 996 yards, 6 touchdowns and a 5.3 yard per carry. While some rushers have eclipsed the 2,000 yard mark this season, I consider a near 1,000 yard feat on a team that saw it's Quarterback throw 700 times as a success. Meanwhile, Chief Sanders came 1 tackle shy of hitting 100 tackles on the season. His 99 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 interceptions, 6 pass deflections and 1 defensive touchdown put him in the conversation for Rookie of the Year on defense. He won't win it, but he may be in the conversation. What this season has taught me is, had I just committed and not missed two weeks of posting at least welfare(Fuck this Saturday deadline), I would have hit 1,000 yards and 100 tackles. I believe that. I have to own that and I have to be better for the Wraith, who expect to build on a 7-9 season this year to make the playoffs again next year. This time next year, I expect to hit 199 TPE before the end of the season, a better mark than I did this year. I expect, then, to be in a routine to max earn as a third-year starter for the Wraith going into by draft off-season. Only time will tell if I hold myself to those goals and standard. Here goes nothing.
  7. Savage City Spotlight: A.J. Taylor Tonight, on Savage City Spotlight, we talk with running back A.J Taylor about his humble high school beginnings as a role player at El Monte High Schol and his eventual rise to become the Lion's all-time leading rusher. Host: "Thank you for joining us AJ!" Taylor: "Glad to be here, thanks for having me." Host: "We look back at your time at El Monte High School as a young runningback with a famous father, but a humble beginning. Can you tell us a little about your start in the sport." Taylor: "Ya, so of course my father is a former EFL running back, Alton Taylor. So, growing up, there was a lot of talk about will I be able to reach the levels that my father did. I don't know if I always appreciated all of that talk, or the pressure, but thankfully my father kept me as insulated as possible from it. Going into my freshman year at high school, we were thinking of sending me to a few schools and there were some top schools and my dad told me he thought I should go to El Monte. I didn't know who El Monte was at the time, but they were a tough team with a tough-as-nails head coach and pops thought I'd get a fair shake and have to fight my way onto that roster and that it'd make me a better play for it. So that's where we went." Host: "It was a tough Freshmen season, wasn't it." Taylor: "It was. The thing you need to know about El Monte is they are as old school as old school gets. They run the double wing. They never pass the ball and I mean that. We were lucky if we threw the ball 50 times a season. We ran the ball around 600 times a season. That tells you all you need to know. I wasn't prepared for that. I was used to open offenses, single back, shotgun, run zone. I thought I could come in and start and I didn't even make the JV roster. I was on the Freshmen roster. We played 5 games all season, not 7 like JV, not 10 like Varsity. Five games. I was like, what is this? Is that it? I ran the ball 100 times that year, about 20 times a game, and I felt the season was just starting and it was over. And they didn't call me up to JV for the final 2 games of that season, let alone to Varsity. It was tough." Host: "What about your sophomore year?" Taylor: "So Sophomore year was when it all came together for me, thankfully. Freshmen year I was able to go to the practiced after Freshmen season ended but I couldn't participate. I decided, instead of bitch and moan about it, I'd just study the offense. That's what I did. And I think coach noticed. By Sophomore year, in the spring, they had me working with the Varsity roster. I skipped the JV team and I got to practice with the Juniors and the Seniors. It was a lot of fun. I ended up playing a lot of snaps that year, a LOT of blocking for the lead back, and we won 9 games. We made it to the semi-finals and lost, but I was hooked. I thought I'd hate blocking, but I loved it. I loved the physicality of it." Host: "By your Junior season, you were the featured back, right?" Taylor: "Yes, so my Junior season we end up going undefeated. We win the state title. We went 14-0. I ran the ball for 3,156 yards that season. Broke the El Monte record. They just rode me and the B-Back, Jace in every game. We ran it down everyone's throats. It was my favorite season playing ball." Host: "And then your Senior season, you break the El Monte career record for yards, but it has a bitter end." Taylor: "So we go into senior season and I'm stoked, thinking we're going to win it all again and it didn't work out that way. We lost the opening game and then the third game. We just weren't the same team. I ran the ball for 2,988 yards that year. Better average, but not as many touches. We just couldn't find a rhythm. We ended up losing in the second round of the playoffs. I remember thinking I let the team down in that game. I fumbled twice. But you can't dwell in the pass man, it was a good experience overall and it's got me to here." Host: "And this year, it was a big change of pace for you, wasn't it? You go from a double-wing offense rushing for 2,000+ yards a season to sometimes rushing the ball 5 times as a team. Did you expect that when you signed?" Taylor: "Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. But I believe in coach and I believe in Q and we put it together. It think we shocked a lot of teams and I'm happy to be here and what we're building." Host: "Well, we're certainly happy to have you here. Thanks for the time and good luck in the playoffs, AJ." Taylor: "Thank you." Host: "Next time on Spotlight, we talk with rookie Linebacker Chief Sanders about his journey to Savage City."
  8. If you get back into the game, who will I share beers with and tell stories of the gold old days with?
  9. @ANTISIMPLE and Lawal. Only two teammates to make the list. Lego! LaWALL for life. Thanks for the fun read @McWolf
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