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  1. @PigSnout this was a hell of a presentation. Absolute hats off to you, my guy.
  2. Probably better this way tbh. Congrats @TacticalHammer and squad. Go give em hell in the title game.
  3. @Turner As the owner of the players in this situation, I hope you know I don't feel any way towards you and the circumstance. We haven't had a chance to talk about it, as I simply brought it up to my higher-ups and let it be. In the LR, I've shared my share of the blame. I called it a perfect storm of circumstance. I, personally, did not expect a re-sim and was going to chalk it up to an unfortunate situation and result. While I am happy to see Hades Creek have an opportunity at a fair shot at the conference title game, I am not happy to hear that this caused you much stress today.
  4. I appreciate this. It's good stuff! I'm not sure I'd consider the Tampa 2 "infamous." It's known for good things, not bad things! And I also give credit to Tony Dungy for that defenses rise to fame, though I think historians will say Monte Kiffin shares the credit. And, as is the case with anyone who "inveents" in the NFL, they just took something and made it better. Dungy stole it from the 70's Steelers teams he was playing Safety for. They added the deeper MLB coverage because their Will and Sam had the range to cover the flats to the midline and they had the rush with just 4 to pressure
  5. How It Started How it's Going
  6. You're a special kinda bad when you don't miss any field goals and you STILL lose your team the game.
  7. Your troll jobs had me 100% thinking you were gona end that with "And spikes the ball."
  8. I still think no regular DDSPF player watches or looks at PBP. Otherwise they'd have fixed this in the last 5 years.
  9. Ol' Spikarooski play gone wrong
  10. It like Beckham. Got it, coach.
  11. Love winning a game on a sack.
  12. We're spiking the ball with 2:47 on the clock.
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