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  1. Chief Sanders On His Hot Start To start the season, two things were evident. The EFCA was a massive hit and, well, the Savage City Wraiths were not. Stumbling out of the gate to an 0-2 record, mostly uncontested, Wraith management turned to their youth and essentially told them to leave their mark. In the three games that have followed, a close 23-20 loss to the 4-1 Trenton Generals, a 20-17 victory over the Sacramento Venom and a 27-17 win over the Athens Carnage, the Wraith have seen a new sense of ownership from their youth, most noticeably rookie linebacker Chief Sanders. Helping the Wraith put together their first win streak in team history, Sander's interception-return-for-touchdown has felt like a turning point for an initially troubled team now beaming with life both on and off the field. While the play will surely make Wraith highlight films for the foreseeable future, it's Sanders consistency that has the coaching staff elated the most. With the touchdown, Sanders becomes the only defender in the ECFA with a sack, an interception and a touchdown, making him - at least for a week - one of the most dynamic defensive playmakers in the ECFA. "It's nice to go out and get a win," said Sanders after the victory over Athens. "When you play good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good. We're a different team than we were a few weeks ago, that's for sure." Will Sanders hot start continue over the course of the season and will the Wraith battle to an even record next week as the team travels to Biscayne Bay to take on the 2-3 Pirates? We'll have to wait and see.
  2. Shaka

    S19 ECFA Week 5

    A sack and a pick six? Good day at the office.
  3. Shaka

    S19 ECFA Week 3

    When the Wraiths score more than 10 points this week. Lego.
  4. Name: AJ Taylor Team: Savage City Wraiths Workout Name: 2 TPE & 10 TPE Cost of Workout: $5,000,000 Cash you Have: $5M Cash Left: $0M Name: Chief Sanders Team: Savage City Wraiths Workout Name: 2 TPE & 10 TPE Cost of Workout: $5,000,000 Cash you Have: $5M Cash Left: $0M
  5. Something Old: A.J. Taylor Nineteen seasons ago, the EFL was introduced to Alton Taylor, the EFL's first reigning rushing title holder and 100 catch receiver. The multi-faceted back changed the game, quite literally, and helped shape the position as it's played today. What many may not know was that the young receiving back was juggling stardom with the Los Angeles Reign and his firstborn child, Alton Jr. Seven years into his EFL career, Taylor abruptly retired from the league and faded away into league history. Twelve years later, his now nineteen-year-old son was primed to make a career for himself. Thus, the EFCA has been introduced to Alton Jr - otherwise known as - A.J. Taylor. Where A.J. may lack in his fathers large frame, he makes up with an even more impressive versatility. The compact back has signed with the Savage City Wraiths. While I may have missed his first week of earning opportunities, trouble with remembering the Saturday deadline here, I hope to have at least as much success with the successor as I did with the predecessor. Something New: Chief Sanders On the other hand, I'm introducing the EFCA to Chief Sanders. Without a rich history or a (in)famous father to fall back on, Sanders will need to pave his own way. Will he make his mark as a rangey sideline-to-sideline defender or will he carve out a niche as an elite pass rusher? I'm currently undecided on him, but leaning towards Pass Rusher. I had much success early on with Shaka Lawal, before inactivity took what could have been a stellar career from him. Will Sanders be a Lawal rehash or can he be my first EFL player to eclipse 1,000 TPE? Only time will tell.
  6. Remembering Alton Taylor For those old enough to remember the early days of the Elite Football League, the name Alton Taylor may elicit a mixed bag reaction. To some, Alton Taylor may be remembered as one of the best young backs in the EFL over the first 3 seasons. His 4,643 yards through Season 3 paced a league hungry to solidify itself in the sim league community. Following back-to-back rushing titles in Season 1 and Season 2, the Los Angeles Reign pivoted their feature back from a workhorse who had carried the ball a league-high 845 times to an all-purpose weapon. Limited in carries(359) and yards(1395) in Season 3, Taylor set the record for catches(56) and yards(467) for a primary back and finished the season with a career-high 18 touchdowns. The reign would win their first Championship in team history and it would be but a glimpse into the change of trajectory for the young back. After a season of flux, in which Reign head coach Shaka Lawal retired and new management took over the franchise, Taylor was never the same. Suddenly competing for carries in a crowded backfield with Buck Kilroy, Taylor saw his lowest mark for attempts(229) and yards(751), despite re-setting his own record for receiving yards for a primary back with 529 and catching another 52 balls. Frustrated by his waning role, Taylor vowed by season 5 to have a new home - and a new identity. Entering his second season as new general manager of the Seattle Predators, Will Turner approached the now unrestricted free agent about a change of scenery and role. The innovative new coach had installed the air raid offense in Seattle and saw Taylor's ability as uniquely suited for his fast-paced, high-octane offense. The two signed the contract and set out on what would become one of the most hotly debated season's in EFL History. In Season 6, Mikey Boss and the Seattle Predators would throw the ball an EFL-record 678 times and rush an EFL-record low 129 times. At the center of the offense, Alton Taylor, who would become the first player in EFL history to catch 100 passes, shattering the record with a still-standing total of 137 catches. Tallying a then-record 1,678 yards receiving, Taylor become the first and only player in EFL history with a 1,600 yard season in rushing and receiving in their career, as well as the only player the win a rushing and receiving title. However, despite the individual success, Seattle went just 2-12. The league was so up in arms about the unorthodox approach they set in motion to change the rules of the game and forever alter the course of EFL history. For the next two seasons, under a close eye and new rules to the offensive side of the ball, Taylor was unable to match his stellar play from the year prior. Still, heis 125 receptions for 1864 yards and 20 touchdowns in Season 6 and Season 7 put on full display that the two-time rushing champion was not just a one-hit-wonder. In the off-season of Season 8, at the age of 29, Taylor shocked the league with the announcement of his sudden retirement. At the time of his retirement, his 10,421 yards of total offense and 74 touchdowns were ranked second behind only hall of famer Marcus Johnson. His 5,556 yards rushing was god for fifth all-time and his 4,865 receiving yards was good for tenth all-time, making him the only player in history to be listed on both top ten all-time leaderboards. Today, with just 70 career games, his 10,421 yards of total offense ranks 14th all-time in league history. Over the years, Taylor's prolific feats have become buried in the all-time stats, leaving only those few unique distinctions of his impact across the league to be found by only the most die hard of fans. For me, he'll forever be a case of what was, what wasn't and what could have been. A snapshot of a bygone era in the EFL.
  7. "And with the loss, the Memphis Mambas have been eliminated from postseason contention," explains EFL announcer Tom Heyman. A local radio host raises his voice in exceeding frustration, "And here we are again, on the outside looking in, second class in the EFL. How much more can we take?!" "I put this on me," the voice of Mambas quarterback Martin Isaac is heard in a post-game press conference, addressing the disappointing season. "It's on all of us as a team, but I can promise this isn't the end. This is just the start." "We'll keep fighting to do right by this city." Watch The Full Episode On SSN.com
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