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  1. 1. How do you feel being a Venom I feel great and the team feels amazing to be in 2. Who do you think the best player on the team is Me 3. Who's the best AD either you or stacks 4. What are your goals for this season To do better than last season 5. Where did you get your players name from My SBA name 6. What's your favorite genre of music Rap 7. Do ya'll got tiktok No 8. Chicken Wings or Pizza Pizza 9. Last throw to win the Superbowl who ya got Tom Brady to Gronk 10. Who's the best player in ECFA history Me 11. What is ur emotion after a great play Im
  2. i'll be an Assistant AD to any team
  3. Team questions: 1 What position do you think the team could improve in? 2 What position do you think the team is best in 3 What do you think of Stacks (the coach.) you think he can do better in any way. (be honest) 4 What did you think the record was going to be for the team ------------------------------ Player questions 5 Once the offseason hits, what skill will you improve. 6 What is your goal next season ( awards, records, etc.) 7 What is the first thing you will do once the team wins the championship. 8 What EFL team do you want to join
  4. Favorite workout? Squats Favorite post workout snack? Granola Bar Who do you sit next to when we travel for away games? Whoever wants to sit next to me What records do you want to break while in the ECFA? I want to break the rushing yards record Any teams you want to be drafted by in the EFL? any team that needs me What’s your ideal weather for a game? Pure Sunshine, a beautiful day Hype up song before a game? Any Tyler The Creator song Thoughts on the Deshaun Watson situation? Do you see him getting traded? I see him being traded, hopefully to the Pat
  5. Welcome to the EFL Kuminga JR! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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