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  1. This is my new thread for both my players brands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ After Hank and Bryce's player brands both became very popular, they both decided to collaborate with each other. A few of the things they came up with were these things I will tell you here. The first idea they came up with was to make a dual sided jersey. One side was half of Hank's jersey, and the other half was Bryce's jersey. Then, they decided on turning Hank's youth football camp he was going to host soon into a camp for both of them, not just Hank.
  2. Ok, dm me on the forums and tell me your discord! I will add you and we can talk. Just keep in mind I am at school right now so it will take me a bit to get back on a computer cause I have to get off right now. But yeah, DM me ur name and tag or a link to a server, and I will add/join it.
  3. As kids, Bryce and Hank both very much loved watching football, especially ECFA. They would often get together and watch it together and have lots of fun just simply watching it. Obviously, Bryce didn't know about the ECFA until he moved to America, so Hank had been watching it for way longer than him. As soon as Hank showed it to him, he fell in love with it, just as much as Hank already had. They both loved rooting for their specific teams, the Death Valley Rangers for Bryce, and the Hades Creek Phalanx for Hank. Both players have later stated watching all these games highly influenced them
  4. Hey I will be a presenter if there are any open spots, I would love to do it and think it's a good job for me.
  5. Hank Heller knew his player brand would be a success as soon as it kicked off because of all his social media fame. For his first brand he decided to start small and make his own kicking cleats for kids and adults. Eventually, after they sold out on the first day and production was backed up, Nike decided to help him out by instead offering him a signature shoe to sell from their brand. He immediately took this opportunity because he knew that he would use the money to start his new youth football camp which will soon be built now. In the meantime Hank worked on advertising his Nike kicking c
  6. After his high school career, Hank Heller knew it was going to be pretty easy to get recruits. His reason for this was that he was very prominent on social media because of how much of a prodigy of a kicker he was. He had at least 100 thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram, as long as a 50 thousand subscribers YouTube channel. He also had already hosted many workouts with many of the top pro kickers in the ECFA and EFL. That is why it came as no surprise to him when 4 different teams came to watch him to recruit him. These teams were the Anchorage Storm, the Biscayne Bay Pirates, the Sava
  7. In the midst of his recruiting process, Bryce Greening had started his own player brand. He decided to start very basic, by just selling his high school jerseys. They actually did better than he expected, because he was well known in the town he went to high school in. He was making quite a lot of money off of it, but he was running out of jerseys. Eventually the player brand would help him to get signed by the Death Valley Rangers, because it was actually getting pretty popular. He then decided to start selling uniforms from death valley even though he had not played in a game for them yet. T
  8. After his great high school career Bryce really was excited and looking forwards to his college career. He thought he would get very many offers based off his high school performances. That's why it came as a surprise to him as he got no offers through his first 2 months after high school. Because of this he decided to talk to his best friend Hank who had been getting lots of offers. Hank told him a good idea was to make a player brand and also go to and host lots of workouts to showcase his skills. Bryce decided then to create a workout camp for him and other members of his former high school
  9. If anybody wants to get TPE by helping me out and making graphics for my playres (because I do not know how and probably wouldn't have the tools to do) just PM me and I will give you more details.
  10. Hey, I couldn't find a person to DM this to, so I just posted it here, but I heard you guys at the Savage City Wraiths have a bot kicker that is kinda bad, and my kicker Hank Heller is looking to be recruited, so if you want him, you can pick him up!
  11. Origin Story Hank Heller was born in Missouri, to middle class parents. His father had been one of the greatest kickers college football had ever seen, but he opted to choose a different job than football. His mother also had played soccer in high school, so he was born with a good leg. He was having a fine and normal life, until one day he was 6 years old, and he was riding home with his parents in the nighttime after they watched his game of youth football (Ages 6-8 League) where he had been doing great, making 2 extra points and a field goal. At this point, he was becoming already well
  12. Origin Story Bryce was born in Nigeria, Africa, to a single mother who had very little money to support him. He grew up on the streets scavenging for food , and playing catch with homemade balls, made out of twine. One day, some other kids were playing with an old and torn rugby ball. This is where he had his first experience with a contact sport. When he played with the other kids he was known for being the hardest hitter, and the best leader to come up with game plans for his team. Then one day, when he was almost 14, preparing to go to high school, tragedy struck. His mother suddenly d
  13. Hank Heller


    I saw you could TPE points to upgrade your player here so this is how you do it? (Correct me if im wrong I am very new.)
  14. Nevermind! I figured out how to create my players, but I am stuck with what to do now. Could you help me out?
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