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  1. I assume you mean for my LB right. Well yeah I guess that makes sense. I am once again being the dumb one.
  2. @Spartan am I still going to trenton?
  3. Oh well my bad, Spartan told me in Discord I'd already been released and he'd taken care of it. I think I quoted you in the presser as well? Anyways no worries, sorry for all the confusion.
  4. Accept but really tac lol? Top to bottom? Still accept tho I love DVR man.
  5. um I said in the pc I was on Trenton and also Spartan said that he would take care of it in Discord lol?
  6. Ok, just making sure because I never saw him say he released me to avoid anything lol
  7. Accept but doesn't it have to be $5m according to transfer unless it changed? In the intent to transfer it says 101 tpe+ player requires $5m plus scholarship. So it has to be that unless it changed or no? $5m for my player*
  8. I'm hoping to play next time, and if I've read correctly, there is no like 'jester' role. If possible could you add one? Their goal is to die or get voted off or however it works.
  9. I am no longer available (I think, according to discord)
  10. At least according to spartan he said he was gonna get it set up
  11. You know I was gonna type some paragraph but fuck this dumbass sim
  12. My kicker Hank Heller may be looking to transfer but may also stay where I am.
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