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  1. This applies true to all of my sim leagues and its the community. Sure seeing my players/team win is fun but having those experiences with others is what keeps me coming back.
  2. Both my players showed out in the preseason!
  3. Press conference: https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/19644-the-press-room/&do=findComment&comment=343295 QotW: https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/28096-question-of-the-week-ending-july-30th/#comment-342821
  4. 1. What’s a book? 2. Definitely red, but I don’t restrict myself to only red teams. 3. Watermelon 4. Y2K computer bug 5. Athens. All the history and good food to eat there 6. I don’t think it’ll eliminate jobs but will enhance sports analysis a lot 7. I’m in it for fame, glory, and rings. 8. Actually made a rankings article about this. Probably RB/CB 9. Signing with Athens :kewk: 10. None 11. I feel like riding some bison would be cool 12. Don’t take anything for granted
  5. It’s how many defenders an offensive lineman can stack on top of each other in a given play. Hence the name, pancakes.
  6. Ranking positions for my new players: FB No hate on the FB position but I don’t think it’s for me. Pancakes are the name of the game and you won’t be getting much love in terms of touches here. While a good FB can take a run game from good to great, it’s not my cup of tea. TE As far as i’ve seen in other sims, TE is just a budget wide receiver that won’t get as many targets or yards per catch as their receiving counter parts. That’s made up by playing a big role in the run game and earning pancakes. QB You might be surprised to see QB so low on the list here. The main reason QB is this low for me is how integral you are to a team. If you want to be a good QB for your team you best to consistently earning and doing all available capped/uncapped tasks. I just didn’t want to bear that responsibility. FS In sims and real life, the safety position tend to lose a bit of love stat wise, with FS usually getting the short stick over SS. As you can tell so far I’m a stat lover so any position that lacks in stats automatically get bumped down. SS Similar reasoning here as FS but given the nature of the SS position where they tend to line up in the box more or closer to the line of scrimmage, they get more tackles or are involved in more plays in general give them the leg up over FS. K I’d love to eventually create as a kicker one day. A pretty important piece for teams as they are key in both the field position game and knocking through threes after the offense stalls. Also with limited attributes to upgrade, it makes it easier for “casual” users to pick this position and still have solid success. CB One of the first positions I picked to create as in sim leagues. I do enjoy the idea of playing as a CB again but probably not soon as my last player was a CB. Cornerbacks might not get the volume of stats that LBs do but they shine with the big splash plays of interceptions and pick sixes. RB I was inbetween RB and WR for #3. In the ECFA where running tends to be the name of the game (at least when I first started), Having at least two competent RBs can really get your offense going. What’s to hate with this position? You get touches, yards, and touchdowns. And RBs tend to be good candidates for returners too. WR Besting that is wide receiver. I’m a sucker for passing offenses and enjoy getting those chunk plays over the consistent yardage that RBs tend to get. And although my player created as a RB, I plan to play out of position as a receiver (but this also gives me the flexibility to play as a running back as needed which is great) LB Last but not least, linebacker. The stars of the defense. Tackles, TFLs, sacks, interceptions, forced fumbles, you name it and LBs will get those stats. They’re a stat padders dream, especially in these sim leagues where teams tend to blitz a lot.
  7. 1. Athens of Wraiths! 2. Yes 3. Dexter Hall for Athens and Sir lancelot for the wraiths, gonna win RotY 4. Eh stat padding is more so scheme dependent and not much players themselves can do to control 5. My boy Leroy Leroy 6. Everyone on the Wraiths, we're gonna kick up a storm 7. That's a great turnaround from taking a bottom feeder to a contender, goes to show the great recruiting he did 8. I will probably have a better idea when I finish a full season and are more familiar with players lol 9. Same case with Rivers 10. Won't be as good as Dexter Hall or Sir Lancelot 11. Wraiths of course 12. HCP
  8. Gotta go with stacks on this one. He was the first one to reach out to me when I first joined the EFL and really helped me get up to speed with sim leagues in general.
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