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  1. Biscayne Bay Pirates S28 Signing Day!!! All you need to do is quote this message, write accept and post it! I'll get the money into your account as soon as I can! Full benefit scholarships (5M) (3/4) Jeffery Jibber, Quarterback, @lukechezzwoo Cassie Frost, Tight End, @Raimond Jimenez Jerell Mayweather, Line Backer, @ChefCook33 Full tuition scholarships (3M) (5/7) Zane Satele, Cornerback, @Underclass_Hero Beau Satele, Runningback, @Underclass_Hero Dexter Hall,
  2. Gonna be a tough one but let’s grind it out Pirates!
  3. this has got to be the craziest turn of events
  4. Let’s get the dub Pirates! Also wishing the best of luck to Lincoln, let’s have an enjoyable game!
  5. Let’s get that W to secure the 1 seed
  6. Some nice stat padding against BOT teams
  7. Carnage isn’t even passing, why is Wooter jumping offsides
  8. Let’s start the 2nd quarter with the lead!
  9. Go easy on my Pirates today please
  10. 1. Good because we’re still undefeated! 2. Tough to pick just one because everyone has been playing out of their minds so I think I would just go with the entire WR core 3. Also a tough call but probably Trent Samuel II 4. Anton Greenberry Jr has really been holding his own on defense 5. I would say Manchester but we managed to beat them! 6. 15-1 or 14-2 7. I somewhat believe in the rumors but think he will play for the Packers this season 8. I don’t think so 9. If he doesn’t, he’s a bust. He has plenty of weapons there 10. They will be dangerous. R
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