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  1. Username: firstfray QB: Alex Sonfire (5) RB: Apollo King (5) RB: Dale Cooper (3) WR: Jakob Markstrom (5) WR: Robert Joseph (4) WR: PJ Jackson (4) TE: Cash Carter (3) K: Mo Bad (3) DST: Seattle D (3) 35 Total
  2. 1. What did you spend your scholarship money on? Training! 2. Do you have a favorite YouTuber? I usually just casually browse youtube but I enjoy watching cooking videos 3. Burgers or Chicken? Chicken 4. Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice or Apple Juice? Apple juice 5. Can you do 30 pushups? Yes 6. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side 7. Do you like the team make up so far? Of course! We're gonna bring a few trophies back to Biscayne Bay! 8. Why are the Pira
  3. First time making a graphic so I hope it's not too bad!
  4. Oh boy what a roller coaster ride that game was. Here are my top plays of the game (there were a lot!). 10:14 2nd and 6 SAV – 7 Rush by Kirby Popopo for 7 yds. 9:54 TOUCHDOWN! (Wyatt kick good) On a drive to start the 2nd quarter, Death Valley are down 3-7. Aided by some penalties and two crucial 3rd down conversions, Death Valley get the score as Popopo runs it in himself! 7:11 3rd and 7 SAV – 35 Pass by ColeIV, A., complete to Meyer, H. for 22 yds. Tackle by Reynell, N.. After giving up the lead on the previous drive, Savage City is lookin
  5. Sloppy game with all the penalties and missed field goals lol
  6. 1. Under 2. Fenton 3. Eliason 4. Rangers 5. Wyatt
  7. 1. Under 2. Tee Pee E 3. McDolin 4. New Orleans Kraken 5. Brandt
  8. 1. Yes! 2. Alright, a lot of eating and sleeping 3. I'm gonna be the top WR and CB in the ECFA 4. I think a respectable 10-6. 5. I think the team will have some growing pains next year with so many freshman but the team is set up for greatness after that. If all the freshmen keep up, I believe we can get at least two titles in the next four years! 6. Absolutely! 7. 15 and 21 8. Both but ice cold just hits different
  9. I just joined yesterday, and my two created players are planning to join the Biscayne Bay Pirates! Conveniently, they had their playoff game today! To start earning some tpe and get familiar with the league, I decided to watch along as the game was simmed. Unfortunately, the Pirates lost to the Hades Creek Phalanx after an ugly meltdown in the second half. Here are my top 7 plays from this afternoons game (not just for the Pirates, for the game overall): 7. 2nd quarter 12:17 3rd and 18 HAD – 16 Pass by Adrienne, M., to Kavanagh, J.. INTERCEPTION by Reese, J.
  10. Growing up, Wook had never been on strong football teams. This resulted in Wook and recruiters to underestimate his true abilities. Wook enrolled in his local high school in Massachusetts. As a freshman, Wooter was small and could not keep up with his classmates physically. Luckily, everyone makes the freshman team, and everyone gets some snaps each game. Due to Wooter’s physical shortcomings, he had to refine his technique to be able to cover the receivers. His freshman season resulted in him playing a lot of zone coverage to make up for his lack of speed. Via tipped passes, Wooter ended the
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