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  1. Its Sunday afternoon and the Predators are about to take the bus, their backup QB, Jeffery Jibber that they took with their 2nd round pick last season after trading for a vet, was getting ready for the game. You never know when you might come into the game. About an hour and a half before the game starts a team rep goes into the locker room and tapes a piece of paper on the wall and leaves. It shows the inactive list of the team for the day.. Jeffery glances and he sees his name. He looks over again, and it confirms that he is a healthy scratch for the game. He hadn't played all season but this takes it to another extent. He wouldn't be in uniform for the for the first time in his life. After the rough loss to the frenzy, the team joins in the locker room. Jeffery had already left before the game ended. He didn't join the team on the sideline because he is inactive. Instead he drove to his hotel room, and later on that night, went partying in downtown San Francisco. Could Jeffreys actions against the team be the end of this relationship with the predators?
  2. had 14 TD, 19 INT, last season, but i did lead the league in TDs and broke the record st some point with with the pirates
  3. A day of Seattle Predators practice in day 4 of training camp ends, and now backup QB for Seattle, Jeffery Jibber takes the podium outside the practice field. As Seattle looks to start winning, they acquired quarterback Kirby Popopo from San Antonio. Jibber had a pretty bad rookie season, throwing for 19 interceptions, and only throwing 14 touchdowns. After Seattle got Kirby, whispers of rumors of Jibber getting traded have been around. But are any teams even interest? That is the main question here. *Jibber steps to the podium* Brady Henderson: Hey Jeffery, Henderson from ESPN Seattle, how does it feel to be the backup now? Jibber: I mean it sucks, but that's a part of the business. Things like this happen. And all i can do is go a day at a time. Cole Miller: Hey Jeff, Cole Miller from KOMO 4 here, there has been whispers of possible trade scenarios with you, or even possibly being waived, and there are a couple of teams that could use a QB, how do you feel on that? Jibber: It makes me both sad and happy at the same time, I mean Seattle took a chance and traded up for me in the draft last year, only to me not performing well when it mattered the most. But it makes me excited for the opportunity to possibly play and help a team somewhere else. But i have no control in what happens, but i believe that the people who make these decisions for a living will make the right decision. Its out of my hands. *Jibber steps off the podium*
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  6. 1. How are you doing today? 2. Any fun weekend plans? 3 How does it feel to score 75 points? 4 How does it feel to go 16-0? 5 How do you feel going int o the playoffs? 6 How excited are you for the offseason? 7 How do you train in between weeks? 8 How is training different in the offseason vs in season? 9 What is your favorite state? 10 What is your favorite color? 11 What is 13(y–4)–3(y–9)–5(y+4)=0 12 Favorite jeopardy answer?
  7. 1. How do you feel about your performance this season so far? 2. How do you think the team has done? 3. What are your hopes for the rest of the season? 4. What would you like to improve on? 5. What teams do you think you can compete with? 6. What is a good pre game meal? 7. What is your players biggest strength? 8. Weakness? 9. If you're going into the draft, what teams would you like to play for? 10. What is the best restaurant in Manchester? 11. What is you're favorite restaurant in general? 12. Where are you from?
  8. Green Adrest Probably some stock so i can have more money to spend 4 times a week New York, New York I would be that pitcher from major league Yeah i broke my hand last winter Every season Spanish 126 No lamo Spart for sure
  9. We have broken into your regular scheduled programming of General Hospital to tell you that Jeffery Jibber has officially declared for the season 30 EFL draft, we take you live to his press conference *Jeffery and his Lawyer, Guy McForeskin step up to the stage* From Guy McForeskin: "We are aware of the allegations that Jeffery Jibber is an alien, i can confirm that it is a lie! There is no proof of The Bus Jibber being an alien. We are disgusted by these allegations and take them very seriously." *One of Joe Biden's secret service agents walks on to the podium, he whispers something into his ear, what the media dosent know is that Jeffery Jibber is actually Joe Biden but in disguise.* "We were just told that this press conference is actually about Jeffery going into the draft, he is going to be number 1 overall. I was told by my buddy at the bar he is so i know he is. Jeffery Jibber is gonna go first overall. First off, it is a requirement in his contract that he must go first overall (no it is not) and if he doesn't we will sue the EFL! (no we will not)." From Jeffery Jibber: "Im just excited to play for an EFL team, but i am still a carpenter at heart, so no i will not quit my carpeting job, playing football is just a hobby to me, it really means nothing. With taht being asaid i do hope to go 1st overall, but if i dont i wont sweat it." That concludes Jeffery "The Bus" Jibber's draft declaration press conference. We just now learned about Jeffery Jibber being an alien, even though his lawyer, Guy McForeskin denies it, i wouldn't trust a guy named Guy or McForeskin so yeah. *Video of Jeffery Jibber being made into lab to transform from Joe Biden ended up being circulated, the FBI is investigating to see if the two people are the same person. It would be pretty funny if they were the same. Tune in soon to see what happens next!* 351 words
  10. 1. My season has been going alright 2.Good, but i wished he played better 3. I like it but i wish i had better weapons 4. I hate it when teams trade good players 5. 16-0 6. Eat food 7. I love the draft, only in sports tho 8. Jamarcus Russell 1. I dont know you tell me 2. The denver steam dosent exist 3.Water 4. Some dude boiled too much water to create a shit ton of steam
  11. 16-0 Me obviously i dont know i dont watch enough tape Me We are gonna win the championship Cheeseburgers 39 TDs I have to step up and play well Defense for sure Graphics are very fun articles no >:(
  12. Yeah, its nice to see Im not too sure, i think there are solme good teams out there. The steam It would be fullback Jupiter The beach Madden 06 My player dosent workout My Player is a school bus so no Free burgers for everyone! My player has no feelings About 3 beers and a few shots on a friday night
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