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  1. Nothing else works so heres the link
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  3. Player name: Jeffery Jibber Current player Tpe: 172 Combine TPE: 27 New total TPE: 199
  4. All Along the watchtower, it gets me hype We do a choreographed dance NO JaMarcus Russell The ravens lol Yeah he has a little kitty Yes, me "Have you payed your taxes?" DISNEY WORLD Yeah I only made my player for adrest Naked and afraid He drives a bus
  5. On this SportsCenter special.. we look back at Jeffery "The Bus" Jibber's historic season, from the decision, to possible Heisman award finalist. Jeffery is currently in jail for Tax Evasion, living in flordia he thought he didn't have to pay taxes, he mistaken the whole no income tax thing. He can only leave jail to play football since he means so much to the community. That's kind of ironic. To join me in this interview is his lawyer and lifelong friend, Guy McForeskin! Guy: Listen, Jeffery has never done anything wrong ever! He is wrongfully in jail! How was he supposed to know to
  6. Welcome to The Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio, in Jeffery Jibber's hometown. Im Guy McForeskin, reporter for ESPN. Soon I will interview him about his recruitment process since his team was taken over by cyborg robots. He will either choose from the Biscayne Bay Pirates, or the Lincoln Mammoths. He's the best quarterback transfer this offseason, and could make a huge difference with one of these teams. Welcome Jeffery "The Bus'' Jibber to the stage! *Here's when you clap* Guy McForeskin: Hey Jeff, how are you doing today? Jeffery "The Bus” Jibber:
  7. QB Jeffery "The Bus" Jibber will be transferring
  8. 1. It felt pretty good 2. I think we will do better because of more tpe 3. Our backs have been great this season 4. No lol 5. Winning some more 6. I think I could breakout 7. Pretty good 8. Nope 9. Yes when I there like 1/11 and 4 INTs lol 10. I am an actual bus 11. Yes, we're pretty bad lol 12. 86
  9. 1. Kinda sad 2. Horrible, like really bad. 3. Hmmmmmm, no. 4. Madden 5. Our quarterback sucks 6. Cut this QB and get a new one 7. In a few years, yes 8. Get through it 9. Paul McCartney 10. I eat a steak 11. Worst QB in the league 12. Cry
  10. Bus Jibber really sucks. Witch was the intention. Remember before he said that he was gonna be the worst quarterback in the whole wide world, I think in his high school summary or something. Bus Jibber just refuses to throw the ball. He had a meltdown on the sideline because coach adrest told him to throw the ball. But he doesn't want to throw the ball. The Bus Jibber does what he wants to do, if he has to do something, he will cry. Boo hoo whaa whaa. You're telling me a person who was on My 600 pound life about a month a go is not good at being a quarterback? Come on man... Lets take a look a
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