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  1. Finally got the right reaction
  2. So I’d just like to take a moment to address some things if people don’t mind. My first point I’d like to address is my lack of activity on forums and updating Leroy Leroy v2 now and again. So starting the league I started out IA not really engaging much but once I found out more and met people like tac and flex I really wanted to be apart of the league more. So I started updating and I tried to become a AAD at first the answer was no by no surprise I had done hardly anything to that point but after I started claiming affiliate and doing more in sim threads omd said I could meaning I could even earn 12 easier now. After a while I talked with omd and we decided I would take over Roswell when we stepped down. So I did and that’s where it leads to last season when the lack of updates started again. So as most of you know I play HS sports and I am a busy guy outside of the EFL and sim leagues. I was earning well through when I had the injury with the ribs and a lot of extra time but soon after that I got back to a tight football schedule and school. I had felt I had a lot of time until I was healed and in school. Then games started on Fridays again which was sometimes my day to do tasks like this and be able to do things. I really am missing writing articles and making graphics from time to time but I really just never have time for it anymore or I would be able to do that more often. Most days I’m not home until 8:15-8:45 and somedays it’s a lot later than that. I’ll use this past Tuesday as an example we had a scrimmage an hour away and then went to a pizza place after which was cool and a lot of fun but it put me home around midnight that night. And I will say I was thinking about not doing as many sim leagues but idk which ones to even cut out because I love all of you so much. I’ll likely just “cut out” vhl and claim welfare there. And I was not going to do discord for a few weeks to see how it went but the one week in the summer where I wasn’t on was terrible and you are all so nice to be and I just appreciate each and everyone of you. So I’m really going to try to update here more and I am lucky enough to be able to support the league with my own money this season and I bought the season pass which I know I said I’ll never donate but I already broke that 2 times anyway and I never really meant that i know the work tac, omg, flex, omd, aw, lefty, etc. I’d just like to say thank you for letting me rant about my lack of activity and thank you for reading short Summary: I have been very busy irl with sports school and other personal things and I haven’t had much time to be updating lately but I really hope in the near future I can mentions: @TacticalHammer @MMFLEX and @oilmandan and. A lot of bod but I’m not tagging each and every one
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