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  1. I have said this before, this month has been busy, and I am trying to fit a media week task in here. For all of those new players joining this season, some will be workhorse running backs archetypes. Workhorse Backs This archetype for running backs is definitely and interesting one. They are much harder to come by in the ECFA, and they are built differently than traditional backs. These backs are burly and more bulky than the others, so strength is much more important. They specialize in bulldozing through the defense rather than try to evade it. Don't forget speed though if
  2. This month has been quite busy. I am planning to try to put an entry possibly next week.
  3. Hello @ChefCook33 1. Which teams are you hoping to get drafted too? 2. How do you rate Moore's performance this year? 3. In the forums, you make yourself look like an EFL veteran considering I have been in the forums longer than you have. What drives your enthusiasm? 4. How did you like your tenure with the Wraiths? 5. What's next for Moore? 6. What are your thoughts on the outcome of the team this year?
  4. 1. I would grade D'Angelo an A, as he is in contention for Dpoty. Alexander got a not to shabby (for a rookie) 772 yards, which i would rate a B+. 2. I would say when I boasted 250 yards or something in one game with Alexander Rivers. 3. I don't know, but with the software used for sims, it might be possible to record the gotw live with the actual animations of the players. 4. Do not be afraid to ask questions.
  5. 1. Actually just by googling, I just stumbled by this site. I was curious and checked it out. 2. Great community. Much better than I would have thought. 3. To get a championship or at least a finals appearance (I am already in the EFL) 4. Definitely an QB (non filler)
  6. Its gameday!! A little late because I just came back home a little while. Lets keep Trenton at bay and lets score some points and show a great first impression. Inspire Fear!! Comment on the thread to earn one TPE for sim attendance. @NotSoGood88 @ChefCook33 @Z16 @NYJKing@TheCheese
  7. It would be nice if there were more pcs so I don't have to go all the way back to april to do one. Anyways 1. Definitely not. Politics can get ugly. 2. No. I forgot it happened. 3. Probably climate change since whole countries could be underwater otherwise. 4. Yes I like going outdoors, mostly to learn skateboarding and to bike. 5. It was back in middle school. Nice chill weather. 6. Hmm. That tree would look like a redwood, very tall tree. 7. I definitely experienced this when on a pass heavy Wraiths and to an extent I am experiencing this now on a three back team. Howeve
  8. As a new player not as familiar with football or just creating a new player. It is helpful to know how to build those players in the long run. The most important predictor in your players' success other than TPE is your build. Build differ between positions and even within positions. It is important to keep in mind the archetype of your player. I did not do that until i uncapped, which explains why I had a lousy freshman and sophomore years. I want to help those not make the same mistake. So let's get into it. This article will focus on scat running backs. I will post more guides specifically
  9. Answer this PC for an easy 2 TPE. 1. Anything you are excited for draft wise. The draft should be starting any time now. 2. Your thoughts on the new AAD. 3. How is our team looking so far? 4. When do you think we will restore contention status. 5. What position do we need to sign to elevate our game. 6. Anything else you are looking forward to?
  10. Another PC? 1. Did you expect the Wraiths to beat Trenton. 2. If we could have done something better that game, what would it have been. 3. Reaction to our loss to Manchester. 4. Is it the run defense that stopped us? 5. Reactions to the season so far. 6. What if Maxwell didn't go inactive. 7. Many legends have been made through the Wraith's franchise. Taylor, Maxwell (if he didn't go inactive), Meyer, Dede, Cole IV, and now Rivers. Who will be the next Wraith's legend. 8. Passing or Rushing. Why? 9. Where do you think Rivers will end
  11. Well when a back is stronger than most defensive players in the league, if the defense does not having strong players they will just get eaten alive. Once you a strong defense, well rushing does not work. The problem with the ECFA is that defense focuses more on speed and not as much on strength. Good article though. Its amazing how backs forget about the importance of strength.
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