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  1. Wait is it just me or did the sim time change?
  2. I kinda want HCF to win because Trenton destroyed us.
  3. Hmm who should I cheer for Trenton or Hades Creek?
  4. On the bright side we put up a good fight. Wasn't like the game before.
  5. This year, the teams that made the playoffs are the Rangers, the Wraiths, the Pirates, the Generals, the Encounter, the Phalanx, the Carnage, and the Mammoths. I promised I would write the second half of my last article, but since it is media week, you know what I had to do. In the first round, the matchups were Wraiths v Encounter, Generals v Carnage, Pirates v Mammoths, and Phalanx v Rangers. Wraiths vs Encounter was a very defensive heavy game, as the Encounter is one of the best defensive teams in the league where the main scoring was done through kicking. The Wraiths ended up winning, bu
  6. It isn't easy but it is possible.
  7. Wraiths for the bronze !!!
  8. Now that the regular season is coming to a close, we shall look back at all of the EFCA team's performance in the regular season. First we wall start with the Sacremento Venom. The venom are currently fourth in the hero's conference, off one win from playoff contention with 4 wins and 11 losses. The team is eighth in the league in passing yards, ninth in rushing yards, eighth in receiving yards, and the ninth best defense in the league. It is apparently from these stats that the Venom are not a stellar team at anything and they are more of a mediocre team. When the team can improve any on
  9. cmon wraiths we can win this.
  10. yes. but we always act like we are going against the best team in the league.
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