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  1. Wide Receivers Receivers are obviously a crucial part to offenses with a good QB, as these are the soldiers for a teams' passing game. Many WR are also RB and vise versa, so when creating one of these positions, you do not have to be strictly WR. There are three archetypes for receivers, which are deep threat, possession, and red-zone. This article specifically will start with deep threat wide receivers. Deep Threat Receivers When thinking about plays involving deep passes across the field, the receivers catching the ball are often deep threat receivers, as the name suggests. These receivers are usually speedy small receivers, under 6 foot, with agility to get open across the field for a catch. Attributes these receivers must have are speed, agility and hands, and these receivers. Some classic examples of deep threat WRs (NFL) are Stephon Diggs and DK Metcalf Here are the most important attributes for these receivers, 1. Speed 2. Hands 3. Agility It is important to note that all of these attributes are crucial for these receivers, but speed is undoubtedly the most important aspect in not just this archetype for receivers, or receivers in general, but for the whole league offensively (except kickers), so make sure that attribute is high since most players prioritize this attribute. Hands are obviously important as a receiver needs to be able to catch, and agility is very useful for getting around the defense. If you are planning to do a flex between scat and deep threat, agility and hands should be around equal importance and speed is even more important. As I said SPEED SPEED SPEED. Now if you are looking for an ECFA example of deep threat receivers, @carnation199's Deonte Carter is a good example of what to build towards. This receivers illustrates my point, prioritizing speed (75), then hands (66) followed by agility (53) (as of this article). An EFL deep threat receiver build example is @CowboyinAmerica's Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfin (probably can't spell). His speed is 99, his agility is 97, and his hands attribute is 90 (because of the cap). He also upgraded his strength attribute to his cap (80), so he could function as a WR and RB for those looking for a flex type build. I have mentioned some caps already, but just so you know, the caps for this archetype are on hands (90) and strength (80). So what does this mean? If you are trying to create a wide receiver that catches passing attempts or want more receptions, then choosing a possession WR would make more sense. For those wanting to make wide receivers with lots of touchdowns, many times deep threats aren't the best archetype for you, but being a deep threat receivers can help gain popularity with the crowds and help execute more impressive passing plays. These receivers are a great pair for many gunslinger quarterbacks. Hope this helps you create some receivers. Next I'll talk about possession wide receivers, so stay tuned if you want to learn about that.
  2. 1. I am kinda tired of them always winning to be honest. 2. Possibly 3. To be totally honest, I think the brigade have the coolest logo. I can't explain why though. 4. Well, Alexander Rivers is technically supposed to play RB, but when you have a team full of RB that have barely any catching ability, and your rating is 65, then you need to play WR to support your team. So the question is easy for me, RB. 5. United States, specifically Washington D.C 6. Why not London? It seems cool there. 7. Minecraft the GOAT. 8. No. He is much more private and streaming could become a distraction. 9. TikTok, because the Chineese gov't spying on me is cool. 10. Recruit obviously. 11. Hmm. I want to be just another name on a good team because I want a championship or close to it. 12. More water than food.
  3. Second game of the season guys. Are competition won't be easy, but winning is still doable. Let's scare the gorilla's away, and get the win. Comment below to earn an easy 1 TPE. @Z16 @TheCheese @Cornholio @NYJKing @ShanePaige (I may or may not be pinging fillers or inactives)
  4. Quarterbacks Others may disagree, but the quarterback is what I argue undoubtedly the most important position in American Football. Otherwise known as the coach on the field, these players lead and control the offense for the team. Therefore, quarterbacks are highly valued, built around in pro teams, drafted earlier, and have a greater impact to the team usually than other positions. If you value success and possibly fame for your player as well as stats, a quarterback would be great to create. To help you out, over the spread of this month, I'll be writing about the three archetypes of quarterbacks. The three archetypes, are pocket passer, field general, and gunslinger (there is dual threat, but sadly that is only ECFA). It much harder to theoretically distinguish between this archetypes as they all have a great deal in common. When creating a quarterback, while choosing an archetype, it is more important to look at the TPE caps. Since the archetypes are relatively similar, I'll just run through each archetypes caps and attributes to prioritize. Before I start, one thing to note is that all QBs (excluding dual-threat) have a cap of 80 on speed, so essentially in the EFL you can not create insanely fast Lamar Jackson type quarterbacks. In terms of height, you want your QB to be at least 6'0, likely taller, when creating. Pocket Passers For pocket passers, the accuracy is capped at 90. This means pocket passers can often pass long and short, and can be very smart as well. When you think of pocket passers, think Tom Brady, although you can build your quarterback to move around more than him. The most important attributes ranked I think for these quarterbacks are, 1. Arm 2. Accuracy 3. Intelligence Field Generals Field generals are the smartest of the quarterbacks, making the smarter plays and less interceptions compared to the other backs. Their arm power attribute is capped at 90, but these backs can have extremely high accuracy when passing short range. Many quarterbacks can be thought of us field generals, but a classic example is Drew Brees. Here are your attributes ranked 1. Accuracy 2. Intelligence 3. Arm. Gunslingers You know of those quarterbacks that seem to chuck shots 40 yards down the field and somehow connect with the wide receiver. Those are your classic gunslinger quarterbacks. These snipers can pass some short range, but specialize in long range passes. If you are creating a gunslinger, when looking for a potential ECFA team, choose a team with deep-threat archetype wide receivers as these guys will maximize your stats and team success. Anyways, the capped attribute here is intelligence, so you may see more interceptions. Patrick Mahomes and Kyler Murray are classic examples of gunslinger QBs in the NFL. Anyways, here are attributes ranked 1. Accuracy 2. Arm 3. Intelligence I have below build examples for each archetype in the ECFA, attributes at the time of this article's creation. Unfortunately, I could not find any examples for pocket passers for the ECFA, so I'll give you @Nepto's quarterback as an EFL build example. (95 Arm, 90 Accuracy, 98 Intelligence) @LittleRiDog's field general QB. (68 arm, 74 accuracy, 74 intelligence) @lukechezzwoo's gunslinger QB. (66 arm, 75 accuracy, 77 intelligence) Hope this helped with your QB creation. Next, I'll talk about wide receivers.
  5. 1. The EFL is fine. However, as more members join, I could see the potential for this league to be one of the big dogs when compared to other sim leagues. 2. I say not just Reddit recruiting, but make this league appear higher in google search hierarchies when talking fantasy football or fantasy leagues or my player. I found this league through searching, not Reddit recruiting. Some potential recruits don't use Reddit so discord is another great way to recruit folks. 3. I think earning TPE is about just right. 4. Definitely get more members, and subsequently teams, which obviously means recruiting is key. 5. If you guys could make live sims with graphical images of players actually playing the game, that would be so lit (kinda like NBA2k). 6. I did not see that. I have not attended one, so I don't know.
  6. 1. Probably Scythe. Don't know why. Just being bold. 2. My favorite color is blue, which happens to be the Frenzy team color. However, none are correlated. 3. I do not know many songs that means tough times. 4. The first iPhone came out. Hurricane Katrina was hitting. 5. Chicago because it is a big city and has a cool vibe. 6. Not any time in the future. Coaches understand the pressure and struggles players go through that robots do not. 7. Im in it until I can no longer play well and have an impact. 8. I would play WR because I can honestly play both well. 9. Probably waiting until three weeks into the season to play. 10. I wish I was more bold in my freshman and sophomore years at the Wraiths 11. I would domesticate frogs because they are cool and they serve as pest control. 12. Be bold.
  7. Here is the last archetype for a running back. One-Cut Backs There are three builds for running backs. Those reading the manual so far have seen some archetypes on running backs, but must I be forgetting one? Yes, it is the one-cut running back archetype, and in my opinion, the most flexible build for a back. Now you may ask why I decided to talk about this build last for the backs. The one-cut back is a versatile build, and for new players creating not sure which running back archetype to pick, go with one-cut. One-cuts are a combo between workhorse backs and scat backs. You can honestly build whatever you want with this archetype, but if you have a more specific play style in mind, it is better to look at the other two archetypes. However, if you want to be a combo of strength, agility, and speed, one-cut is your go to archetype. If you want a height, go for in between 5'8 and 6'1, depending on how you want to build your player in the future. A real life example of a strict one-cut back is Josh Jacobs, but you can build your player towards the speed of Alvin Kamara, or the strength of Derrick Henry, its your choice, and you choose throughout your career. So here are the three most important attributes for the majority of one-cut running backs 1. Speed 2. Agility 3. Strength For a more loose requirement, speed should always be number one, but agility and strength can be switch depending on what you want your player to look like. If you want to lean towards a scat build, agility should be second priority, whereas strength should be the second priority for more muscular backs. You might want your back to be a flex (RB/WR), so you might need to add hands over strength. Now for some examples. For those wanting a picture of their build in the final year of ECFA (beginning) here are some examples. If you are looking to build your one-cut closer to a scat, check out @zekethatbeast25's Might Guy (good name by the way). As of this article, he has 85 speed 70 agility, and 50 hands. If you ignore his strength, he is a versatile player. Notice how he prioritizes speed much more than the other attributes, and puts a significant amount of points into agility and hands For a more flex based RB, @HuddleHussy's Ellektra Empire is a great example (my GM by the way). She still prioritizes speed (82), but compared to Guy, she has better catching (60) and has less agility (59). Her build much more easily allows her to switch between RB and WR compared to Might Guy. Now for those wanting to build a burly back, and example from the EFL is my RB, Alexander Rivers. He is a second year player, with decent speed as a back (90), great strength (75), and some TPE invested in hands and agility (65 and 70 respectively). As a very versatile back, Rivers dominated in the ECFA, holding multiple ECFA records (keep in mind, records could change). Now for the TPE caps, strength is capped at 80 and hands are capped at 90. Hope this helps you build your one-cut running back. These are my entries on running backs. Next I will focus on QB archetypes. See ya.
  8. I have said this before, this month has been busy, and I am trying to fit a media week task in here. For all of those new players joining this season, some will be workhorse running backs archetypes. Workhorse Backs This archetype for running backs is definitely and interesting one. They are much harder to come by in the ECFA, and they are built differently than traditional backs. These backs are burly and more bulky than the others, so strength is much more important. They specialize in bulldozing through the defense rather than try to evade it. Don't forget speed though if you are building one, as it is still the most important attribute for most positions, backs included. These backs are usually taller, over 6 foot, and much heavier as well. Real life examples of workhorse running backs are Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb. If you watch their playstyle, they are aggressive bold backs that destroy the defense. The three most important attributes for workhorse running backs (ranked) are 1. Speed 2. Strength 3. Agility Another important note I had to reiterate, speed is very important, but do not forget strength. A great example of a workhorse build (ECFA) is @MMFLEX's Eden Empire II. If I understand correctly, he is a filler, but he has the overall idea. He prioritizes his speed (77), but obviously does not forget about his strength (65). He might have not applied some extra TPE for this next season. This demonstrates my point, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT STRENGTH. Scats have this luxury but workhorse backs don't. His filler is part of the current champion, the Manchester Lookout. An example of a more well rounded workhorse (EFL) back is @Leathlord's Schitt Brickhouse. He currently on regression, but his build is a great. He clearly does not forget about his strength, at 85, around the level of his speed. As you can see, his speed is a priority, but his agility and strength are as good as his speed. He also is a great catcher, which can allow him to operate as a decent WR. In the ECFA, you will likely not have as much TPE, so your build will not be as well rounded as his is, but have this as an end goal. If you are considering the possibility of creating a workhorse running back, keep in mind the attribute caps. For workhorse running backs, hands is capped at 80, and speed is capped at a 90. However, strength is uncapped. If you are trying to create a back that is the fastest of his class, opt for a scat or one-cut back. However, if you want your back to beat a physical beast with unlimited strength (capped at 99), create a workhorse back, as one-cut and scat backs have capped strength attributes. Hope you found this guide useful for creating and updating workhorse backs. Next I am planning to write an article on one-cut backs. This might not come next week, but I am hoping to get it in early August. Hope you enjoyed.
  9. This month has been quite busy. I am planning to try to put an entry possibly next week.
  10. Hello @ChefCook33 1. Which teams are you hoping to get drafted too? 2. How do you rate Moore's performance this year? 3. In the forums, you make yourself look like an EFL veteran considering I have been in the forums longer than you have. What drives your enthusiasm? 4. How did you like your tenure with the Wraiths? 5. What's next for Moore? 6. What are your thoughts on the outcome of the team this year?
  11. 1. I would grade D'Angelo an A, as he is in contention for Dpoty. Alexander got a not to shabby (for a rookie) 772 yards, which i would rate a B+. 2. I would say when I boasted 250 yards or something in one game with Alexander Rivers. 3. I don't know, but with the software used for sims, it might be possible to record the gotw live with the actual animations of the players. 4. Do not be afraid to ask questions.
  12. 1. Actually just by googling, I just stumbled by this site. I was curious and checked it out. 2. Great community. Much better than I would have thought. 3. To get a championship or at least a finals appearance (I am already in the EFL) 4. Definitely an QB (non filler)
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