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  1. Jake Obermueller is going to be playing his first full season as a starting tight end in the ECFA for the Manchester Lookout after playing 2 games last season as a backup to Rantanelli who has entered the draft and was one of the better players on the Lookout. Obermueller should be a good transition as he can be a good pass catcher as well just like Rantanelli was and he is a very fast tight end with good hands as well. He will need to gain some strength and blocking ability as well but right now he is working on his other physical parts of his game. We have to look back to his high school car
  2. The Heroes conference found a champion and that is of course the Trenton Generals who beat the Savage City Wraiths 24-7 on Monday to capture the conference title and make it into the championship game against Hades Creek. I want to try and use the box score and the presentation to give out more than stats and hopefully paint a picture of the game as it happened. I don't know how this will be but I think it is a neat idea. The 1st Quarter...The game was in Trenton, NJ and the fans were crazy as the ECFA's closest team to New York City draws a large crowd of crazy New Yorkers along w
  3. I don't know who to cheer for here but I think the Pirates will win!
  4. time for lookout to beat the growlers in the up and comers bowl final
  5. excited to already play in a bowl game being 0-16 lol. we need a win this year
  6. this game was not very close. kraken will be a tough out
  7. This is pretty hard because I am so new to this but so far the EFL has been terrific and I imagine it will be a lot of fun when my players get to play a full season for my Manchester team. I stumbled upon this when I saw a post on reddit in the Arizona Cardinals' subreddit about a week ago I think...all the days mesh together nowadays with working from home and covid and stuff. Anyways...I have always loved sports and always loved football and baseball specifically so getting a chance to make a football player and play out a career sounded like a really fun time. The amount of semi realism in
  8. I am glad someone gave me this idea for a ranking and happy they told me I could do a ranking as I was thinking I could rank the logos because when i joined the site, it was the first thing I really noticed and I really enjoy these logos. There are both the EFL and the ECFA logos but that is like 24 teams and I don't want to do that many right now...maybe later...but I will just do the ECFA ones right now and start with 12. 12: Growlers This one I think was easy for me as the last place one because I think the bottle that the paw is holding is unnecessary. I think
  9. Jake and Josh Obermueller travelled all the way from their homes in Phoenix, Arizona and arrived soon after in their new home of Manchester, New Hampshire and have already played in the last 2 games for the Lookout team. For a couple of brothers that have not spent a lot of time outside of their home state of Arizona and have not spent a lot of time outside of Maricopa county as a whole, it is a big change moving over 2 thousand miles away to spend their college days. The Obermueller family is a close family and the family of seven is all about football and their parents and sisters are Jake a
  10. I dont know who Josh and Jake would be fans of being from Arizona. Maybe San Antonio or Los Angeles? Cool having first comment thoug!
  11. no catches in 2 games for poor Jake O. Josh O. with some stats. 0-16, only one way up
  12. wow almost a big upset of a 12-1 team! these are exciting!
  13. I said this on the other one but I love all the logos. It sticks out to me. I really like the Skyhawks one.
  14. i dont know anything here but I said in chat earlier I really enjoy these logos. very cool.
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