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  1. Andy Mineo's Clarity The birth of my son! Had a kid, lol Sitcom? Hmmm, probably Roseanne. Probably Dan or DJ Helping more people know and love Jesus Nothing, I'm not much for compliments A solid rock As a dedicated person who cares a lot for others, often more than for myself.
  2. Kessel Starts Streaming Career Well, everyone else is doing it. Phil Kessel, the newest player for the Seattle Predators is finding himself pulled in the direction of streaming. At first it was just a few minutes each day of Kessel saying hello to his fans and supporters. Then, after a few suggestions, Kessel started streaming himself eating hot dogs, and then cooking food. Now, because he's trying to watch his weight he's decided to move away from the food streaming and toward something else. Kessel has now started streaming himself playing video games. Wow, how original! Recently, he's found himself playing Elden Ring. Of course, he dies rather quickly and people seem to really like watching him get overly frustrated whenever he dies. But, at the end of the day, fans are feeling closer to one of their favorite players and he's bringing some good attention to the currently 0-3 Predators. While Kessel may be frustrated by the enemies in Elden Ring, nothing compares to his frustration with his team's performance. He's hopeful though that things will turn around and that the team can start performing at its max potential. But, at the end of the day, if football doesn't work out, Kessel will have a solid streaming career. Alongside competative hot dog eating, of course.
  3. I'd rent a cabin and spend time in the woods. Not paying my taxes! I haven't seen anyone quit or be fired, so I'm not sure. Tax evasion. Well it seems like mullets. Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler. Though, both have played a few characters not normal to them. Well, I can't take anything with me from this world to heaven. So, nothing. I hid in my buddy's trunk as he and his girlfriend were headed to the mall for a date. Halfway there I lowered the back seat and surprised his girlfriend. He was in on it, she was unaware. Needless to say, I was the 3rd wheel on their date. My wife
  4. Leonidas On Kicking Balls King Leonidas, arguably one of the best kickers the EFL has ever seen, did not always want to kick balls. In fact, when he was a child his only dream was to die on the battle field as a Spartan, much like his father. As a small child in Greece, Leonidas had to endure harsh weather, harsh conditions, and the constant threat of death by either wild animals or ravaging armies and bandits. His childhood was one of survival, of overcoming the odds, and of learning how to lead. Then, the unthinkable happened. He was thrown off a cliff by Xerxes and woke up in the 21st century. After Leonidas explained this for the 300th time, and still people don't believe him, he was asked, "Why are you a kicker?" "I never really wanted to do this. My coach basically saw me punt a kids head in while in class and he made sure I found my way onto the field. I would love a position where I got to hit more people, of course, but I am good at what I do, and it's helped me along, so I'm not upset or sad to be here. I think I'll end up kicking balls for the rest of my career. Once I'm done I hope to return to Greece to lead an army again. I need to find Xerxes descendants and show them who the real winner is."
  5. To many people poutine is a pretty weird food combo. I love it. That every addict is a worthless criminal. I've never tried alligator. lol taxes. I have to pay income taxes, and then taxes when buying things, and taxes for... Chaotic to the core. A lot of sarcasm. I've been to Uganda, specifically on an island surrounded by water that had a microorganism that attacked your liver, so you couldn't touch the water. Normally I don't really keep up, but given the whole Ukraine situation I've been watching a lot of BBC World News. Obvious lying. I have two. Avatar (the blue people) and A Quiet Place
  6. Kessel Packs His Bags Over the last few days Phil Kessel, a linebacker in the Elite Football League, has been posting cryptic images and statements on Twitter. The first Tweet simply said, “I finally bought some new bags.” Of course, no one knew what he meant by this. Could he really have simply meant that he actually bought new bags? If so, who would care enough? Well, then a few days later Kessel shared an image of the bags on the ground with an EFL-style jersey sticking out, with his old jersey for the Kraken sticking out of a trash can in the background. Of course, speculations came about and people began responding, “Wait, what’s happening? Are you leaving? Who are you going to play for?” Some fans even thought the new jersey was actually a hockey sweater and that Kessel was making a return to the NHL. However, it finally came to light that Kessel’s team, whom he had been unhappy with, was folding. He was on a list to be dispersed and he found himself being picked up by the Seattle Predators. Kessel broke the news on Twitter with an image of him in a Predators jersey and, of course, a hot dog in hand.
  7. I did a front flip in a parking lot and broke my collar bone. Mr. Magoo Best = my glasses. Worst = too many to count here lol I think I'd go with Shrek. Why? Because, Shrek is love. "Wow, you're so good at being poor!" I once forgot to cut the salt in half and it tasted awful. The slap chop thing. Because that dude was freaky lol I don't think any of my teachers did crazy things. Ha! Never, it always comes back to bite me in the butt!
  8. It really isn’t much of a secret that Kessel was frustrated over the last couple of seasons in New Orleans. Last season New Orleans had one of the worst EFL records, winning only 3 games and losing 13. Kessel, being a champion both in the NHL and in the ECFA was finding himself more and more frustrated by the losing ways of the Kraken. However, it wasn’t something that ultimately surprised Kessel. He’s been in the professional sports industry long enough to know what it meant when a player was drafted 1st overall. In the S28 Draft, Phil Kessel was named as the 1st overall pick for the New Orleans Kraken. Of course, Phil and his friends and family were all incredibly excited. Up to this point most people thought that he wouldn’t do well in professional football, mostly due to his age and physique. But, Kessel continued to prove people wrong and clearly was a valued asset. He was someone that teams wanted, and Kessel loved that feeling. When he first stepped onto the field for the Kraken he felt an unending level of energy surge through him, he was happy to be where he was. However, that excitement soon faded away as he saw the talent on the field. It seemed like nothing was coming together, and Kessel grew increasingly frustrated, at one point saying, “I’m tired of being the only person on the team who seems to even care.” However, after several promises were made to Kessel regarding the state of the team, he decided to stick around to try and help, and to be a veteran presence on the team. But, as one can tell by last season’s record, those promises were hollow. Kessel got to a point where he didn’t really care. He grew tired of being the strength of the team, and wanted a break from it all. His practice attendance slipped, his work on the field depreciated, and his drive slowed down. Despite that, his season numbers were impressive. 147 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 8 pass deflections, these were great numbers. However, they were not great numbers for a veteran player who was drafted 1st overall. It got to the point where Kessel even considered retirement. Maybe it was time to hang up the pads? But, then the news came out. The EFL was dissolving the Kraken franchise and Kessel would enter the dispersion draft. Maybe, just maybe, this was the change that Kessel needed. With the third selection of the S33 Dispersal Draft, the Seattle Predators selected Kessel. Immediately upon arrival, Kessel was met by an eager staff and an excited management. The atmosphere, to Kessel, seemed so much better. Now, the Predators still have their work cut out for them as they only went 8-8 in S32, but Kessel has a feeling that he will add to the team. The youthful excitement he had at one point has made a big return, a breath of fresh air has entered his lungs. It seems that, for now, the talks of retirement have simmered down. Only time will tell.
  9. When I joined into the sim league world I never expected to do more than one. I came into the VHL back in October of 2020 and fell in love with the entire concept of sim league. It was thrilling to make my player, watch their career, and see how doing different tasks helped me gain TPE. I’m currently earning my Master’s degree, and I found myself sitting in the library after class making graphics, coming up with media spot ideas, and just talking with people in the league. Eventually, this led to me joining the EFL, then SBA, and finally PBE. I was incredibly active in all of them. But, I quickly realized that this was too much for me. Between hockey, baseball, football, and basketball I disliked basketball the most. After 1 season in the SBA I left, which I don’t regret at all. Up to that point I was still very active in EFL, SBA, and PBE. Once that concluded, life changed pretty dramatically. My wife and I discovered that she was pregnant, which was incredibly exciting. On top of that, we were gearing up to move back to Pennsylvania and I was going to be starting a new job at a new church. This was a full-time position at a much larger church in a larger town, meaning there is a lot to do. Not only was I starting this new role but I just recently finished my 2nd to last semester of my 96 credit Master’s degree. So, the last few months have been chaotic, busy, and a whirlwind. Now, as I type this, my wife is at 39 weeks pregnant, and I still remain fairly active in VHL and PBE. However, my activity in the EFL has slipped quite a bit. Frankly, it’s due to time and priorities. Hockey and baseball are my two favorite sports, so I don’t see my activity in either realm slipping, but with the addition of a baby here pretty soon, I don’t see myself getting more active in the EFL. Really, the only reason I still check in every once in a while is because as a GM in the VHL I know how frustrating it can be for a player to go inactive. I don’t want to do that to my GMs. Well, what does all of this mean? It means that as along as I keep doing tasks in VHL and can claim at least the affiliate TPE, I’ll likely do that. When there are weeks where I have a free week, like this week, I’ll try to write something up, but it won’t be my priority. In the long run, I don’t see myself recreating after Leonidas and Kessel retire. It has nothing to do with the EFL organization, any issues, or a dislike for the league. It has everything to do with priorities. I’d rather be heavily involved in one or two leagues than to be slightly involved in many. But, who knows, maybe after my son arrives any day now I’ll get used to it and find myself wanting to dive head first into EFL again, though I doubt it. Thanks for giving this a read. Also, great job Leonidas on another championship! 540 words
  10. Let's see if Leonidas will continue his legacy!
  11. It should come as no surprise to the EFL and the fans of such a fine league that players are often finding themselves doing various activities for the communities around where their teams are located. Players will sometimes even host initiatives, fundraisers, and camps for people all around. One player, a linebacker for the New Orleans Kraken has decided to host a rather unique community outreach event. Kraken’s linebacker, Phil Kessel has decided to host something he is calling “Phil’s Halloween Hotdog Hoedown.” And, yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds. Knowing that the New Orleans community struggles with numerous storms and other natural disasters, Kessel wanted to give back to the community while doing something that he loved. Kessel, the oldest Kraken, combined his two greatest loves, hot dogs and hoedowns. He said, “Ever since I was a kid, I have loved a good ‘ol fashioned hoedown. People getting together, drinking up, dancing together. It’s a great time and no one has ever hated it. It’s even better when you get a guy name Toothless Billy to come and strum on the banjo alongside Four-fingered Freddy to kill it on mandolin. You throw something like that together, with the greatest food group to ever exist, and you’ve got yourself a good time. That’s what I’m hoping for with the Phil’s Halloween Hotdog Hoedown. Now, I know kids love candy, but candy doesn’t beat a footlong dog.” While many believed that this event would attract only older people, Kessel’s younger fanbase has encouraged the youngest of kids to register for this event. It truly is a clashing together of multiple generations of people and of enjoyment. To date, over 2,000 people have registered for Phil’s Halloween Hotdog Hoedown, with most of them are under the age of 14. None of them are actually interested in the hoedown part, but all of them are interested in watching Kessel enjoy himself with hotdogs, dancing, and the music of Toothless Billy and Four-fingered Freddy. It’s been rumored that Phil is going to make an appearance, but not dressed as anything spooky. Kessel has planned to arrive to Phil’s Halloween Hotdog Hoedown dressed as, well, a hotdog. He bought an entire suit that looks like a hotdog, and the aging athlete seems to be so incredibly excited about wearing it. “You know, I’ve just always loved hotdogs. To me, they never get old and they really are the only thing I actually eat. So, not only is this event going to give back to the community, but it’s going to make sure that the hotdog industry stays strong during these difficult times. I’ve planned to buy all of the hotdogs myself, and for every one that I buy I’m getting two for myself. I mean, you should see my fridge and freezer at home. It’s stocked full of hotdogs. In fact, the fridge is stocked with them in the locker room. The guys know that before every game I guzzle down at least a dozen of them. All in all, this event is going to make everyone happy, especially me!”
  12. Reviews for Week Ending 23 Oct 2021 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/23060-area-40a/&do=findComment&comment=321026 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/23061-a-tale-of-twins/&do=findComment&comment=321030 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/23059-kapayaiyiara/&do=findComment&comment=321033
  13. This looks great! The only thing I'd suggest doing is a logo swap and maybe changing some of the colors around on the player's uniform. Other than that, well done!
  14. I like what you did here. The background matches the players uniforms nicely, and I'm assuming that both of these players are yours. I'm a fan of the duel players on one graphic, it's a nice touch.
  15. Well done! I like what you've done here. The only thing I really want to point out is the cutting of your render. I'd try to get it as close to the player as possible next time. Well done!
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