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  1. Jordan Baker is a star in the making, that is something you can quote me on and take to the bank! Forget having a famous dad, Jordan has been marked as a star ever since he picked up a football, who was the star and team captain of the Beverly Eagles. Let's not even get started on his weapons! WR Spencer James was a G at what he does, snagging the ball and running it in there for the score and with a CB like Asher Adams leading that defense, The Eagles could truly do no wrong with their loaded team. He was an all-american coming off his senior year, when he sustained an injury that sidelined him for a majority of his last High school year, but came roaring back to come and play for his teammates who were counting on him. Finishing with 429 yards and 5 touchdowns, and adding another touchdown on the ground, he showed scouts in the NFL and EFL what he is capable of. Finishing his HS career with 129 passing touchdowns, and only 22 interceptions is eye popping, but he also had a QBR of 120.7 and a completion rating of a whopping 75 percent. Jordan fought hard to get to where he is now, with starting the year out with a team full of disharmony, to just looking for apporval from his father, who rarley gave him praise and it got worse when Spencer moved in. But he was determined to suceed, his first game ever as the starting QB he went 21-27 for 380 yards and 4 touchdowns, showing that he could lead this once desperate team who needed a offensive spark, and some wins I may add, into a National Powerhouse, Now as an EFL recruit, he's got scouts and coaches alike drooling all over needing a Franchise QB, but in the end he chose the Anchorage Storm, A team in a win now situation, or a win or bust situation some might say, with a great team and a QB like Baker, I don't see why Ancorage can't be the #2 seed and maybe even challenge the Death Valley Rangers
  2. 1. They did great! both had playoff runs 2. AMAZING, we have 3 uncaps and have secured just about every position 3. Brigade I hope 4. Roswell, kobe is the goat 5. Savage City, hard rebuild for them 6. Ye we are reminded daily LMAO 7. They are the leader of the team, its pretty big 8. Maybe, though there are a lot of high powered offenses 9. No, again they be running up the score 10. True 11. Jamar Mackson, kid to watch 12. I hope Anchorage! Herd for EFL
  3. my discord is down, for future reference, contact me in forums
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    I will, but its nice to hear positive feedback for once
  5. CONGRATS BEAST still pissed off at u tho
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