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  1. Aw I love it thx
  2. 8. Trenton Generals. A decade of seasons ago, the Trenton Generals used to be one of the most feared franchises of all but now, they seem to be in a major slump, they have won 3 games in the last 2 seasons and coach BeastTakeover needed to step, but now he’s got a ahc he can lean on for recruiting who’s damn good at his job, so they may as well have some hope. 7. Biscayne Bay Pirates Another franchise who used to make other teams wet there pants have been slowly but surely decreasing in their win total, they used to be known around the league when other teams had to play them as a easy week, and at times they were, Kyle Lowry gives them a little hope and AW knows what he is doing, but they have got to step it up. 6. Savage City Wraiths Sadly, they not so scary now. Red panda on defense and yo mama at about might make a little something happen, but they struggle in youth and they don’t have a single player over 150 toe. Omd is also a good coach and Adonis leaving them last year did NOT help. They are going to have to find ways to win games, they missed the playoffs last year and may miss em again. 5. Roswell Encounter Well they are not at the bottom folks! Again a team that was really good a decade ago, but have been in a shadow ever since Roswell Great Kenny Khan left. But they are balanced and they did win some games last year, they have a great coach trying to do his best for them they have a really good running game, but if u wanna make the playoffs you have to have some type of passing attack. 4. Manchester Lookout Manchester continues to reload. MMFLEX can be argued as the greatest hc in the EFCA all time. They have got some fresh talent, and there quarterback is one of the best, who will be leaving next year sadly, ofc we still see the Lookout as a playoff as long as Flex is going to be coaching them. But they have got to have some better offense this year if they want to see another ring. 3. Hades Creek Phalanx NSG knows what he’s doing! He has several players at 199 tpe and a generational talent in Dusty Wilson. They have slowly but surely progressed and now they are really looking like the team to beat, I can see them fighting for a championship this year, the only thing is maybe start passing just a little bit to spread the offense, otherwise then that Hades Creek has the green light. 2. Death Valley Rangers Tac continues to have this time looking amazing. They have the best quarterback in the league in Issac Martin II and they are probably going to end up in the championship game once, even with Tac on vacation they are still going to be a really scary team to play. Will write article on Athens, number 1 on the list.
  3. Surrounded by his family, friends, and his annoying ass auntie lol, Joshua Jones declared for the Season 35 EFL Draft, his parents were so proud of him, because they knew his struggle. They knew his fight, and that fight had started at 2 years old fighting on a bed for his very life. He was diagnosed with ALL, a deadly type of leukemia and leukemia for the uneducated is cancer, he had to have treatment after treatment as his leukemia continued to relapse. He had 10% chance to live, but Young Buck josh wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, by age 8 things started looking up, he got his beautiful hair back after due to leukemia aka cancer he was made bald. He was back to being a normal kid, What was that experience like? One interviewer asked him. I wouldn’t get all the money in the world to go back. Cancer taught me to fight, and that same fight is what I use on the gridiron. I used to watch hours and hours of football in my bed, telling myself, if I got better, that’s where I would be, the EFL, and now look at me, a sure fire top 5 pick in the next upcoming draft. I couldn’t have done it without my family, my coach, or my teammates my greatest thanks ever goes to u. Who is your biggest competitor? A hairy reporter asked. Dogwood Maple, he stole OROTY, and is the reason why I don’t have another ring on my finger, I see him as a rival who eventually I will got toe to toe with in the EFL, we both have really good teams, and we both love to air it out, so we’ll see this season, I can’t wait to hear my name called on draft night. I went from almost dead at 2 to now bring a certified first rounder in a league I said I would be in a really long time ago. And now look at me, a draftee, almost makes me wanna cry. But hey now I’m here, watch out EFL.
  4. Humbling. That what Manchester QB Joshua Jones said when ask to describe his first season. Joshua first was a redshirt, and while he still won a ring, he himself did not see a single snap. It was tough to watch a filler do a job that he knew he could do better at, but he kept his mouth and tongue shut, knowing that his time was near. He knew that he had to keep working on his game in the offseason, and be ready to kick ass when the next season rolled around, so he did. He worked harder than anyone in the off-season. He came in having an uncapping TE he was fit to be his number one target, and use that target he’d did. Joshua had also wanted to win a league award, he didn’t, he finished 2nd in OROTY voting and even was nominated for QBOTY, something he was not expecting. The year was also humbling because Manchester didn’t make it back to the big game, destroying the chance of a back to back championship run, for a while he felt unworthy, but he knew he couldn’t just sulk around. He finished the regular season with 14 passing touchdowns and 8 passing interceptions something that he vowed to get better on. He even got a rushing touchdown. But that in Joshua’s eyes was not even close to the potential he knew he could be playing at. He OWES the Manchester his best and only his best for them giving him a chance when no other EFCA team would, THAT is a thing that also humbled him, he came in a big high school hotshot, and ended up a redshirt. But he can digress because the next szn he got some for all of the league, and the EFCA is gonna be in trouble. He know looks like he has even more reliable weapons thx to an amazing head coach in MMFLEX. Who is known for having great QB’s which is known for one of the reasons Joshua was drawn to them so watch out EFCA. Joshua is coming.
  5. @dogwoodmaple he stole orty from me why my guy. Why!
  6. The amazing Athens legacy continues. Congrats @ctots
  7. Sigh. May 22th. The day I give my school chromebook up. I would like to thank all of you for being so helpful and supporting of me. I was at a really low point last week and y'all helped me. Thank you. I could have decided to be active in the summer. But that got me in a lot of trouble irl. So I shall return for Lamar's and Joshua's senior year. Joshua is at 199 TPE AND Lamar at 176 next week. Pretty damn good. When the leaves begin to turn and the air gets crisp I shall return. Hasta Luego! -Youngbuck
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