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  1. 125 yards on 3 snags crazy. Career long of 74 yards
  2. I owe him one because that Blaze Carter shit he pulled. Right @Adrest245?
  3. Yes Skylar gonna be a beast. He really has been a surprise. I'm uncapping the same time ACE is in his last year. Very exciting.
  4. It's just for media and to piss off Adrest lmao
  5. Fun Fact: I have more TPE than all of them and entering my prime
  6. Reporter: Can you tell us why? Joshua: Man this shit is fucked. Here it is we win a ring and I then I'm getting ready to go to OTA's and my phone's blowing up cause LA signed HIM, shit is like a slap in the face. Like My Efforts matter tf. Like what? Won't be getting an OTA from me like tf. I left my first team to find myself and that didn't work. Then I turn to a big factor in a championship run and now this like wtf. I don't know man and I just signed a big extension like what. I'm not sitting up here bitching for a trade but that hasn't been ruled out of the question. If it aint broke why fix it? You know what? Fuck it its fine. There's teams like Toronto, Wisconsin, and San Fran that need WR's its cool man.
  7. that shit make no sense. Total! But thx Z
  8. An EFL Ultimate Pass Tends To Do That
  9. how much TPE can I get from buying ultimate pass? @Jetsqb101 @NotSoGood88 @oilmandan
  10. Come on Now Who Else would it be?
  11. Reporter: I'm back here with top prospect Skylar Wilson! Today we are going to ask him about his High School Expiernces and how he got to be the amazing QB and the young man that he is today. But enough about me, let's ask the man of the hour Skylar! Take it away! Skylar: Well, most of us don't really have the ability to be a great in the ECFA. But in HS, I sat on the bench all the time until I made it to my Senior year. Our QB got hurt in week one. I was the only other QB. So I took my shot and never looked back. I remember that game against Oak Ridge, when I threw 8 TDs. I was having the best time of my life. Reporter: And how did your teammates feel about having a new QB. You think they liked having you there? Skylar: I didn't get along with all of them I'll admit. But at the end of the day I'm still the QB and im still gonna be under center. But once they saw my talent, they started to buy and next thing you know it was like that problem wasn't even a thing. We all wanted to win Reporter: Tell me about the state championship u lost. Skylar..... Reporter: It's ok. Take your time Skylar: I felt like a failure after that game. We were on the goal line. We were going to win the game. I threw a pick. I. THREW. A PICK. and it's like, what was the entire season for? Like we worked really fucking hard for it and at the end of the day we didn't win is me? I spent a lot of time beating myself up about it. I had to realize that I'm human. Reporter: Tell us about the upcoming National Signing Day Skylar: Getting another 5 mil is great. Especially since I'm leaving and its my last year. But this is our year. No reason we don't get this one in the bag. Me, Thin, Aydin, Remaine, Egan, we all know what we are doing and at the end of the day we are gonna be holding that damn trophy. Yes siree bub.
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