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  1. 6. Attacus Reigns I'm sorry but what am I looking at? This once promising QB lasted only 7 games with the Phalanx. His play was nothing like what was expected. When you are a QB for a team. You need to be a shoulder to lean on. Especially in clutch moments. But let's at his stats shall we? What th- 2 TOUCHDOWNS. 6 PICKS. and a QBR of- oh lord, 44.6! Get this sheet out my face smh. Moving on! 5. Jamal Smith The Flashy Trenton QB is next. Although Trenton had a record of 8-6, they made the playoffs. They lost to the Carnage sadly, but I have a real feeling Trenton will back. Let's look at Smith shall we? He has to be better than the last one. Ok 17 TDs and 11 INTS. Pretty average for a QB but hey they made the PLayoffs so he did something right. He also has a QBR of 90.6. That's pretty good. Since Smith is in his last year, maybe we will see more. Let's keep our eyes peeled for Smith! 4. Venice Cruz Just because ya lead in passing yards doesn't make ya da best! Biscayne Bay is in a rebuild and they basically just but the ball in Cruz's hands. He had the most attempts and yards let's see touchdowns. Hmm. He has 21. That's not bad considering they only won 3 games. He needs to step up. How many pics? GOOD GOD 20. He not only loves to throw to his teammates, but to the other team too! He has to know the difference if he wants to go to the next level. QBR of 78.4 which is prolly because of all of those pics 3. Cromartie Jones I know what y'all are thinking. Why is the QB who rose the trophy 3rd! Well looking at his stats he was slightly behind his peers. No doubt he was a huge for the Carnage after getting out of that sticky situation with the Roswell Encounter. Let's see them stats stats shall we? 32 Touchdowns! Wow he was really slinging it! He had 13 Picks. He also had a QBR of 95. So although he may get MVP for Playoffs, in the regular szn he was slightly behing. But who knows? I could be wrong 2. Skylar Wilson I'm so sorry, You said that this is a FRESHMAN. I have it confirmed, this was his FRESHMAN YEAR. Good God man! Death Valley wasn't even really a compeitior and this dude shows up and they go 13-1! I order a drug test! He had the best arm, one of the best I've seen in the ECFA, 32 Touchdowns as well with only 12 Picks which puts his QBR at 98 to Jones's 95. This Kid is gonna be something special! The Rangers lost in the playoffs sadly but I have no doubt they will be back! 1. Dawson Zimmerman I cannot believe I recruited and Coached this guy before I retired to do media. You know what, this ranking doesn't do this guy any justice. Forget this, a 300 Word Article will be coming next week for him!
  2. Hello! I'm with S40 EFL Draftee, DVR Quarterback Skylar WIlson! Now Skylar, we have some questions for you! If u ever feel like a question is too much for you, you don't have to answer got it sugar? Skylar: Ye I got it. Hit me with the questions man. Let's get it! Reporter: So Skylar, how does it feel to be a somewhat zero to hero? I mean u were a freshman quarterback and now u have taken DVR to a 13-1 record and u have just of a chance as anyone else for the Quarterback Of The Year Prize! Skylar: Well it feels good knowing that. I have come from a lot of struggles and being able to go out there and lift my team up to heights they didn't see feels great. I don't consider myself a cocky person, but we are for sure going to the championship next year. Too much grit and want. We got robbed this year and next won't be a repeat. Reporter: So Why Death Valley? It's just so HOT there. You didn't want to go to a school wit AC? Skylar: I came to DVR for its history. They know how to win 'ships and I came for coach McWolf. I mean the man is a complete madman when it comes to creating plays. Madman in a good way by the way don't make me run laps coach lol. Those school may be big and have history, but my does too. I wouldn't trade them for the world. My teammates are so understanding and they don't drop the ball lol Reporter: Speaking of teammates, what of Remaine and Thin? How do u feel have them on your team. Happy? Sad? Are u just in a rush to leave? Skylar: Absoultely not. I'm not in a rush. I just feel its time. I grew up watching the EFL and I now have a chance to be on the TV screen. Thin and Remaine how I feel about them. They know that we are all on the same page. I can count of them and they can count on me if I ever need anything. I can throw either of them the ball and they are going to get it. Let's not forget Egan either, he is no one to look over. He is a beast. Reporter: Thanks for your time, best of luck Skylar!
  3. Empty, Maze and Flaws and Sins my top 3 on that one
  4. Juice Wrld was a hell of man. He came out and wasn't afraid to say shit. He talked about his feelings and didn't give a fuck who had a problem wit it. Imma rank his albulms. 4. Legends Never Die Now this is just my personal opinion. I mean, I like songs that make wanna jump out my damn chair and scream. Because of that my playlist is one for the ages. I liked Conversations and and Titantic. Life's a Mess and Fighting Demons was lit. and Come and Go had a hella real messgae talking about being a failure. 3. Death Race For Love This album always brings up emotions. This was the last one he dropped before he left this world. This talked about his emotions. And how sometimes he felt over the edge. Empty talked about how he felt his soul was empty. How he felt like things and sex couldn't quench the hurt that he was going through. Maze talked about his head felt scattered. How his demons was on and he couldn't shake them. Compared to his other its not as good but HeMotions, Who Shot Cupid, Flaws and Sins, Bandit, and Robbery all bopped. 2. Fighting Demons This had been out for a whole month and I didn't even know LOL. I thought Juice was done. But good LORD I'm glad he wasn't. This had some shit I could dance unashamed to! He talked about people wanting him dead and gone, and that he was already gone so don't trip. He talked about people feeling so alone that they felt no other emotion. That is one of the saddest things that can ever happen to a human being. Burn, Already Dead, Rockstar in his Prime, Wandrerd to LA, Go Hard 2.0, Not Enough, and others are much appreciated. AND NUMBER ONE ISSSSS 1. Goodbye and Good Riddance Come on now! His first was always gonna be his best! I feel like since he was alive, it was kinda easy to make sure that almost every song on here was fucking fire. Aside from Used To, I can play every song on here and not stop it. All Girls are the Same, which got him noticed, Lucid Dreams, Wasted, Black and White, Candles, Long Gone, End Of The Road, I'm Still, leading the charge with others also being bops to listen on ocassion. Try listening to 734. That shit was amazing. TBR (To Be Released) The Party Never Ends The last posthumous ablulm of this generational talent. He dropped the first two. I didn't like in my head but Face 2 Face spoke volumes. I suffer from severe depression and sometimes am terriorized in my dreams. So now I just belt out Face 2 Face whenever it happenes. Juice was a rebel. His freestyle was second to none as well as his ability to speak to people on a number of things of yeah I FORGOT MY FAV JUICE SONG. LEAN WIT ME, POP WIT ME, my bad lol. RIP JUICE! If you want me to rank another artist I'm down hit me up
  5. Nothing has come easy for Death Valley Rangers QB Skylar Wilson. He has fought to show people that he is a force to be reckoned with. He has fought to show that he can lead a team to greatness. He came in playing for a great franchise that was looking for a star. His first year was a whirlwind of plays, emotion, and grit. If you told Skylar Wilson that he would throw over 30 TDs, lead his team to the best record in the ECFA, and has DVR as a top team for years to come. He woulda asked u to make sure u get checked out. But that is what happened. He got a amazing Head Coach who knows what he is doing and gives Skylar creative freedom to make up whatever type play he wants. He made a best friend in Thin Reciever, which is why it is so easy to see the ball get into his hands because Thin knows that Skylar is going to get it to him. He knows that There will never be no smoke between the two. As great as the year was, it ended in sadness. They lost in the conference championship that they damn sure shoulda won. They had the chance to go on and play the Athens Carnage and raise the trophy as champion. Did that happen tho? No it did not. They lost 29-13. Wilson had 29 reps and failed to get a TD on them. You can say it was an upset but Skylar takes the lost very personal. He knows that if he woulda just been on his game he would have been able to get DVR a ring. In his next year he is working hard to make sure that such a disgrace never, ever happens again.He is out a 4 AM working with Remaine. Who is entering the draft next year. They know that they have to try and bring a ring to the desert. A bright EFL career is in store for him. He's gonna do it for his coach, team, and the fans.
  6. Player Name : Skylar Wilson Current TPE : 186 Combine TPE 13
  7. 1. NICE! Makes earning easy 2. Hmm ok sounds good 3.Good Boxes faster lol 4. Better Forum hype 5. WHAT. Anty bro wtf. Never expected that. Makes me sad
  8. I don't care if its me, sparty or Firpo but get us the ball!
  9. @Adrest245 u tryna break my damn hand? lol i caught it tho
  10. @Adrest245 get me the ball and a ring on the way
  11. Looking like QBOTY, Heisman, AND OROTY.
  12. y'all should feel bad for trading me lol why wheaties why
  13. LB Jerrell Mayweather LB Anthony Pratt LB Jedi Battlesmoke LB El Shrektabuzz DB Sherrick Newsome III DB Dalibor Dvorsky DB Jordan Green DB Fandon Solanin DB Raaja Rayu
  14. Hmm. Very tight QB Race. Rn with 3 weeks left we gooooooot Dawson With 27 TDs to 7 picks Skylar with 24 TD's to 9 Picks and Cromartie with 23 TD's to 11 Picks. This getting interesting. Skylar might walk away with QBOTY if he keeps playing lke this and as a freshman is crazy. dude doesn't even have 150 TPE lmao. @McWolf u right maybe even MVP. Might have to come back fully active
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