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  1. Brian Kirkland | Miami Neptune | Rank 4 86 REC | 1,516 Yards | 10 TD's @Wheaties 10 Years and still going strong! A key player in the Neptune's Championship Run, He played very for them and adds a veteran feel as again, been here for 10 Years! Excellent job brodie!
  2. Eden Empire II | Minnesota Frontier | Rank 5 403 CAR | 1,782 Yards | 12 TDs @MMFLEX Another EFL Great gone too soon. Eden was a really big reason why Minnesota was so good last year. Even tho they lost in the playoffs, He carried them on his shoulders. Even tho he retired to make sushi, He will be remembered. There wil be stories and songs about the RB that couldn't be brought down.
  3. Nsikayesizwe Kolisi | San Francisco Frenzy | Rank 6 79 Rec | 1,473 Yards | 14 TD's @Nepto This Frenzy WR doesn't get damn near enough credit for his play. He has helped Nathan Algren for some time now, and he has been putting up big numbers. He lead the league in TD's. I think he retired now not really sure. But he was really good last year for San Fran. That's No.6!
  4. Curtis Taylor | Toronto Skyhawks | Rank 7 90 Rec | 1,447 Yards | 8 TDs @Lefty_S I like to say that the receivers make up a great QB. Curtis Taylor was the go-to guy for Martin Issac II and it shows here with his stats. When they needed someone big to step up, Curtis was that guy. Looks like he will be there in Toronto for the years to come. They had a sad season of 6-8 but high hopes for this year.
  5. Everything takes time. I have life at home. I have school, I have to HC and be active in EFL SBA and ISFL, and I have a relationship. He needs time too. So sorry for not getting this done. Is funny tho
  6. Bruh. I got a life too. I do need a couple days to sort this out. Just be patient yeah?
  7. Ik ik. Y'all want content. Give me a few minutes yeah?
  8. People involved : @zekethatbeast25 @AW13 @DaniK @CrookedAnt @Wheaties @BeastTakeover @A13Lions @Adrest245 @firstfray @okochastar @kirbithan @124715 @McWolf @Wally @Spartan @CowboyinAmerica
  9. S37 ECFA Power Rankings 8. Death Valley Rangers TPE levels, lack of personal, and other reasons leave the Rangers at the bottom of the power rankings. Yes, Quarterback Venice Cruz is still the man and can still play. But I still see the Rangers winning 2-5 games this year. 7. Biscayne Bay Pirates Biscayne Bay has moved up a spot y'all! They have a great HC who wants to see them go out and win. They recently dropped their QB for one on the transfer thread. RB Kacey Keys will be carrying this offense mark my words. See them winning 3-6 games this year. 6. Manchester Lookout Manchester was at the bottom but now with a great HC who has come in and has really started to make a change. Brian Harper switching to QB has really given the team some hope and with the addition of RB Wayne Jackson I see them winning 4-7 games this year. 5. Trenton Generals Trenton has really made it out of the mud. They continue to play well and even with QB Rex Rider leaving they have another upcoming great in QB Jaylen Johnson. Coach Beast knows what he is doing and he is going to show that Trenton isn't to be fucked with. See them winning 5-8 games this year. 4. Roswell Encounter Normally Roswell wouldn't be ranked so low, but with HC Adrest stepping down and with them losing a major player to the transfer thread, They have some regrouping to do. They still have a good team and have added a QB finally, Are they the same team tho? Have them winning 6-9 games this year 3. Savage City Wraiths A team that really was not a good team last year, their team was young. Now the team has developed into a very scary team with having 2 capped RB's at 199, a Quarterback with 150+ TPE, and overall 9 players above 100 TPE. This team will be the biggest surprise this year. Have them winning 7-10 games 2. Athens Carnage They're back? That's right. The reigning champions are still looking for blood. They lost a lot of talent but just reloaded with Eden Echo and Lance Swift IV, as long as coach Numbers is there they will always be in the conversation. Killian Rose won't be taking any prisoners either. Have them winning 8-11 games 1. Hades Creek Phalanx Oh lord, they done reloaded? Sigh. This team has leaped all the way to the top of the Power Rankings! They now have a great QB from the transfer thread and WR Big Chest Brown is itching to strike. Plus Freshman RB Arby Sutton. This Offense will be the best in the league. Have them winning 9-12 games
  10. I paused this due to something else I'm making rn
  11. And we take a short break as I go to make sandwiches.
  12. Nathan Algren | San Francisco Frenzy | Rank 8 376 COMP | 573 ATT | 4,592 Yards | 36 TDs | 17 INT @Beowoof The old man has still got it! Finishing as one of the best in the EFL. Not to mention he was MVP 2 szns ago. It must have been hard missing the playoffs by one game, and with this being Algren's last year, I can sense he is going to go out with a bang.
  13. Judoma Forscythe | LA Reign | Rank 9 398 RUSH | 1,511 Yards | 9 TDS @Theory A star since his ECFA days, he has gotten his career back on track and playing well, he gave the Reign a boost and even though he left this offseason for Miami, he still balled out.
  14. Martin Issac II | Toronto Skyhawks | Rank 10 400 COMP | 622 ATT | 4,208 Yards | 28 TDS | 15 INT @Jetsqb101 Growing pains go with a new starting QB. Those didn't really exist with Issac. He came in and really gave a broken Skyhawk team so hope for the future. This man has nothing but greatness coming his way.
  15. Ok let's make it 10 for offense 10 for defense ain't go that much time
  16. Hey guys! I said we was expanding, you thought I was playing? I am about rank the top 25 players in the EFL last year. So buckle up, and get ready for pings.
  17. Lamar and Jones being taken in top 10 in drafts. Very proud moments
  18. Youngbuck

    Jones Y2

    Jones will look to do more for Minnesota now with a year under his belt
  19. @firstfray another great one
  20. Upon request from @McWolf, I will now be doing takes for EFL as well!
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