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  1. Date: November 4th 2022 Presenter : Ya Boi Time 11:00 AM @
  2. What did I do? I served my contract I coulda just retired but I feel as tho Joshua has potential to be great and deserves to have a great career. Don't guilt trip me.
  3. Joshua Jones | Wide Receiver 6'4 | 220 lbs | 510 TPE 28 GP | 115 REC | 1597 YDS | 10 TD Why is Joshua On The Market? Some might question why someone great like Joshua Jones would ever consider leaving Minnesota, who will be in the upcoming Sim Bowl, But Joshua has his reasons. Ever since making the decision to become a WR, he has had the dream of being a WR1 for a EFL team. And it almost happened. He was going to be a WR1 for the LA Reign. Playing alongside his childhood friend Jamar Mackson. Then the trade happened. Minnesota moved up to 3rd overall pick in the draft to select him. He thought oh well, the blessing in disguise right? But then they landed superstar WR D'Quan Gilbert coming from Seattle as he had a thirst for a ring. Jones once had OROTY aspirations that were quickly stomped out. While he does not blame anyone for what happened, He does feel that he now has the chance to take back his career and try and do something with it. He thought, I am not a quiter. I am not going to retire. I am going to serve my contract and then when the strings are gone, make my move. That time is now. In just 2 short days, hopefully the offers will come. He has most definitely thought about what teams he wants to go to. He wants to be able to make an impact and give a team a chance to make a ring run. I have broken my 3 teams of interest into 3 tiers. 3 is championship run, 2 is deep playoff run, 1 is rebuild aka bunch of stats. So without futher ado, in no particular order, Here are those teams. Miami Neptune | Tier 3 | WR1 chance after a year Miami was always going to be a team that I was going to consider. The legend Brian Kirkland is retring and the Triple Crown WR Trigger Colt is sinking into regression. I have been WR2 before, I can endure for a year. Wheaties has already claimed one of my players and I have some uh. Some friends good with numbers in Miami. Along with one of the greatest players I have coach in the Helion. Wisconsin Brigade | Tier 2 | WR1 battle The Brigade might be adding another great player to their float. The abilty to play with Dogwood Maple who was once my rival can very much turn into my very best friend. Also, Wisconsin has the chance to come out here and do something awesome next year. They have Jean Luc Pikachu. But I bet good ol' Corn would love a great WR to come in and maybe battle for that precious WR spot. Los Angeles Reign | Tier 1 | Undisputed WR1 The Reign! LA might be famous, but not for the recent playing. They went winless this year having a depleted defense with the exception of Jason Grant. They also had a rookie QB. He might have played well, but even the strong aging WR Harrison Meyer couldn't help this team win anything. With having Rex Rider better in Y2, and with some strong drafting, and with Joshua coming in, LA might be on to something.
  5. We went up against a team some thought we had no way of playing. S38 Hype. There are some surprises coming... @dogwoodmaple @Lemorse7 ty for the fun times. Best of luck in the EFL
  6. This has been Youngbuck. This is me saying good night, and if you see someone that looks like Jeffery Dalmer tonight, RUN
  7. 4:492nd and 10BIS - 42Pass by Frucker Jr, F. to Wood, J. is incomplete. Broken up by Yelnats, S.. 4:443rd and 10BIS - 42Pass by Frucker Jr, F., complete to Silva, S. for 15 yds. Tackle by Yelnats, S.. 3:481st and 10ATH - 43Rush by Keys, K. for 1 yds. Tackle by Goncalves, L.. 3:302nd and 9ATH - 42Pass by Frucker Jr, F. to Silva, S. falls incomplete. 3:243rd and 9ATH - 42Pass by Frucker Jr, F., complete to Silva, S. for 3 yds. Tackle by Hall, D.. 2:454th and 6ATH - 39Pass by Frucker Jr, F. to Wood, J. was dropped! Incomplete. 2:454th and 6ATH - 39Turnover on downs. 2:391st and 10ATH - 39Pass by Rose, K., complete to Moss, S. for 13 yds. Tackle by Convection-Oven, A.. 1:561st and 10BIS - 48Rush by Swift VI, L. for 16 yds. Tackle by Breeze, J.. 1:071st and 10BIS - 32Rush by Echo, E. for 5 yds. Tackle by Bissouma, K.. 0:442nd and 5BIS - 27Rush by Echo, E. for -1 yds. Tackle by Lokelani, K.. 0:123rd and 6BIS - 28Rush by Echo, E. for a short gain. Tackle by BOT146, B.. 0:004th and 6BIS - 2845 yard FG by Hexadecimals, J. is NO good. And that will do it! Athens move on to the Natty! 3-30 FINAL
  8. 8:321st and 10BIS - 5Rush by Keys, K. for 0 yds. Tackle by Goncalves, L.. 8:122nd and 10BIS - 5Rush by Keys, K. for 3 yds. Tackle by Hall, D.. 7:453rd and 7BIS - 8Pass by Frucker Jr, F., complete to Breeze Jr, J. for 6 yds. Tackle by Green, J.. 7:074th and 1BIS - 14Pass by Frucker Jr, F., complete to Silva, S. for 10 yds. Tackle by Akara, K.. 6:291st and 10BIS - 24Rush by Keys, K. for 3 yds. Tackle by Goncalves, L.. 6:112nd and 7BIS - 27Pass by Frucker Jr, F. to Wood, J. was dropped! Incomplete. 6:043rd and 7BIS - 27Pass by Frucker Jr, F., complete to Silva, S. for 15 yds. Tackle by Hall, D.. 5:111st and 10BIS - 42Rush by Keys, K. for a short gain. Tackle by Cardoza, B.. BBP in desperation...
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