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  1. Not long after the end of the Trenton Generals' season in the first round of the Season 29 playoffs, Trenton's star wide receiver Lee Lemon announced he would be entering the Season 30 EFL Draft. "I had to stay focused on this season and see it to the end before I set my sights on the EFL" Lemon said in a press conference the next day. "I was blessed to get the opportunity to play with such fantastic teammates over my three years at Trenton, and I look forward to putting in some hard work alongside my new teammates wherever I end up." Lemon made an impressive career for himself at Trenton, all things considered. His freshman year with star quarterback Johnny Utah (who is now a second year starter with the Kraken), Lemon produced one of the greatest statistical seasons for a freshman WR in the history of the ECFA, racking up 975 yards and 9 touchdowns for an average of 14.6 yards per catch. After Utah was drafted, Lemon struggled to adjust to new freshman quarterback Qaasim Al-Salah, and posted a sophomore year that disappointed many of the fans he picked up after his first season. In Lemon's junior season, he established himself as the team's number one target. The wideout was finally able to surpass the 1,000 yard, 10 touchdown mark, ending up inside the top 5 of every statistical WR category, and averaging an impressive 16.2 yards per catch, considering how much of his production came from the short passing game. When asked if there was anywhere he particularly wanted to be drafted, Lemon insisted that "I just want to play. This is what I've been preparing for my whole life, and I will be thrilled to play for whoever takes me." Generally projected to go in the early second round, Lemon certainly isn't a top prospect, but he has a unique skillset and has been able to find a way to make plays when his team needs him to. Despite being dealt two freshman QBs in his final two seasons and three different ADs over the course of his tenure, Lemon managed to remain a dependable target for a somewhat tumultuous, run-heavy, fringe playoff team in Trenton. His elusiveness and hands will make him a solid choice for any team looking to score some great value on a later draft pick.
  2. I'm in! I'm at least mediocre at fantasy (also count me as another vote for sleeper)
  3. 1. Favorite sports movie? Answer: Gotta be Friday Night Lights! The show is better than the movie, though. 2. if you wasn't playing football what would you be doing? Answer: I think being a musician would be fun! 3. Are you a mac user or a pc person? Answer: I use Windows but I do miss macs quite a lot. 4. What is your favorite holiday? Answer: Hard to beat Christmas, I love the atmosphere at that time of year, everyone is so happy. 5. Personally how do you enjoy the ECFA? Answer: I'm very excited for my last year in the league, and to take a real leadership spot on this team! 6. Is there anything we can do better? Answer: We struggled quite a lot with the passing game this season, if we can improve there we win a few more games. 7. How excited are you for the playoffs I was very excited for us to squeak our way into the playoffs this season! I had fairly low expectations for the team this season, and so I wasn't too upset with our performance in the playoffs. 8. Phillip Stein has been the best player on the team how is he in the locker room? Answer: Phil is such a great leader, he really put the offense on his back this season, and he's incredibly humble about it. The whole team adores him, and we can't wait to see what he's capable of in S29! 9. What is the next move for the team to rise in the rankings? Answer: Like I said above, we need to improve our passing game, which is up to me now that Moldy and Kelly are getting drafted. 10. What has been your favorite moment of the season so far? Answer: Our blowout win against SCW in Week 13 was definitely the high point of the season! 11. If you could grade your Season what would it be? Answer: I'm going to give it a solid B. I made certain improvements over my freshman season, but I still haven't fixed my issues with drops. 12. Favorite Video Game? Answer: Like any self respecting member of my generation, I gotta go with Minecraft!
  4. Also just saying, here's something that I said about Wisconsin after nearly pulling off the comeback against this very same Denver Steam team in the preseason: "Despite being unable to pull off the comeback, this season is looking very promising for Wisconsin. Although preseason is never a perfect indication of regular or post season success, strong performances from their shiny new players (particularly Mukhamadullin and Flugel-Hagendorfen) seem to indicate a bright future for the Brigade."
  5. Thank you for watching this presentation of the S28 EFL Championship! From San Francisco, on behalf of our entire Elite Football crew, I'm @astroforte. Goodnight!
  6. This game is over and the repeat has been foiled! The Wisconsin Brigade are your S28 EFL Champions!
  7. 1:081st and GoalWIS - 9Pass by Falk, J. to Williams, J. falls incomplete. 1:052nd and GoalWIS - 9Falk, J. SACKED by TJ Dunne - LB for -11 yds. 1:053rd and GoalWIS - 20Denver Steam : Timeout 0:433rd and GoalWIS - 20Pass by Falk, J., complete to Williams, J. for 14 yds. Tackle by Snicket, L.. 0:434th and GoalWIS - 6Denver Steam : Timeout
  8. 4:36WIS - 30Gnabry, J. kicks off. 4:36The kick sails into the endzone. 4:36McPoyle, M. takes it out of the endzone! 4:36---DEN - 28Kickoff of 76 yards. Returned by McPoyle, M. for 28 yards. 4:291st and 10DEN - 28Falk, J. throws the ball away to avoid the sack. 4:112nd and 10DEN - 28Pass by Falk, J., complete to Williams, J. for 22 yds. Tackle by Snicket, L.. 3:161st and 10WIS - 49Pass by Falk, J., complete to Golding, D. for 7 yds. Tackle by Allison, V.. 2:412nd and 3WIS - 42Rush by Falk, J. for 0 yds. Tackle by BOT172, B.. 2:263rd and 8WIS - 47Steam Penalty on BOT276, B.: Illegal Shift. 2:263rd and 8WIS - 47Rush by Krishna, A. for 5 yds. Tackle by Handler, M.. 2:044th and 3WIS - 42Pass by Falk, J., complete to Bernard, R. for 33 yds. Tackle by Snicket, L.. 2:041st and GoalWIS - 9Denver Steam : Timeout Although it's unlikely that it will mean much, the Steam take a timeout inside the 10 and are knocking on the door!
  9. 9:251st and 10WIS - 35Rush by Ice, T. for 2 yds. Tackle by Holloway, L.. 9:012nd and 8WIS - 37Rush by Ice, T. for 2 yds. Tackle by Taylor, J.. 8:313rd and 6WIS - 39Pass by Kelley, C., complete to Mukhamadullin, M. for 17 yds. Tackle by Osling, R.. 7:411st and 10DEN - 44Pass by Kelley, C. to Kazmeir, D. falls incomplete. 7:352nd and 10DEN - 44Pass by Kelley, C., complete to Ice, T. for 5 yds. Tackle by Taylor, J.. 7:063rd and 5DEN - 39Pass by Kelley, C., complete to OBrien, M. for 5 yds. Tackle by Taylor, J.. 6:321st and 10DEN - 34Pass by Kelley, C., complete to Mukhamadullin, M. for 18 yds. Tackle by Broccoli, R.. 5:431st and 10DEN - 16Pass by Kelley, C. to Uno, T. falls incomplete. 5:382nd and 10DEN - 16Kelley, C. throws the ball away to avoid the sack. 5:093rd and 10DEN - 16Pass by Kelley, C., complete to Mukhamadullin, M. for 9 yds. Tackle by Osling, R.. On 4th and 1, the Brigade will bring out the field goal unit.
  10. 11:101st and 10DEN - 20Pass by Falk, J. to Thomas, M. is incomplete. Broken up by Snicket, L.. 11:052nd and 10DEN - 20Pass by Falk, J., complete to McPoyle, M. for 20 yds. Tackle by Allison, V.. 10:201st and 10DEN - 40Pass by Falk, J. to Bernard, R. was dropped! Incomplete. 10:152nd and 10DEN - 40Pass by Falk, J. to Bernard, R. falls incomplete. 10:123rd and 10DEN - 40Pass by Falk, J., complete to Thomas, M. for 1 yds. Tackle by Handler, M.. 9:344th and 9WIS - 41Punt by Mortenson, A. of 39 yards. 9:34Returned by FlugelHagendorfen, J. for 15 yards. But Denver can't get anything going either.
  11. 12:431st and 10DEN - 32Kelley, C. SACKED by Luke Holloway - LB for -11 yds. 12:032nd and 21DEN - 43Pass by Kelley, C., complete to Ice, T. for a short gain. Tackle by Swanson, J.. 11:383rd and 21DEN - 43Pass by Kelley, C., complete to Rantanelli, J. for 4 yds. Tackle by Swanson, J.. 11:154th and 17WIS - 39Punt by Gnabry, J. of 39 yards. Touchback. Hope is still alive here as the Brigade go 3 & out for the first time in this game!
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