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  1. The best kicker won. Goodbye old smelly team!
  2. QBs across the league: Wrong.
  3. Let's check in on that vaunted Wolfpack CB duo.... OH SHIT? 11th? Pretty good, pretty good.
  4. TFW you're the best CB duo in the league..... *record scratch* HUH? 12th in the league in passing defense? At least someone must be wor.... what? There are only 12 teams? Fucking weird.
  5. Bands had one tackle though, truly elite.
  6. Not even a top secondary checking in with more INTs
  7. Anyway if you want a championship playing kicker who can boot it 80 yards get at me in free agency.
  8. Turns out that was the only thing worth watching.
  9. Just now reading through but I'm sorry, 80 yard punt? Beast.
  10. Five seasons up, five seasons down. That's the story for Mikey 2 Dope so far, but of course there is so much more for the cornerback out of the University of South California. Mikey joined the Elite Football League via the EFL Entry Draft, being selected by the Memphis Mambas with one of their many first round picks in his draft year. Mikey immediately slotted in as a starting cornerback for the team alongside Vivian Allison, who would be his partner in crime for four seasons before being removed from the team amid cap concerns. Early on, the team was rebuilding - hence the pletho
  11. After completing his fifth season in the league, one filled with both individual and team disappointment, Mikey 2 Dope has announced that he will enter the Elite Football League's free agency process for the first time. Mikey, having spent his entire professional career with the Memphis Mambas thus far, will be surveying the league for the first time and enters the process relatively ignorant to the situations that teams around the league find themselves in. Two seasons ago Mikey led the league in interceptions and was a contender for the league's coveted cornerback of the year aw
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