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  1. We will be back.
  2. Win or lose, I win and lose.
  3. Not to look like Beo did yesterday, but I'd like to hear from Turner first if possible. We had real info yesterday from multiple sources, today just a claim from one. If we don't get more and need the vote, please tell me - the numbers are still good for town.
  4. Vote Psanchez That seems clear, and if it isn't, then we have our lynch for tomorrow in Enorama.
  5. I agree that we should lynch whoever Doom saw. With such a good night for town, missing a lynch (and revealing that Eno or Doom are evil in the process) is manageable. It'll provide more info either way.
  6. He's really jailor? I really thought that was a veteran bait lol wow
  7. EFL Week 2 - Total All-Purpose yards for week 2 All-Purpose Yards leader (this includes rushing, receiving, and returning): 246 EFL Week 2 - Predators vs Herd total tackles between both teams: 97 ECFA Week 2 - Total rushing yards for week 2 rushing leader: 151 ECFA Week 2 - Growlers vs Pirates total rushing yards between both teams: 248 Week 2 - Total yards for all ECFA and EFL games: 7129
  8. Oh shit that's a good night! Need to look up two of these roles
  9. Username: Molholt QB: Vince Carswell ($5) RB: Oscar Jebaseelan ($5) WR: Taktischer Vorschlaghammer ($6) WR: Goodall West ($5) WR: Henry McDolin ($2) FLEX: Dale Cooper ($2) TE: Jan Itor ($2) K: Evenging Chong ($1) DST: Seattle ($2)
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