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  1. 1. Radio with Cuba Gooding Jr 2. playing some other sport 3. PC 100% 4. Thanksgiving 5. Creating graphics is my favorite part 6. Livestreaming some games would be cool 7. Very Excited 8. I'm a horrible person lol. Seriously, I try to be pretty chill. As long as everyone is doing their job that's all that matters. 9. Consistency. We have a really good game then a really bad one. We would be better if we were even consistently above average than we are doing now. 10. Making the Playoffs is always fun. Also whenever we have a close win. 11. B. I p
  2. Name: Philip Stein Current TPE: 176 Combine TPE: 23
  3. 1. Consistency. The lack of it is why we're at about 500 right now 2. Trenton. In all seriousness I'm gonna say Death Valley. 3. My first Rush. Best feeling in the world getting back to playing football 4. Trenton for ECFA and Wisconsin and Miami for EFL 5. 2 probably I'm a rushing running back not a receiving running back 6. New York 7. Strength would be Rushing and Weakness would be Passing but that will change soon hopefully 8. We're going to contend for a championship next year. We'll have an elite QB and we'll be able to be a two dimensional offense
  4. 1. We've got a lot of potential. We're leaning on our running game a lot so hopefully I don't ruin things. 2. Leadership. Keeping people calm, keeping people focused, and making sure everyone knows what they need to do both on and off the field. 3. I doubt it. That being said, I'm more focused on the Championship at this point. 4. Ember Daye definitely has a chance. 5. I like all of the people and the team has a great chemistry but the traffic is a nightmare. 6. I want to Increase my speed but maintain my ability to break tackles as the same time. 7. I thought tha
  5. 1. Working out and studying the playbook 2. Because the team relies too heavily on me 3. Franklin on Offense and Elsby on Defense 4. You need to do these sooner 5. It has been nice so far although the traffic is terrible 6. Getting to 199 hopefully 7. Being more unpredictable on offense 8. They'll get a ton of playing time 9. 4.0 Yards Per Carry and 15 Touchdowns 10. Scoring more points than the other team 11. The airport on the way out 12. An elite Running Back
  6. 1. We're going to be better than we were last year so I'm excited. 2. Consistency is what we lacked last season. We're a championship contender when we're on. 3. Oklahoma. I like going 1 on 1 with linebackers 4. I think we'll win it all. At the very least we'll make the conference championship. 5. Linebacker since we just lost Kessel to the draft 6. We Ready 7.I have no clue. I don't focus on the other teams. All we can control is how well we play. 8. Absolutely. Some people will underrate us because we lost multiple elite talents but through growth and new p
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