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  1. Shit. I posted it in the wrong league lol.
  2. Philip with 1 L. I appreciate you calling me a steal. Great article.
  3. After a long discussion with his friends, family, teammates, and coaches, Philip Stein announced his decision to leave College after his junior year and enter the EFL Draft. "I want to thank my coaches, teammates, and everyone who supported during my time in Trenton." Stein was the back up Running Back in his Freshman year but was the starter during his Sophomore and Junior years. He is expected to be drafted in the 2nd round. In terms of talent he is ranked between 9th and 13th depending on the publication but the depth at the Running Back position will likely result in him falling in the draft and being taken somewhere in between the 15th and 20th picks. Stein is a power running back and while he lacks agility, he makes up for it in strength and his blocking abilities. As Stein put it "You don't need to avoid defenders if you can run them over." While Stein is ranked 4th in the draft class for running backs, he is still viewed as a pro ready Running Back. There are rumors that some teams are considering using him as a Wide Receiver early on in his career which is an interesting idea. When asked about this possibility Stein said "I'll play wherever will help the team win." when asked if that meant that he was willing to sit on the bench for his rookie career, Stein replied "If that's what will help the team win then yes. The team is more important than the individual." Rumors have come out that Los Angeles, Denver, and New York have all reached out to Stein which seems to imply that one of those three teams will draft him. It is believed that Los Angeles will take a Running Back in the first round which makes it more likely that he will be drafted by Denver or New York. There are still possibilities that he will be taken by a team that hasn't reached out to him although Stein thought that was unlikely. "It doesn't really make sense for a team to draft me without reaching out to me to make sure we are on the same page. I'm willing to go wherever but it would definitely be weird."
  4. When I joined the Trenton Generals 3 seasons ago I had no idea how crazy the journey would be. I had 2 different GMs over 3 years. 3 playoff appearances and 3 first round losses. It was an amazing experience that I will remember my entire career. My freshman season I had 1,124 rushing yards and averaged 5.5 yards per rush as well as having 13 touchdowns. That was way more than I expected. I was the #2 running back behind Tonic and I figured I'd get ~500 yards and 5 touchdowns that year and then maybe have the performance that I had my first year once I became the starter. We lost by 1 in the playoffs and while I was upset at the time it was the closest I'd ever get to an ECFA playoff win. My sophomore season I had 1,684 yards and averaged 4.9 yards per carry and 10 touchdowns. This was about what I expected before joining the ECFA but it was less than what I expected after the previous season. The team as a whole also got worse going from 10-6 to 8-8. We lost in the playoffs by 5 and that offseason was when I knew that my Junior Season would be my last in the ECFA. My Junior season was insane. I had 2,394 yards and averaged 6.3 yards per carry and had 19 touchdowns. I was 2nd in the league in Rushing Yards. I was tied for 3rd in the league in Rushing Touchdowns. Unfortunately we faced the first ever 16-0 team in the playoffs and got destroyed. They went on to win the championship. In my ECFA career I had 5,202 rushing yards on 934 carries which averages out to 5.6 yards per rush. I also had 42 rushing touchdowns. These far exceeded my expectations and the experience was great. Not only was the on the field experience great but the Locker Room was great as well. Obviously there were a few bad moments and a bad person but that happens everywhere. I cannot recommend enough joining Trenton if you don't join Hades Creek. I'm AAD of Hades Creek if you couldn't tell.
  5. 1. You're doing great. Getting PCs out a bit earlier would be nice but other than that it's been great. 2. If we can get a 2 dimensional offense we'll be a championship contender. 3. The LR is great. I definitely enjoyed it in my 3 seasons here. 4. Video Games, mainly the Hitman trilogy and Sports games. 5. Pretty much everything. It was an ugly game. I only had 3.8 YPR so I definitely take a significant portion of the blame in the loss. 6. I may be used too much but I live those decisions up to the AD. 7. I'll go to any team willing to have me. That being said I love Kobe and the Memphis logo is cool so going to the Mambas would be dope. 8. Loyalty, Honesty, and a good LR 9. They're last in rushing yards so focusing on stopping the pass on defense might be the best idea. 10. Death and as a result height are the main ones. 11. I have a dog named Snuggles. 12. I think that the communication among people is a bit lacking. Career PTs for example being something I didn't even think about until I was told about the draft one.
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