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  1. Week of 10/16 1. How do you feel about the start of the season? Could be better but I'm having a pretty good start for a rookie. 2. Are you happy with how your player is doing in the games? For sure, I wasn't expecting as much game time as I'm getting! 3. We had a rough loss against Trenton. How was the locker room after that? The same as after any loss, disappointment in ourselves, yknow? We can do better, we all know that. 4. How do you feel about our playbook? Seems to be getting the job done in moving the ball, we just need to deliver every time and I know we can do that. 5. Reckon we can make the playoffs? I'm always positive. 6. What is your favorite music to listen before the game? I don't really have anything but if anyone has a pregame equivalent of CT Fletchers Pre Workout Motivation Video, I'm all for it. 7. Are you finding hard to fit within the league schedule and tpe opportunities? I think I'm okay, Coach is pretty good on chasing us to work hard at every opportunity, so far I've hit my targets every week. 8. What would you change in our team? I don't know, I'm just here to keep my head down and work hard. Everything seems to be running pretty well.
  2. 1. Season is buzzing to start. How did the offseason go for you? Pretty good, met the guys, trained hard, had fun. The normal stuff! 2. What's your relationship with your teammates? I'm still a newby so I'm still getting to know the guys, but there are some real leaders and some exceptional talent here. Cannot wait to get on the field with them. 3. How do you feel about our current locker room atmosphere? It's good, theres not too much pressure but you feel like just bathing in the atmosphere will make you a winner. 4. AD denns is doing a lot of great work, pundits say. How do you feel about him? Obviously we spend more time with the coach, but he's clearly done a brilliant job pulling in all this talent and building our team! 5. Conference Title this year or will we fall short? Sure, aim high right? 6. What is your jersey number? 33. 7. How much effort are you putting into the league? Wow, trying to catch the lazy people out? 8. What are you not enjoying in the league? Nothing much right now, I struggle to keep on top of all the news though - would be good to have an "around the league" segment each week.
  3. Ah Darn, unlucky Roswell. Super hyped to see my first game time though, and got pretty good YPC and a touchdown! WOO WOO!
  4. 1. Do you feel ready for the start of the season? I can't wait, really hoping to make an impact! 2. How is practice going? Pretty good, it's hard work keeping up with the veterans but I'm giving it my best daily. 3. Team is stacked with young but talented players. Where do you see us finishing this season? It's gotta be near the top, right? We're clearly a playoff team. 4. What do you expect to be able to bring the team? Determination above all else. 5. Would you rather dominate your conference or keep it competitive? It's always fun to dominate, but if it's competitive every game keeps you on the edge of your seat. I think I'd rather beat great teams for the win than stomp weaker ones! 6. Personal talent or hardwork? It's all about the work, you can have as much talent as you like but if you're lazy you're never going to make it. 7. If you had to use an adjective to define your players, what would it be? Sexy. 8. What does it mean for you to play for the Roswell Encounter? For me? It means bringing out the best in my teammates and probing that D-Line so deep. Oh so deeeep.
  5. 1. How are you finding our behind the scenes work to have a solid return in this new season? I'm excited, the AD has done a really good job bringing in talented players and I can't wait to get on the field to show everyone what I can do! 2. New kits have just arrived to the college, how do you enjoy them? It's like Christmas has come early! I'm stocking up on fan gear too, gonna rep Roswell where ever I am! 3. Not making the playoffs must've been hard, what do you think it was missing for you to achieve it? This was before my time! I've been through that experience at the lower levels and it sucked, I can't imagine what it's like here! I'm hoping the difference makers coming in the season will give us that push to make it this season! 4. What are you aiming for this upcoming season? Well freshman season might be hard but I'm just going to be focusing on improving my overall game, take the opportunities I'm given and make as much of an impact as I can! 5. League has a lot of new Athletic Directors, what's your opinion in it? Does it increase competitiveness? Well, it's always interesting to see how teams turn around with new leadership, but you have to figure they're all going to do the most they can for their team or they wouldn't have taken the job. Surely that increases the competitive nature of the league, as long as they can attract the right recruits from the powerhouses. 6. Who do you pick for next season to top our conference? I ain't rooting against us. Clearly Roswell. 7. Purple and white or Purple and black? Purple and White! The never ending drift towards the dark side loses the crisp design features you get with higher contrast. 8. Would you change anything in the locker room? If yes, what? I don't think so - seems pretty well set up. Not sure how I feel about the on-site adult entertainment though, certainly seems like it'd be a distraction for the team!
  6. It has been only a few days since the news broke about Chance's lineage, and the airwaves have been a-buzz with talk discussing where he might end up playing his college ball. Well the time is here, Chance sits before the hats of 7 teams, far more than he had expected to reach out to him. Perhaps 7 more than he would have got before his earlier press conference, but doubts aside, he was now ready to pick his home for the next 4 years. Perhaps the most surprising of the hats was the perennial powerhouse that is the Hades Creek Phalanx, a team that could surely attract higher quality talent than Chance? Along side the Phalanx came an invite from the Manchester Lookout also leaders of the division, and just as surprising. The rest of the offers came in from teams Chance was expecting, mid to lower tier teams, looking to build a fresh squad and willing to take a chance on a risky option. Still, Chance had the criticisms of him coming out of high school in his head, and knew that if he went to a strong, well established football team, he may never get the chance to fully realise his potential and prove the critics wrong. So despite the high quality presentation and great college visits, Chance knew he had to look else where. Somewhere he could really make an impact, a team he could help to turn around and take the playoffs, if not further. Between the other schools; Athens Carnage, Roswell Encounter, Grand Rapids Growlers, Trenton Generals and Lincoln Mammoths, it was close. Each had done an outstanding job attempting to recruit Chance, but of course only one could get him and ultimately it came down to the personal fit. Chance knew he'd need a strong leader and a motivated team in order to push him to be the best he could be and a couple of teams really made that extra effort during the recruiting process. It is due to these reasons that Chance Fore-Cream will be committing to...
  7. Despite having a decidedly average high school career for most of his time there, the newly renamed Chance Fore-Cream is anything but average. Colleges may not be looking at what he achieved in High School as much at what he could achieve under their guidance. After all, he has the blood of the great Colt Cream running through his veins. Chance played as a relief back and a regular special teams feature most of his time in high school and had little opportunity to make a name for himself. Luckily due to the recent revelations regarding his lineage the stream of college coached who have taken notice is sure to out weigh the lack of production. Don't get me wrong, Chance certainly displayed some skills and scored his fair share of touchdowns but his success was always overshadowed by the lead backs talent until half way through their final season when the lead back faced a career ending injury, giving Chance a chance. Most of Chance's film comes from this half season - but critics would claim any back could have achieved the same result for his team, stacked as they were. It's clear any college coaches looking to take a chance on Chance, are hoping they can muster a little magic as really, they're taking a Chance For Cream-like talent from a player that only has a 5-3 record while being the lead back. It is still to see whether Chance can handle the increased pressure of following in Colt Creams footsteps as this news only surfaced after the high school season ended but it's clear he has the Cream presence about him. Fellow High school team mates would say he was determined but aloof in most situations, mature beyond his years but nowhere would they find a better friend and teammate. Only time will tell if his High School career is really his ceiling, or if he was just lacking the proper opportunities to take charge and channel his inner Cream. Suffice to say, he is likely looking to ride the pine for a season or two until his new coach can ascertain if he really is pro material, or if he's only claimed his fathers name to pursue an easy life.
  8. CptMatt

    Just One Test

    Chance sat behind a long table, staring out over a swarm of reporters shoving microphones and cameras in his face. A lot of football players receive this kind of attention, Chance thought, but not usually before they even make it into college. He was sat in his garage, converted to a make shift studio for an announcement either confirming or denying the rumours that had been circulating the media for the last few months. His mother was sat beside him, along with the family lawyer, shuffling stacks of paperwork. It was a pleasant evening at least, and as the sun started to drop in the sky and a warm glow cascaded over everything and everyone inside, the murmuring of the crowd subsided and Chance took the opportunity to speak. "Thank you for attending my announcement, I'm sure you're all very eager to hear the results and I'm excited to let you know - I will however answer some questions beforehand if there are any?" Before he could even finish the roar of the reporters questions bombarded him for a few moments before he could pick one - "What are you hoping for Chance?" "Well obviously regardless of the results, my mumma raised me and I'll always be her son - but this has the potential to change our lives and I would be foolish to go through life not knowing." "Mrs Fore, what do you make of all this? How do you think Sports Daily got the story to start with?" Chance's mum wasn't expecting to have to answer questions - this was his press conference, but she was kinda of involved after all. "Well it all happened a long time ago, I don't have any regrets about my life back then, I just want what's best for my son and if he wants to know to settle this once and for all then that is what we'll do. I can't imagine how this whole thing started though, I don't think I ever told any" "Chance, have you had any contact yet?" "Not yet, everything has been through the lawyers, but I will be reaching out." Chance thought for a moment and decided it was getting too hard to skirt around the topic any longer, "Who's ready to find out?" A chorus of rung out affirming, before gradually quietening as the lawyer next to Chance started to open a manilla envelope. Just a short moment later he looked up from the papers in his hand and said, "It's a match". Pandemonium took hold of the room with reporters clamouring to get their questions heard, but Chance just sat their lost in his own head, this could open so many gates for me. This could be it. For real, the start of a dynasty. The lawyer and Chance's mum were trying to quiet the crowd down as cameras flashed and reporters quarrelled, but one question rung true through the noise - "Are you changing your name?" Chance had thought a lot on this privately, he knew he didn't want to throw away the name of the woman who raised him, but he wanted the dynasty. He chuckled. "I'm double-barrelling it." "As soon as the paper work goes through, I'll be Chance Fore-Cream. Colt, if you're watching, you've got a son you didn't know about."
  9. 1. Honeslty, having retired a long time ago now, it's a little bewildering. I wasn't expecting to receive this request for an interview after so long and I can only apologise for taking so long to get back to you. 2. I really don't know, I guess I just gave them all the answers they needed while I was on the field as a top 3 three wide receiver in the league. 3. Invest in hookers and blackjack. 4. The league has expanded and rebranded quite a bit since I was playing, but I'd have to say I'm still very partial to LA Reign, they gave me my shot in the big leagues and they will always be home to me. Let me hear you ROAR! That said we certainly have some flashy branding around the place now. 5. Large Big Mac Meal. Like a little black dress, the classics never go out of style. 6. International locations. They say the travel would negatively effect the league but the league is so popular abroad we ought to give back to the fans. 7. Just one? Yikes. I think it'd have to be back to Miami. I played my college ball there and some of my pro career. Or maybe I head over to San Antonio with Tugg, bringing back the CreamBote Experience for one night only! 8. Left over pizza, for sure.
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