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  1. This is starting to be a theme, the media members pace outside of the Phalanx locker room looking for a hot take from Jones. They aren't disappointed. "It's been a little while since we last had our little chats. The Phalanx are looking strong, ever since I joined the team we have been doing really well. I've been cooking up a storm too, multiple pancakes in multiple games, and I've had to step up on offense too! I'm too powerful to be contained and starting next season, you're going to see a lot more of Ralf Jones, crushing opponents left and right, it is not too early to say, we may be the best team in the league next season. I'm not afraid of that responsibility. Carrying this team to a championship and fully exposing the league for the frauds they are. I'm calling everyone out, I'm the best and there is no stopping Ralf Jones." Ralf Jones passes by the mass of media professionals and hops into his new car, a 1969 Camaro SS, and drives off. The media members are once again stunned by the brazen and standoffish personality of the Phalanx player Ralf Jones.
  2. After a massive win over the Wraiths, the media waits yet again outside the Phalanx locker room hoping to snag a quote or a sound bite. Ralf Jones, the new Phalanx FB recruit struts out into the group of media personnel and once again grabs the closest microphone. "I told you all, that this train was coming through. I warned you all, that my presence on the field would be a spectacle to behold. I showed you all that Ralf Jones would be the difference maker here in the league. And you know what? I don't think that I was taken seriously. I don't know if you all realize, that this is just the first of many future victories for the great Ralf Jones. 52 to 7 is all I have to say about my impact here on the Phalanx. You can't spell Team without ME and I'm taking this momentum and chugging on to the next stop on this pain train, Pancake city. Ah! Do you smell that? you don't? Doesn't it smell like... Pancakes! Don't you love the smell of pancakes in the morning? Cause I do, and I've got two of them. Better call a clean up crew cause I flattened those Wraiths, If I had hit them any harder, they would have been turned back into pancake mix. So I'm putting everyone on notice, this chef here is cooking up some pancakes for everyone, just come on down to Phalanx Food Service and Ill serve you, fresh and flat, like a pancake into the turf. Ralf OUT!!!" Ralf pushes a cameraman out the way, makes a big strut, and moves past the group of media members, into a waiting SUV. The media members are stunned. The Hades Creek Phalanx seems to have a real character on their hands. and his name is Ralf Jones.
  3. A small media group is gathered outside the Phalanx locker rooms, excited by the new prospect Ralf Jones that was recently signed to the team. Ralf emerges and grabs the first mic closest to him and renches it away from the interviewer and stares straight into the camera pointing. "Im going to take this opportunity to introduce all you wanna be me's to the future, best, most powerfull, most excelent, fullback football playing wrestler youve ever seen!!! Now I know we got some short attention spans around here so Ill keep this quick. Im going to be taking my talents to hades creek! Yeah thats right, the Phalanx, a group of powerfull warriors who are going to crush our opponents with defense, strangle them with offense and rise up to topple the ECFA like little bowling pins. But most importantly, I will be there, the great Ralf Jones, devilishly dashing and enchanting our fans with my charming good looks, and bursting, rippling muscles. You other nobodys cant even hope to compare. You'll hit the matt and grass before you even know that the train called Ralf Jones is leaving the station and there ain't no stopping this trains once its rolling. Better move off the tracks and let me pass, since Im coming through to that number one spot." Ralf drops the mic and bardges past the interviewers back into the Phalanx locker room! This will be a palyer to follow to say the least.
  4. Ralf Jones being a larger boy growing up, wanted to be in westling. Not competitive wrestling, he wanted to focus on AEW or WWE style wrestling. Something about the showmanship and bright lights drew him to the squared circle. He would practice his moves on logs in the backyard of his family home. Suplexing and powerbombing the lumber into submission. Ralf was also a strong boy growing up, using that strenght to his advantage he would grow fit and full of muscle by his freshman year of highschool. Upon entering upper education, Ralf was instantanously a top prospect for the schools sports teams. His 6 foot frame, and rippling muscles clearly an advertisment of his latent athletic talent. Thats where he would meet coach Haase. Coach was a smart man, and had pitched Ralf on joining the football team before. But was always rejected on the notion that the WWE was waiting for Ralf. However, Coach had a brilliant idea, he thought to let Ralf use the gym for training, and slowly try and coax him into palying ball. Ralf jumped at the opportunity to use the gym, still holding out on football for the moment. Most of the other team mates struggled to make friends with Ralf. They thought he was a bit strange. "OOH YEAAHHHS" and "Can you smell what Jones is cooking." Would echo in the gym as Ralf did his training. Most of the team avoided him. But Haase didnt give up, he would make sure to try and slowly bring Ralf into the fold. Then, the opportunity presented itself. The longtime fullback had just graduated and most of the other players were not cut out for the spot. Not to mention a glut of minor injurys keeping the fullback posistion a nightly rotation. Haase asked Ralf one last time, his frame was built right, he was strong, he could take down an opponent, albeit in a non traditional way. Haase asked Ralf to play under the lights and help the team. To his suprise, Ralf said yes. Under the guise of training for wrestling of course.. Ralf dominated, and continued to dominate for the remaning 3 years of his highschool career, growing to love football, but still hoping that the WWE may be in his future. One thing is for sure though, he had made his dream of playing under the bright lights come true
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