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  1. This is starting to be a theme, the media members pace outside of the Phalanx locker room looking for a hot take from Jones. They aren't disappointed. "It's been a little while since we last had our little chats. The Phalanx are looking strong, ever since I joined the team we have been doing really well. I've been cooking up a storm too, multiple pancakes in multiple games, and I've had to step up on offense too! I'm too powerful to be contained and starting next season, you're going to see a lot more of Ralf Jones, crushing opponents left and right, it is not too early to say, we may be
  2. After a massive win over the Wraiths, the media waits yet again outside the Phalanx locker room hoping to snag a quote or a sound bite. Ralf Jones, the new Phalanx FB recruit struts out into the group of media personnel and once again grabs the closest microphone. "I told you all, that this train was coming through. I warned you all, that my presence on the field would be a spectacle to behold. I showed you all that Ralf Jones would be the difference maker here in the league. And you know what? I don't think that I was taken seriously. I don't know if you all realize, t
  3. A small media group is gathered outside the Phalanx locker rooms, excited by the new prospect Ralf Jones that was recently signed to the team. Ralf emerges and grabs the first mic closest to him and renches it away from the interviewer and stares straight into the camera pointing. "Im going to take this opportunity to introduce all you wanna be me's to the future, best, most powerfull, most excelent, fullback football playing wrestler youve ever seen!!! Now I know we got some short attention spans around here so Ill keep this quick. Im going to be taking my talents to
  4. Ralf Jones being a larger boy growing up, wanted to be in westling. Not competitive wrestling, he wanted to focus on AEW or WWE style wrestling. Something about the showmanship and bright lights drew him to the squared circle. He would practice his moves on logs in the backyard of his family home. Suplexing and powerbombing the lumber into submission. Ralf was also a strong boy growing up, using that strenght to his advantage he would grow fit and full of muscle by his freshman year of highschool. Upon entering upper education, Ralf was instantanously a top prospect for the schools
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