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  1. Watching Forscythe tear it up makes me feel so happy
  2. The Hellion revives in LA
  3. Specifically searched my name only to find out that I only had three tackles. Woof
  4. Gotta be a record for winning with the least passes thrown
  5. Hellions have to come back!
  6. What up, world. Backer here. Just decided to have a bit of a chat with the world from Hellion’s Brand Page. First things first: I want to thank the Frenzy for giving me a chance to showcase my talents and play on the field from the start of that season. It really helped that I was able to get into the flow of things and get busy on the defensive end. I am having a decent start to the season and am coming off of an 80-tackle, 6-sack, and 1-interception season last year. Our team even got to the championship game, where I was able to add 6-tackles and a sack to my totals for the playoffs, though I did also have a penalty and we got soundly defeated by the Brigade. Moving forward, I hope to try and continue to get better at what I am told to do: tackle and cover. I even have some more passes defended this season than my previous one since I am able to cover more. Hopefully, I can get stronger and force some more fumbles, but I think that stopping quarterbacks from targeting the easy passes will buy some more time for the big guys up front for now. With regards to my contributions to the Brand, I think I have yet to process what to really dive into, but I am currently working with various San Francisco medical practices to tackle cancer via charity drives. Pretty soon, I’ll be aiming to release some special edition shoes and cleats to aid the hospitals in funding their oncology wings; Be on the lookout, fellow Hellions! (And yes I was told by my brand rep to sign off like that - do forgive me while I aim to distinguish myself from the rest of our talented lineup) @51FundaMent on Twitter (fake)
  7. Dusty about to break my record and I'm here for it lol
  8. Look at my defense guy, man. So Inspirational lol Now time to get The Hellion some love
  9. No, the Hellion Brand is not dead! I just felt like I needed to say that to start out this update on my career thus far. To date, I have not been living in the big leagues like I thought I would, and that actually frustrates me a bit, but I know that I am still young and can be available for Seattle at their beck and call. That, along with new management in the building, let’s me know that I can be able to make things work for me. We are four games into the season, and I only have 50 yards to show for things, but I think that with some more effort and some more work this offseason I can be able to achieve what I set out to do and make a name for myself on this team - kind of like what my Brandmate Backer is doing this season, with his 35 tackles, 2 sacks, 5 passes defenced and one INT. That truly is all that I am here to let you guys know about, though I may be having some more news as my career goes along; up next on the docket for me is a sit-down interview with a couple of documentary filmmakers in order to get some insight into my Hades Creek Days, alongside my ongoing charity work with the Hell’s Bell’s ® charity commission for the rehabilitation of Abused Men and Women (or just Hell’s Shelter ® for short). My life may not be going to plan, but others out there have been and are being hurt worse in many ways. I want to provide counseling and even intervention and preventative measures to ensure that there are fewer instances of domestic violence in the Seattle area - and beyond (eventually). While I work out and aim to improve my standing on the roster, I’ll be working to make sure that the commission works to bring our goals to fruition. That is all for now (from me anyway), fellow Hellions! Until We Meet Again! (Follow Forscythe on Twitter @38Demon) [and by that I mean don't bc it ain't real lol]
  10. Ah yes. Six yards in preseason
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