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  1. Man. If only we played like this in the big game. However, I'll take a Bronze bowl!
  2. Also I fumbled and only 74 yrds lol boo
  3. SO happy we upset the Rangers! SO sad this is Anchorage's last season. You see the progress. Bittersweet
  4. Wild. I scored already hope we beat DVR
  5. Justa Backer, current linebacker for the Anchorage Storm and newest Hellion signee, was never much of a talker. He simply wanted to make his game be felt amongst the rest of the league. With the storm being contracted, however, he felt it necessary to get ahead of what needed to be said about his availability and his future. When asked about his time in the ECFA continuing, Backer decided to be a little candid with his response, saying: "I thought I was going to be in Alaska for my time in the ECFA. I think that, when you really think about how well we're doing and what the fans have really come out to see and endured for so long prior to this season, our legacy was ripped from us. Anchorage may not have been the best place, but we were going places and I wanted the rest of the league to see that. Because of this, I haven't really heard from Forsythe about his decision - though I think we will unfortunately be playing on separate teams now thanks to this news of contraction. With that being said, I have decided to take my talents to Savage City. I think that becoming a wraith would be best for my career moving forward, and while I don't like being separated from a player and man that I've come to respect in Judoma, I think that I have to make a name for myself as well. We have signed on to the Hellions brand together, but we are individuals. I'm sure that my play will express that in the future."
  6. It would seem that after a litany of games, in which Judoma Forsythe ripped off a lot of yardage and the storm made history in terms of winning the most games they ever had, there has been an elephant in the room that seems to have The Hellion feeling down. His team - of what she was so loyal to and even confident in their sustained success throughout his tenure there - has been relegated and contracted, leaving behind the players that chose to go to the state of Alaska to play football and forcing them elsewhere. Forsythe, while not showing it outright, seemed to have taken it the hardest - skipping out on post game interviews and choosing to leave his manager to make a statement of "I'm out to work" time and time again. Rumors had it that Judoma was considering quitting and retiring from the circuit, while more rumors held that the hellion was more interested in bettering himself for the bigger leagues, meaning he wouldn't have chosen a team by the appropriate time. It would seem that Forsythe had been biding his time with his decision, and now has come to one that may change the landscape of the remaining teams in the ECFA. After a modest showing following a week in which he broke off a 91 yard touchdown, Judoma decided to name the team he was going to head to following the end of the 30th season of the ECFA. In a statement, he said the following: "I want to make it very clear that my heart still belongs in Anchorage. I think that the progress that has been made - both on my part and the team - has been a true showcasing of what grit and determination will bring about. With this win, we have eclipsed our win total of all time for this team, meaning this squad has brought the most success to the city. Sadly, while the city celebrates, we have to look for a new team. At first, I didn't know where I wanted to be. Backer and I had just signed on to the Hellion brand and were looking to make a splash with our first commercial, but this news took us out of the mood and made us halt the proceedings in order to make decisions that would change our lives. In looking for my next home, I wanted to make sure that it was a team that was in need of a player like me - and that was willing to use any mechanism in the playbook to utilize my skill set. At this time, I am happy to announce that I will be joining the Hades Creek Phalanx following this season's end. I'd like to thank the coaches that reached out to me and inquired of my services, whether they be genuine or not: it really gave me the confidence that was necessary to not put down the football or to just train outside of performance in the ECFA. I surely hope that, much like my time in Anchorage, My time in Hades Creek will result in a boost for the city. Thank you all." As he answered more questions about his next move, there was a bit of sadness in the room. It was as if many fans and local writers didn't want to believe that he would make a choice, and now that he had it felt all too real. Anchorage may have been dissolving, but the Storm still have business to take care of.
  7. Happy we accomplished it! Such a bittersweet moment though
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