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  1. These drops are killing us smh
  2. Well here we are in the off season between my freshman and sophomore year writing my College Spotlight. This season could have gone better for Trenton but with an extremely young team nobody should be disappointed with the result of a 7-9 record. Matthew Edwards played Tight End the whole season and in my opinion a god awful season. On the season he put up 24 catches for 185 yards and 1 touchdown for a average yards per carry of 7.7 which is not ideal but could be worse. Lock Down on the other hand had a great season, which in my opinion should win the defensive rookie of the year. His stats on the year were 69 tackles, 11 passes defended, 4 interceptions, and 1 forced fumble/fumble recovery. During the season Trenton was dealing with a lot of QB drama with the infamous user Chef, everybody is happy that he’s finally gone. But with that gaping hole at QB they have decided to move Matthew Edwards to Quarterback for the coming season. This is going to be a tough transition for the Sophomore TE who has never had a snap at QB in his entire career. They have brought in NFL legend Patrick Mahomes to try and teach Matthew some things to get him prepared for the season but it will be tough to see how it went until the season actually arrives. Lock Down on the other hand has still be working on his hands and his game IQ. He was quoted as saying “What makes me special is my mind, you might be able to physically beat me but I know what route you’re running before you do. Nobody is going to be able to go out there and say they outsmarted me.” This is a strong quote from an already athletic Lock Down who is closing in on that 199 cap. To recap on the season the two brothers Matthew and Lock Down have enjoyed being in Trenton and don’t regret signing there at all. Trenton was the first to reach out and say they were interested in the pair and they are hoping that Trenton is as happy with the decision as they are.
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