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  1. Season 29 of the EFL and ECFA are over now. Now, it is time for a wrap-up press conference. If it isn't specified, answers may be from EFL or ECFA 1. What do you feel about how your team(s) did this past season? 2. How do you think your team(s) will do next year? 3. Who is more likely to repeat: Manchester Lookouts or Wisconsin Brigade? 4. Which team that missed the playoffs is most likely to make it next year? 5. Which team that made the playoffs is most likely to miss next year? 6. Is King Leonidas the greatest kicker in ECFA history? 7. How important is an elite quarterback to winning a championship? 8. Does the saying "Defense wins championships" still apply to the EFL? 9. Does it apply to the ECFA? 10. True or false: This past season's Manchester Lookouts were the greatest ECFA/NCAA team of all time (i.e. would beat any other team) 11. Which upcoming rookie will make the biggest impact next season in the EFL? 12. Who will win championships in season 30?
  2. The Rangers knew the task before them was nearly impossible. All year the Manchester Lookouts had dominated the ECFA on their way to a 18-0 record. The only thing standing between the Lookouts and history? A Death Valley Rangers squad that would likely be overwhelming favorites any other year. The plan for an upset was clear to analysts before kickoff. Slow the Manchester passing attack, attack the Lookout defense, and keep the game close. The plan did not work out. To be fair, the first half followed the script pretty closely. Following a Rangers three and out, Manchester took advantage of a short field and scored the game’s first touchdown on an eighteen-yard touchdown run from Might Guy. The Rangers answered with a long drive capped by a Thea Thanos seven-yard run. After trading punts, the Rangers had a drive enter the red zone. Then, disaster struck. Rejoinez L’Ordre-Sombre intercepted a Tactique Marteau pass at the two-yard line before a decent return. Lookouts quarterback Vince Carswell II dissected the Rangers defense as he marched down the field, capping the drive with a touchdown pass to Maleko Tagaloa. The half ended with the score 13-7 in favor of the Lookouts. With the ball to start the second half, Carswell resumed his dissection as the Lookouts marched down the field again. This drive would be capped by a short touchdown pass to Ellektra Empire to put the Lookouts up 20-7. The Rangers couldn’t get anything going, and Might Guy stuck the dagger in with a four-yard run at the start of the fourth quarter to put the game away. A late Rangers touchdown as time expired made the final score 26-14 in favor of the Lookouts. In hindsight, coach TacticalHammer’s calling Manchester “A bunch of talentless luckboxes.” may not have been the smartest move. Knocking off a juggernaut like Manchester is hard enough, giving them ammo like that is begging for trouble. It is likely that Lookouts coach MMFLEX shared these comments at halftime. Manchester clearly had more fire and urgency to begin the second half. A Rangers touchdown in garbage time means the score does not fully reflect just how dominant the Lookouts were. And yet, it is easy for the Rangers to imagine what could have been. Maybe Marteau’s pass finds the endzone instead of L’Ordre-Sombre. Maybe if they weren’t chasing the Lookouts’ offense they would have been able to lean more on the kicking GOAT King Leonidas to gradually build up a lead. Manchester kicker Alexander Chase Everett appeared to be feeling the pressure missing two extra points. A field goal with the game on the line would have meant even more pressure. I know who I would favor in a kicking duel. Unfortunately for the Rangers, their defense could not hold the Lookouts to field goals when they needed to. For one half at least, the Rangers looked like they might have what it takes to slay Goliath. But self-inflicted wounds caused too much damage for their effort to bear fruit. Congratulations to the Manchester Lookouts for finishing 19-0 for the first time in ECFA history. See you all next year as the ECFA celebrates its thirtieth season.
  3. If Denver played the whole game like they did the second half, they would have won. That first quarter was too much to overcome.
  4. Malinpa’s first class depends on the day of the week, but it is always at 8:30. “Some would say having all 8:30s sucks, but I view it as an opportunity. I already have to get up for morning lifts so going to class after isn’t too bad.” Malinpa sits through two or three classes before lunch. He notes that the classroom is very important. “Coach keeps drilling into us the importance of a strong mind out on the field. Having the mental aspects of the game down allow us to gain an edge on more physically gifted teams who cannot handle curveballs.” Lunch is whatever is being served in the dining hall. Some players follow a strict diet during the season, but Malinpa views such actions as unnecessary. “Long as you keep your weight in check and can get through practice without puking, coach really doesn’t care what we eat. Worrying about diets causes stress so should be avoided at all costs.” We didn’t ask what happens to anyone who is overweight. After lunch and maybe one more class, Malinpa heads down to the stadium for practice. As a special treat for our readers, we managed to obtain permission to watch the entire Wraiths practice. Next time, we will share that practice with you all.
  5. 1. He's the GOAT for sure. I'm honestly looking forward to watching him dominate in the EFL. 2. This question makes no sense. How can anyone compare to the GOAT? 3. Family gathering as is customary. 4. One of these is not like the others.... but playing video games for sure. 5. Star Trek DS9 6. I didn't even know someone named Michael C. Hall exists 7. Queen 8. Pumpkin pie exists, so yes. 9. A long range radio so I could contact help faster. 10. The Hobbit 11. Hawaii 12. Orange actually.
  6. For a conference championship, this game has been very sloppy
  7. We've given ourselves a chance. I'll take it.
  8. Kinda wondering how game of the week is selected. Rangers at Pirates seems like a better matchup.
  9. The Manchester Lookout stand on the brink of history. As far as this writer can tell, no team in ECFA history has ever finished the regular season undefeated. Not even back in the old days of the NCAA has a team finished without at least one blemish. The Lookout certainly are capable of finishing the job. They have already beaten all other teams at least once and their toughest matchups were on the road. The Lookout will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Their offense and defense are both superb. But rather than gush about why Manchester will finish the season undefeated (including the playoffs), lets look at a theoretical gameplan for beating them. Then, lets see if any of their possible opponents are capable of executing this plan. First, a dive into the statistics. Manchester boasts an explosive offense, leading the ECFA in points per game and yards per game. The offense is also well balanced, with the second rated passing attack complimented by the fourth rated rushing game. Their defense is also dominant, leading the ECFA in points per game and rushing yards allowed per game. The pass defense is the relative weak spot, though this may just be because of volume from opponents trying to come from behind. This of course presents a bit of a paradox in trying to defeat the Lookout. Ideally, you want to establish the run game, keep it close going into the fourth quarter and give yourself a chance at the end. The dominant run defense makes that task difficult, and with how explosive the Lookout are on offense, a shootout is not favorable. But just because the run defense is strong does not make it invincible. Some of the ECFA’s best rushing attacks have managed a modicum of success against Manchester. The issue is doing it efficiently enough to be a credible threat. And this rushing must be balanced by a credible passing attack otherwise the Lookout could blow the game out of reach with a stop or two. The defense must be able to limit at least one aspect of the Lookout offense as well in order to give themselves a chance to win. It is time for the final opponent breakdowns. Week 16: Roswell Encounter Sorry Encounter fans, but this is not happening. Roswell does not have the passing attack to exploit Manchester’s relative weakness and their defense hemorrhages yards on both fronts. ECFA Quarterfinals: (Likely) Trenton Generals Also, likely not happening. Trenton’s offense is fairly balanced, but their defense gives up too many yards on the ground. Once Manchester has the lead, they will be able to keep it. ECFA Semifinals: (Likely) Athens Carnage Athens boasts the top passing attack in the ECFA, ideal to take advantage of Manchester’s relative weakness on defense. Additionally, the Carnage defense appears capable of slowing Manchester down if the offense can move the ball. The problem is Athens does not have a consistent running game. ECFA Championship: Death Valley Rangers or Biscayne Bay Pirates Starting with the Pirates. Their defense is definitely up to the challenge and an elite passing game would make it interesting. The running attack lags behind a little bit but the other aspects are good enough that they stand a chance. However, I feel the other possible opponent is an even better matchup. DVR appears to be ideally built for this task. Their defense is elite. Their offense is balanced. They came within a 32 yard field goal of beating the Lookout earlier this year. I believe if anyone is going to end Manchester’s unbeaten season, it will be the Death Valley Rangers.
  10. Wraiths won, Trenton lost. I guess we the three seed now.
  11. Trailing 21-17 at half against the Trenton Generals, the Savage City Wraiths knew their season was on the line. A win would give the Wraiths the inside track to the third seed in the Heroes conference. A loss would leave them battling with the Roswell Encounter for the fourth seed with a real possibility of missing the playoffs entirely. Freshman linebacker Timothy Malinpa recalls the mood in the locker room. “We knew it was do or die time, definitely. Our offense was having some success running the ball, but that would mean nothing if we couldn’t stop their offense. Coach challenged us to not let them score any more. We followed through.” The Wraiths defense which had allowed Trenton to do what ever they wanted on offense suddenly clamped down on everything. Passes were constantly deflected by active defensive backs, running lanes closed quickly. Trenton scored zero points in the second half, which would prove a huge problem given the other side of the ball. The Wraiths vaunted running back duo of Bear Tigger and Forrest Gump were at it again. The two combined 53 carries for 331 yards rushing and five touchdowns. Especially in the second half, Trenton had no answers for the dominant duo. “We gave up over 6 yards a carry to those two. Can’t win a game playing like that. No chance.” Subway Jeff complimented the ground game with an efficient 8/12 for 123 yards. A modicum of balance opened up even more holes for the dominant rushers to feast. Jamal Suminge caught 5 of those targets for 106 yards. This win demonstrates the Wraiths at their best. Keep it close in the first half, then allow Tigger and Gump to grind the opposition into dust while running out the clock in the second. The lack of a consistent passing attack probably limits their viability in the playoffs, especially against loaded rosters like the Carnage and Lookouts, but if they can manage a lead going into the fourth quarter, I would not bet against Tigger and Gump to close the game out. Offensive Player of the Game: Bear Tigger Tigger actually had fewer carries than his backfield mate, but he made the most of them, converting his 23 carries into 177 yards and three touchdowns. Consistent pounding in the second half helped blow the game open. Defensive Player of the Game: Primetime Jackson Jackson only had three tackles and two pass deflections, but his impact was clear. Trenton receivers appeared to hear footsteps whenever he was in the vicinity, leading to large numbers of dropped passes. And in the second half as Savage City went on its 21-0 run, he personally shut down several Trenton possessions closing the door on the General’s comeback hopes. Knucklehead of the Game: BOT173 Really man? Two penalties for 28 yards? Giving Trenton what little hope they had. For the record, few players had a truly bad game for the Wraiths, but penalties of this magnitude are simply unacceptable. Get it together man.
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