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  1. Just noticed this: why isn't @oilmandan's player Tuff E. Bear locked in as the New York Herd's 1st-round pick? EDIT: @Siddhus also has a player in the draft that isn't locked to the Mambas. I'm sure there's nothing fishy going on, I just want to understand the rules better.
  2. Welfare Claim 09/13/21 +3
  3. Mock Draft +6 (+6 Bonus) I apologize that I forgot to link this here before!
  4. Dangit, I did. Good catch, I'll fix that!
  5. Salivating at the prospect of 12 delicious TPE in exchange for modest effort, I set out to write a well-informed, thought-provoking, near-Pulitzer-worthy article. But that didn't work out, so you get this instead. As a shameless media hack, mock drafts and fantasy rankings are my bread and butter. They give the appearance of high effort, and literally none of it has to be correct! I may not be particularly experienced or knowledgeable about the league, but I can engage in rampant, ill-advised speculation with the best of them! (Editor's note: This meant to be humorous and is in no way intended as a shot towards people who write very good, high-effort mock drafts and/or fantasy rankings.) How much do I know about these players? Almost nothing! Is that going to stop me? Nope! So without further ado, let the reckless guesswork begin! I did refer to recent mock draft articles from @AW13 and @CowboyinAmerica to get the draft order, but I intentionally avoided reading their work to preserve the integrity and originality of this piece. Some of the projected picks may end up being the same, but all of this comes from my own research and uninformed opinions. Any similarities that you may find to their articles are inadvertent and unintentional. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to @AW13, who kindly explained that all the information I was struggling to find for this piece was readily available in EFLO. Without that piece of friendly advice rescuing me from the depths of frustration, there would be no article here! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Seattle Predators -- QB Jamar Mackson, Hades Creek Phalanx -- @BeastTakeover A quick look at Seattle's roster reveals a gaping hole at the most important position of all. When you're forced to play a robot under center, it's really difficult to win in this league, and Seattle's 1-15 record on the season bears that out. With the first pick in the draft, they have to address that weakness. With Manchester Lookouts star QB Vince Carswell II locked to the Denver Steam by the general manager rule, the Predators face a choice between two equally talented but very different players in Jamar Mackson and Jeffery Jibber. I predict that the Predators will opt for the raw athleticism and greater potential upside that Mackson offers over the more polished and perhaps more pro-ready skillset of Jibber. Jamar Mackson is a true modern quarterback, equally dangerous with his arms or his legs and the type of player who can become virtually a team's entire offense. With rumors of a possible management change on the horizon for Seattle, perhaps no player in this draft is more suited to become a new "face of the franchise" than Mackson. He will be the centerpiece of the Predators' rebuild, and you can expect his jersey will be a hot seller in the Pacific Northwest! 2. Los Angeles Reign -- RB Eden Empire II, Manchester Lookouts -- @MMFLEX LA and Seattle occupied an unfortunate class of their own at the bottom of the league, as two of their combined three wins this season came against each other. Curiously, unlike Seattle LA seems to have no obvious roster weaknesses, with perhaps relative youth and inexperience rather than lack of talent being LA's greatest concern. They have a talented young QB in Kenny Khan who's just coming into his prime, and with a good draft LA could be poised to make a big leap in the standings next season. They take advantage of Seattle's need at quarterback to snatch up one of the most electric players we've seen come out of the ECFA in a long time. Listed as a running back, Eden Empire II should perhaps have their position simply stated as "WEAPON," as they lined up at both RB and WR for the Lookouts and was one of the best players in the league at both positions, exceeding 1700 rushing yards and 1100 receiving, while scoring 37 of Manchester's 94 offensive TDs! Los Angeles has a star running back already in Count Olaf, so Empire will probably spend most of their time out wide or in the slot, but don't count out the possibility of seeing them between the tackles. LA's offensive coordinator has to be delighted at the prospect of scheming up new and interesting ways to get the ball into this player's hands, so don't be surprised if the Reign offense features a lot of jet sweeps and end arounds next year! 3. Minnesota Frontier -- WR Trigger Colt, Manchester Lookouts -- @SnapTackleDrop My nomination as the best available wide receiver in this year's draft, Trigger Colt caught 21 of Vince Carswell's 54 touchdown passes for the Lookouts this season, finished second in the league in total receiving yards, and was the only player apart from his teammate Eden Empire II to average more than 20 yards per reception. He has a gigantic catch radius at a long-armed 6'4", and combines it with elite speed, which means that he's never not open. His tape shows him achieving huge separation on almost every play, and easily winning 50/50 balls on the rare occasions when he doesn't. After a challenging first couple of seasons, Minnesota QB Frank Funk Jr. will be delighted to finally have an elite receiver at his disposal as he heads into his 3rd season in Minnesota. Expect Funk and Colt to become fast friends! 4. Toronto Skyhawks -- RB Curtis Taylor, Athens Carnage -- @Lefty_S With this pick, I'm matching player to team more than player to draft slot. Toronto has committed to taking Curtis Taylor with their 1st-round pick under the general manager rule. This is no shade to him, as Taylor is a good player and well worth a 1st-round choice, but he probably is not the best player available at the 4th overall pick. I expect to see a draft night trade between Toronto and another team looking to move up ahead of San Francisco to get a player they covet. Toronto will surely be looking to acquire some additional draft capital in exchange for giving up their 1st-round selection flexibility. With whatever selection they ultimately use to take him, Toronto will be getting a multi-talented player; interestingly, Taylor decided to declare for the draft as a running back despite playing almost exclusively as a receiver for the Athens Carnage this season. And a very good wide receiver he was, leading the league in both receptions and receiving yards by wide margins, and finishing second only to Trigger Colt in TDs, with 18. Toronto could use an infusion of fresh talent at both positions, so expect to see Taylor lining up all over the offensive formation. He could be dark horse candidate for Offensive Rookie of the Year if the Manchester stars happen to struggle early on. 5. San Francisco Frenzy -- RB Might Guy, Manchester Lookouts -- @zekethatbeast25 In a no-trades mock, San Francisco pounces on an incredible talent at 5th overall; I'm skeptical that Might Guy actually gets this far on draft night. Rival ECFA head coaches could only shake their heads in amazement when a top-5 overall draft prospect was Manchester's second-best running back this season. Racehorse fast and twice as strong, Might Guy rushed for more than 1900 yards and averaged a league-leading (and scarcely-believable!) 7.6 yards per carry for the Lookouts. Thanks to the presence of an elite receiving back in Eden Empire II, Guy's talent as a receiver goes almost unnoticed, but opposing defenses would be wise not to ignore him as a threat out of the backfield in the EFL, as he quietly scored 6 receiving touchdowns for the Lookouts, including a 40-yard catch and run. 6. San Francisco Frenzy (from New Orleans) -- WR Maleko Tagaloa, Manchester Lookouts -- @Rockstar Boasting a young roster packed with talent, it probably isn't unfair to say that San Francisco underachieved this season. They did make the playoffs, but finished under .500 in the regular season and lost to Denver in the first round. Remarkably, the Frenzy made 3 interceptions in that playoff game, yet never held the lead. Making their second consecutive first-round pick thanks to an earlier trade with New Orleans, I expect the Frenzy to take the lesson of that playoff loss to heart and use both picks on offensive weapons. The most notable missing piece on the San Francisco roster is a true top wide receiver, and they address that problem here with another player from the historic Manchester Lookouts offense. Thanks to the staggering wealth of options the Lookouts had this year, Tagaloa typically lined up as a tight end and was mostly used as a blocker, which makes his receiving numbers appear underwhelming. But don't be fooled; he has all the tools necessary to be a star wideout at the next level. In fact, there's a reasonable argument that he might even be the better player compared to his teammate Trigger Colt. He is fractionally shorter and slower than Colt, but is a significantly more precise and polished route-runner; his quarterback will know exactly where to find him on every single play. He is also a superior blocker in the running game, which is an underrated skill for wide receivers, and one that his once and future teammate Might Guy is sure to appreciate. 7. Memphis Mambas -- LB Fetu Tagaloa, Manchester Lookouts -- @Rockstar It's sure to be a fun night in the Tagaloa household, as twin brothers go back-to-back in the first round of the draft! The Lookouts offense was so historically unprecedented this season that their defense might've actually been underrated, despite allowing the fewest points of any team in the country, leading the nation in total team tackles, and picking off 20 passes! The captain and unquestioned vocal leader of that defense was middle linebacker Fetu Tagaloa. He was most recently seen flying all over the field in the National Championship game, making 13 tackles in a Defensive Player of the Game performance as the Lookouts cruised to 19-0 at the expense of the Death Valley Rangers. I expect the Mambas will see Tagaloa as the perfect player to take over from Sammo Waddlesworth @Pengu, now well into the twilight of his career. The joy in the Tagaloa family will be a little bittersweet, however, as the twins will no longer be teammates for the first time in their football-playing lives. I venture a guess that the Frenzy might be tempted to use their back-to-back picks at 5 and 6 to keep Maleko and Fetu together for their professional careers, but that isn't the scenario I've chosen to mock here. 8. Miami Neptune -- QB Jeffery Jibber, Biscayne Bay Pirates -- @lukechezzwoo The Neptune were undoubtedly disappointed after an upset loss to the New York Herd knocked them out of this year's playoffs, but they will be happy to take advantage of the slightly higher draft slot. The Neptune battled to a 12-4 record despite an iffy quarterback situation, and so the pick for them here is an easy one. They take advantage of the non-Seattle teams having established young quarterbacks and take a player who in most draft years I would expect to come off the board much earlier. Jeffery Jibber is a traditional pocket passer who lacks the rushing upside and pure athleticism of 1st overall pick Jamar Mackson, but makes up for it with pure arm talent. The strength will wow you, but what really catches the eye of scouts is his pinpoint accuracy, as it seems there's no window too small for him to fire a pass through at roughly the speed of sound. That confidence in his arm leads him to take some unnecessary risks, which will be much harder for him to get away with in the pros, but those occasional mistakes can easily be coached out of his game. Add to that better footwork than most people would realize, and Jibber has all the tools to be an instant success. Miami fans will have every right to expect great things with him leading their team next season. 9. New York Herd -- RB Philip Stein, Trenton Generals -- @IHateBobNutting I expect the Herd will take a very hard look at Athens Carnage QB Namey McNamerson here, but I think in the end they decide to take a more pro-ready prospect and hope that they can get the draft's last potential franchise quarterback with a later pick. Aside from QB, the positions of need that I see on the Herd roster are LB and RB, and I think they choose offense. If they miss out on McNamerson, they can use their 2nd-round pick to shore up the defense, and they'll have a potential star running back that they can rely on if quarterback remains a weakness. In the best-case scenario, they get both Stein and McNamerson and instantly improve both aspects of their offense, while their defense can rely on a young, talented secondary to support a weaker front 7. This is a team that exceeded expectations this season, and by adding the right talent in the draft, they should be set up to equal or exceed the new bar they set for themselves with this most recent performance. 10. New Orleans Kraken (via San Antonio) -- CB Jason Grant, Athens Carnage -- @BeastTakeover Expect the Kraken to be bitterly disappointed if the draft goes as projected by this mock. New Orleans has a very good young passing attack led by QB Johnny Utah, but lacks the support offered by a power rushing attack. With a draft this rich in offensive talent, the Kraken could be left wondering how they missed out on a running back to elevate their offense. I expect they will try hard to jump up to Toronto's #4 slot, especially if a player like Might Guy is available, as is projected here. With all of the top running backs off the board in this scenario, I see the Kraken simply taking the best available player regardless of position, and at this point in the draft I think that's Athens Carnage corner Jason Grant. A true shutdown cornerback, Grant was unquestionably the best secondary player in college football this season, picking off 10 passes and breaking up 21 more. Three of those 10 interceptions he turned into 6 points the other way. He even added three sacks and a forced fumble. He might not be the running back that they covet, but he will immediately make the entire Kraken defense better, and the franchise will be thrilled to add a player of his elite caliber. 11. Los Angeles Reign (from Wisconsin) -- K King Leonidas, Death Valley Rangers -- @thadthrasher This could technically end up as the final pick of the first round if the Brigade upset the favored Denver Steam in the upcoming championship game, but with Denver's pick locked by rule, the Reign will have no reason to fear missing out on the player they prefer for their second 1st-round pick. Having already added a offensive superweapon in Eden Empire II at #2 overall, the Reign add college football's best kicker to a balanced, talented roster that should easily outperform their 2-win performance of the past season. A kicker in Round 1 might seem surprising, but King Leonidas is one of the most talented college kickers to enter the draft in quite some time. Leonidas made both of the 50+-yard kicks he attempted this season, including the longest college field goal of the year at 57 yards. Blessed with a rare combination of thunderous power and bullseye accuracy, Leonidas has never missed a kick from beyond 40 yards and can boast of greater than 90% accuracy on both field goals and extra points. With Leonidas available, any drive that gets inside the opposing 40 will be a virtually automatic 3 points for Los Angeles. 12. Denver Steam -- QB Vince Carswell II, Manchester Lookouts -- @LittleRiDog I'm unable to resist the temptation to use that old draft cliché, "the rich get richer!" The Steam already marched to a 13-3 record on the season, matched only by their upcoming championship opponents the Wisconsin Brigade. The Steam are deservedly favored in that game; they've already beaten Wisconsin once this season, and can boast both the best offense and the best defense in the entire league by points for and against. Now they can take advantage of the GM rule to add a superstar quarterback. Some would cast doubts on Carswell's true ability, given the outstanding talent surrounding him on the undefeated Lookouts roster, but expect him to silence the critics. If nothing else, he moves from one loaded offense to another, but the best quarterbacks make their entire team better, and there's no question that Manchester's record-shattering offense would not have been the same with a less talented signal-caller. Only the rushing upside of Jamar Mackson might hold back anyone from designating Carswell as the top QB in this class. With him under center Denver should be heavy favorites for the championship next season, regardless of the outcome this year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I intended to make a two-round mock draft, but I'm exhausted. So we'll stop here, and there you have it, my first significant media piece for the league. I do hope that you enjoy it!
  6. Wisconsin might not win but I think they at least cover the spread!
  7. 1. How do you see the current state of the EFL? The EFL is a small sim league, and I'm not sure it's growing. Surviving but not thriving is probably the way I would put it. I discovered the EFL more or less by accident after I was already invested in larger sim leagues. But the EFL has an incredible user-friendly management tool in EFLO. I think EFL has an opportunity to increase recruitment efforts and could grow and thrive if it becomes the first-choice sim league of more of its users. EFLO, in my opinion could be a tremendous asset to attract new sim leaguers if it's pitched well. I think right now EFL is a secondary or tertiary league for many, myself included, and it's difficult for a league to really thrive that way. 2. What can we do better to keep members coming back again and again? The ability to have both an offensive and a defensive player is unique and very fun. EFLO is unbelievable. A one-stop-shop for all your player updating and banking needs is something no other sim league (that I'm aware of) has. It's an amazing tool that makes for a very user-friendly experience. I don't know how best to do it, but somehow this needs to be front-and-center in league recruitment efforts, in my opinion. I will address this later on, but making the sim itself more accessible could really drive interest. Something about being able to watch yourself (even just as a dot) in addition to reading about yourself really increases engagement and investment in the league. 3. Is it too easy to earn TPE? Too hard? Why and what would you change? The current system is a good one, don't get me wrong. However, I do think the league might benefit from more opportunities to easily or passively earn TPE. I realize the intention is to be a league that rewards high effort, but that makes the "barrier to entry" a steep one, especially for players who might not have prior sim league experience. Implementing weekly activity checks could be a good start. I realize that there is Welfare, which basically serves the same function, but taking Welfare reduces the maximum amount of TPE you can earn in a week. It shouldn't be necessary to have 2 or 3 league jobs in order to max earn. Not everyone has that kind of time. Making more sim leagues eligible for affiliated point task claims would also be a helpful step. I do think the ability to earn up to 3 TPE per week by commenting on Gameday threads is a very worthwhile idea. Frankly, I have no idea how to earn money in this league. Could there be more, better ways to earn $$$ with which to buy equipment and/or training? EDIT: If writing tasks are meant to be the most common way of earning TPE, then basic stats and information HAS to be more accessible, flat out. It's very difficult to write media when it takes unnecessary time and effort to locate the most basic pieces of information. For example, as I discovered in attempting to write a media piece, it's exceptionally difficult to write a mock draft when the draft order isn't publicly available. Or if by chance it is, it's hidden so well that I can't find it. It's enormously frustrating to have to go digging around for information that should be accessible within a few clicks. Making matters worse, as I have just discovered, the pool of draftable players in the Index isn't even correct. I flat-out can't go through every ECFA roster trying to identify who is and isn't draft-eligible. I simple don't have time. The league is never going to get better if people who would like to participate can't access reliable information about the league without making it nearly their full-time job. 4. What do you think the EFL needs to do to get to the “next level”? The game day product has to be more accessible. Streaming some or all of the games on Twitch or YouTube would be a great start. To be perfectly honest, I don't even read the play-by-play in game day threads, I just skip down to the box score to see how my team did. And I think that's OK, but it does feel like a disservice to the gameday presenters who work hard at what they do. I realize I'm basically just asking people to do more work, but it would be great if the index could be more up to date as well. I use indexes a lot when I write media, so they can be very helpful for engaging with the league. A lagging index can be frustrating when you have to dig through the forums to find a particular recent play or stat that you want to cite, for example. The forum and thread layout feels weirdly clunky to me. Maybe it's because so many posts contain dropdowns and hidden text. I realize this is criticism without correction, which I hate doing because it's not helpful, but it does seem like an area for potential improvement. Better organization in general, and making information easier to access, would go a long way towards making the league easier and more fun to engage with. RECRUIT. RECRUIT. RECRUIT. A league can't grow when people don't know about it! 5. What can the EFL staff be doing better or differently to make the league more enjoyable? I think I've already addressed this in previous questions, but I'll reiterate: more recruiting, better access to the sim itself (as opposed to just the results), and a more reliable index. Also an improved forum layout, if it can be improved. 6. Does seeing our staff on zoom chats like Tac did with the other sim league commissioners interest you? Should we do more of these? Even with just our own staff? That chat was how I discovered the EFL in the first place, so they could potentially be a great recruiting tool! I would suggest making the commissioners' Zoom chat a regular occurrence. "State of the League" chats among EFL staff might be helpful and informative as well. And they don't have to be hours long to be useful!
  8. As a player agent, I dedicate most of my time to managing clients in sports leagues other than the EFL. Zed and Ludwig have been gaining TPE more slowly as a result. I'm looking forward to seeing them drafted into the EFL, even though they both project as late-round picks. I'm determined that both players will outperform their draft status and become valuable contributors to their ECFA and EFL teams, even though they might not ever grow into true superstars. It's unfortunate that I didn't realize Welfare could be claimed once per week rather than just once per season; I missed out on some valuable TPE for both players. Thankfully it was just a small amount, and now I know better for the future! My goal is to consistently have both players earning 6 TPE per week, plus taking advantage of additional free TPE whenever they can, through training camps, Career Point Tasks, and similar opportunities. Both players now have reviews of their high school careers posted, earning 8 TPE each and hopefully raising their profile throughout the league. Having been signed in Week 9 of this season, I know both Zed and Ludwig are looking forward to playing their first full ECFA seasons and showing off what they're really capable of! Both showed flashes of serious talent this season. Zed was the WR3 for the Carnage, caught a touchdown pass in his very first game, and finished with a respectable 27/265/3 statline in 8 games. Ludwig's year was perhaps not quite as successful on paper, with just 33 tackles and no sacks in 8 games. However, he showed good footwork in coverage, picking off a pass and defending 3 others, as well as forcing a fumble. I know he's excited to work hard in the offseason and come back stronger for his first full year! 308 words
  9. So, Lookout good, huh? We kept it close for a whole quarter though! I reckon we scared ‘em a little.
  10. A first-generation American citizen, Zydrunas Gyrbauskas was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Lithuanian immigrant parents. Chicago is home to the largest ethnic Lithuanian population outside of Lithuania itself, so while he had an American childhood, young Zed was continuously reminded of his heritage. He always identified strongly with his ancestry and grew up speaking both English and Lithuanian at home. As such, his first true sports love was basketball, the most popular sport in his ancestral homeland. He became a passionate Chicago Bulls fan who idolized Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but also rooted for Lithuanian players like Linas Kleiza and Jonas Valanciunas no matter where they played. His bedroom wall featured posters of Lithuanian basketball legends like Arvydas Sabonis and the 1992 Olympic bronze medal team, who famously wore tie-dyed jerseys in honor of the sponsorship from the band the Grateful Dead that made it financially possible for them to participate in the Games and make their unexpected trip to the medal stand. Zed was an avid youth basketball player, but when his height topped out at 6'1", he realized that a professional or even major college basketball career was probably not for him. His high school football coach noticed his speed, jumping ability, and sure hands and suggested Zed might like to try playing wide receiver. Zed agreed to the tryout and impressed the coaching staff so much that he made the varsity football roster as a freshman. In high school Zed played both football and basketball for three years, but dropped basketball after his junior year to focus full time on his better sport, football, in hopes of earning a college scholarship. His boxing-out and rebounding skills translated well to making contested catches in traffic, and he started to specialize in screen passes and short routes. His ability to turn almost any short pass into a big gain earned him the occasional high school nickname of "The Yak," from all the Yards After Catch he managed to accumulate. As a senior he led all of Illinois high school football in receptions and receiving yards, was a finalist for Illinois High School Player of the Year, and led his team to a one-loss regular season and their deepest-ever run into the state playoffs, reaching the state semifinals before going down in defeat. Receiving multiple college scholarship offers, Zed eventually announced that he would be joining the Athens Carnage to play college football in the ECFA. Google Docs says 407 words
  11. Born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany, Ludwig Helhämmer grew up playing and loving rugby. Rugby is a minor sport in Germany more generally, but by far the most popular in the area where young Ludwig was growing up. From a very young age Ludwig developed a reputation as an eager and ferocious tackler, some might've said too eager. He occasionally got in trouble at school for forgetting to play "touch" rugby and violently flattening one of his classmates during recess! When Ludwig was 12 years old, a teacher tried to help him channel his excess aggression by introducing him to heavy metal music, and Ludwig was immediately hooked. He learned how to play bass guitar and was soon chugging through bass riffs and growling out menacing vocals for 'Ironhand,' 'Black Crusade,' and 'Gigantosaurus,' a succession of loosely defined "bands" that he and his friends formed mostly as an excuse to hang out in each others' basements. Although more interested in sports and music than his studies, Ludwig was in fact a bright student, and at age 15 was selected for an exchange program to attend high school in the United States. Teenage Ludwig hugged his parents and moved in with a host family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for high school. He was disappointed to discover that rugby was essentially unheard-of in American high school sports, but when he was introduced to American football, he was smitten. As he excitedly told his parents, tackling people while wearing armor and black facepaint was "totally heavy metal." Playing both middle linebacker, he racked up tackles and forced fumbles at a remarkable pace that soon drew the attention of college scouts from all over the country. He was always a distinctive figure on the field, wearing heavy facepaint and with long hair streaming behind him as he flew around terrorizing opposing offenses. (There was a small point of confusion before his first high school game, as the referee explained that for safety reasons he would have to remove the spiked leather vambraces he was wearing. Ludwig now wears black cloth wristbands instead.) He retained his fondness for heavy metal, and was delighted to find a group of other young musicians at his American high school with whom he formed his latest and most serious attempt at a heavy metal band, "Pyrrhic Victory." Pyrrhic Victory became a minor success and played roughly two dozen paid shows in the greater Pittsburgh area before going on "indefinite hiatus" when their drummer and lead guitarist both graduated and moved away to attend college. Helhammer's prototypical linebacker size and huge hitting resulted in a number of scholarship offers, and upon finishing his senior year, Ludwig announced his intention to play college football for the Trenton Generals of the ECFA. Before signing his scholarship offer, Ludwig was forced to acknowledge to himself that it would be difficult for his football and music careers to coexist. For the time being, he has chosen to focus on football with the goal of someday playing professionally in the EFL. Ludwig Helhammer (who dropped the umlaut from his surname when he moved to the United States) still believes, however, that heavy metal is his true calling, and plans to resume his music career when his life in football is over. Google Docs says 545 words
  12. Welfare Claim -- 08/31/2021 -- +3 TPE
  13. Touchdown for Zed as Athens staves off the upset bid! Generals cruise, but Ludwig a non-factor. Needs to hit the weight room! And Manchester, just wow.
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