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  1. Both Zed Gyrbauskas and Ludwig Helhammer have announced their decisions to retire from football at the conclusion of the current ECFA season, their final year of eligibility, and will not be declaring for the EFL draft. Ludwig Helhammer will be pursuing his dream of touring the world with his band and spreading the power of METAL wherever he goes, while Zed Gyrbauskas plans to go to medical school, with the goal of eventually returning to Europe and providing medical services to the poorest areas of his native Lithuania and other post-Soviet states. Both players have greatly enjoyed their college experiences and will never forget the time the time they spent in the ECFA! Stepping out of character now, I'm taking steps to significantly reduce my sim league involvement. I simply overextended myself, and the wheels fell off. I've never been as involved in the EFL as I would like, and I while I do think it's a great league, this is ultimately a very natural and I think wise choice. I'm trying to cut back on the total number of distractions and timesucks that I have in my life, as part of learning how to manage my ADHD, and to help myself focus at my new job. I landed a dream job at the beginning of the year after being unemployed since late September. This has been a huge relief and I'm determined to do whatever I can to not squander this incredible opportunity I've been given, and not to let my ADHD get in the way and mess it up. I still love sim leagues, and I'm not quitting altogther, so many of you will be seeing me around. But my time in the EFL must unfortunately come to its end after this season. I simply can't keep up with it the way that I'd like. Finally, I'd like to take a moment to thank my ADs in Athens and Trenton for putting their faith in me and giving Zed and Ludwig their chances to shine! Best of luck in the future to the Carnage, the Generals, and to all my former teammates! Michiganonymous, signing off.
  2. Entry #2 Prompt: "Ludwig Helhammer" Style: Steampunk
  3. Generals on a roll! Ludwig Helhammer bringing the PAIN with 10 tackles in the game! Nice win for the Carnage too in a “get-right” game against poor Savage City.
  4. Zed Gyrbauskas really creating a solid role for himself in the Carnage offense! Helhammer had a bit of an off day against DVR, but then again... they're DVR. Just about everyone has an off day against them. Hard fightback from the Generals after being down big, but just not quite enough in the end. Next time!
  5. Welfare Claim +3 Zed Gyrbauskas Ludwig Helhammer
  6. Hey, Zed’s trying out returning kicks now, that’s cool! Waiting now to see if Ludwig Helhammer can keep making a case for LBotY
  7. Welfare Claim +3 TPE 11/12/21
  8. WOOOO! Yo @MMFLEX can I please get the Tier 1 - TKL Equipment for Ludwig Helhammer?
  9. Well, this season flew by! I was happy to see both Zed and Ludwig growing into contributing roles with their teams, even if the TPE is lagging. The player agency is stretched very thin at the moment, and regrettably it's Zed and Ludwig who seem to be most often left on the outside looking in when it comes to earning and priority projects. But I know they're both enjoying their time in the league, Zed in particular as he and the Athens Carnage overcame their nemesis from Manchester and rode all the way to the championship game, before meeting a Death Valley Rangers squad that refused to be stopped this year. Still, National Runner up as a redshirt sophomore feels pretty dang good. As for Ludwig, he's just happy when he can smash people on the field and thrash guitars off it, and he's doing well on both fronts. He was a vital part of Trenton's great defense this season, menacing opposing offensive lines and consistently pressuring opposing QBs. Both players feel like they're in a pretty good place, even though they've developed more as journeymen or role players than superstars. They both love football, they both love their teams, and as long as they're having fun, what's really to complain about? TPE isn't everything. It's about being part of a team and contributing to success in whatever way that you can. Not everyone can be the best player on their team or the league's best player at their position. It might not be glamorous. Your contract won't ever reset the market. But this type of player is vital to every successful team, and sometimes it's even the smallest contributions that feel the most satisfying. 285 words
  10. Four tackles for Ludwig Helhammer and just two catches for Zed Gyrbauskas but one did go for a TD. Nice to see both players contributing for their teams in a close contest! Proud to represent players on two of the league's best squads!
  11. Serious question: if at some point down the line there were a possibility to reproduce the Grand Rapids Growlers name and brand in a different sim league, who would I have to ask for permission? It is/was one of my very favorite team names and logos in any sim league, I’d love to see it come back somehow, and if not here then perhaps elsewhere.
  12. DVR looking unstoppable this season. Happy to see both of my players contribute to shutouts this week! Pouring one out for my poor doomed Grand Rapids Growlers, lovable losers to the bitter end.
  13. RIP to my hometown Grand Rapids Growlers and their incredible logo.
  14. Welfare Claim +3 TPE Zydrunas Gyrbauskas -- Athens Carnage Ludwig Helhammer -- Trenton Generals
  15. If I recall correctly the poor Wraiths have now been outscored 96-0 to open the season. Bad week for them to play an angry Carnage team. Great win for Trenton to move to 2-0, featuring standout performances by both of the Pablos Sanchez! Helhammer gets into the backfield again, an encouraging sign for player growth!
  16. A promising matchup turns out to be a surprisingly dull affair in the Game of the Week. Going to be some growing pains for Athens' new starting QB, but lots of positives to take away despite the loss. Well done to Trenton's defense on getting the shutout!
  17. Welfare Claim -- 09/22/2021 -- +3 TPE
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