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  1. I don't know what happened. You can delete the rest. Just please don't delete this response - https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/26263-you-need-tpe-i-got-you/&do=findComment&comment=339328
  2. The Miami Neptune are going to be one of the best teams in the league next season. Since I've been in San Francisco, the team has had trouble overcoming them.
  3. Confirm or Accept. I meant the same thing.
  4. Confirm. Biscayne Bay is my home.
  5. To say the least, this is the most disappointing season I've experienced. The media had a lot of expectations for us and so did our fanbase. We failed to meet those expectations. Our majestic finals run last night embodied the spirit of our fans. We promised to learn from that final loss and become better as a team. Once you have made the finals once, it's hard getting back there. Our defense hasn't been good enough for a team that wants to be back to the position they were in last year. The Brigade has started its era of dominance this season. They are still undefeated. I believe they are the #1 contender to win the championship. The only team that can dethrone them is the Miami Neptune. Unfortunately, I think the Los Angeles Reign will be stopped in the second round. They don't have much playoff experience and can be inconsistent at times on the defensive end of the field. It's not the first time an undefeated team has lost in the playoffs. But, the Wisconsin Brigade doesn't give chances to any team. When you do get the chance, you must take the opportunity full of confidence, poise, and determination.
  6. I'm thinking we could do a flag football mini-tournament. It should be optional too. EFL players from the EFL and ECFA can join. The winner can earn some points and incentives as a result. First = 5 TPE. Second = 3 TPE. Third = 1 TPE. This is just a suggestion though.
  7. WHO? Nobody thinks Jack Robinson is better than Mr. Lowry.
  8. It's going to be me. I've been working with Firstfray for months and I know how the team works first-hand.
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