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  1. Alvin Makaratt High School was pretty good. He was known as one of the best players' in Xavier University. Everyone loved his attitude & wanted to be like him. Perhaps he knew he was going to become a great player some-day. He has made over 1,200 tackles as a FS. From his Freshman year to his Senior year, he shows that he can become a dominant leader at the last line of defense. He has signed with the Biscayne Bay Pirates for 4 years. The Pirates have been interested in for a while now, he wants to show the pirates that he can become that leader they are looking for. As a Free-Safety, his job to command the last line of defense & make sure nobody passes through after the defensive-lineman. He needs to make sure that TD area is secured, he is 15-10 yards from the line of scrimmage. The FS is typically known as the center-fielder. In result, most of his big plays are interceptions. He had about 150 interceptions in high-school for 4 years. Alvin Makaratt said the key to winning is "perseverance, even if the game is over on the score-board, it's not over until the clock runs down to 0:00." He has shown time & time again that he is the epitome of the saying, "defense wins championships.". Alvin Makaratt needs to know that this is a different battleground though. This is going to end up as a huge step in his career. He needs to show that he's capable of becoming one of the best defenders in the league. Alvin Makaratt wants to show that following your dreams take a step of responsibility, leap & encouragement. Alvin Makratt is ready to start his journey with the Biscayne Bay Pirates, he hopes to make it a fun one on the way.
  2. S30 Mock Draft: 1.01 - Eden Empire II 1.02 - Maleko Tagaloa 1.03 - Might Guy 1.04 - Curtis Taylor 1.05 - Fetu Tagaloa 1.06 - Jason Grant 1.07 - Trigger Colt 1.08 - Jamar Mackson 1.09 - Philip Stein 1.10 - Casey Frost 1.11 - Vince Carswell II 1.12 - King Leonidas 2.13 - Jerrell Mayweather 2.14 - Inactive Heisman-Winner 2.15 - Cassie Frost 2.16 - Tuff E Bear 2.17 - Logan Murphy Alexander-Phillips 2.18 - Jeffrey Jibber 2.19 - Lee Lemon 2.20 - Jake Obermueller 2.21 - The Field 2.22 - Namey McNamerson 2.23 - The Field 2.24 - Josh Obermueller
  3. Alvin Makaratt has officially signed with the Biscayne Bay Pirates as a FS. He will be leading the line of safety alongside the SS. He is excited for this opportunity & will do anything to make it big time in the EFL. He knows it will take maximum effort & dedication, but he's ready to succeed. He doesn't want to waste the one chance he has to become known in the EFL world. One little mistake & his opportunity is gone. The team have introduced him & has granted him to opportunity to learn under them. The reason he didn't sign with the Trenton Generals is because he didn't like the culture there nor did he like the attitude. The team was very negative about him, unsure & they said he made him "discouraged". Nobody wants to stay around a toxic environment that doesn't like them. It;'s not very good for your mental health at all. It makes you re-think over & over again about why you chose this path. Alvin Makaratt wanted to be sure that he was taking the right decision with this move. He wanted to stay in a place where he knew some people already, felt welcome & was introduced properly by the coaches. Alvin Makaratt said --- "They immediately looked for my strengths/weaknesses & started working right away. That's the type of team I would like. If you can teach others how to work on their own, everyone can work as a team. They know what they are capable of & how they can finish the job on the field. They know perseverance & no quit. That's the type of team I want around me. As a FS, I conduct the last line of defense so the communication has to be on point or else there will be a huge problem. I'm glad I chose this team & I can't wait to continue with this team for the future."
  4. I accept my contract. Thanks for offering me. Can't wait to get started.
  5. It's another day in the EFL. Kyree FIrpo Jr. is examining his offers. He's waiting & excitied for what's to come for him in the future. Kyree FIrpo Jr. said in his announcement on twitter - "I'm stoked to see what teams have interest in me alongside the teams who have rejected me." This will be a huge stepping stone for me in my career. I must step up to the plate to deliver, any way possible. These teams have interest in me because they think they can elevate me to the next level. He says that he's been talking with the Anchorage Storm alongside the Trenton Generals. The Death Valley Rangers have also shown booming interest in Kyree Firpo Jr, but there hasn't been much communication with them. The reason is because it's easier to reach Kyree Firpo Jr. on Discord than it is on here. Kyree Firpo Jr. is socially active in the world. He likes to do activities to help others... Kyree FIrpo Jr. has been watching the opening week of the NFL in his free-time. He has been watching QB's like Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Tua & Zach Wilson throw amazing bombs to WR's. He loves to re-create that on the field. Kyree Firpo Jr's loves to be a show-off anytime he gets on the field. He shows that he is gifted & he won't take that for granted. Kyree Firpo Jr supports the Cleveland Browns in the NFl. He is a huge fan of Nick Chubb on the team. He wants his game to show out over others. He will rise up to criticism when he receives it. He understands that every game isn't over unless the clock goes down to 0:00. He has also been in talks with the Pirates. Just like the Rangers, there hasn't been much communication but he continues to try & discuss with the Pirates more often. He wants to make sure that all of his options are known & he can choose the best one for his team. He doesn't like to wait at all. He wants to make sure he fits with this team; that this team would not only support him but his mates as well in the locker-room. As a QB, you need to be the leader of the offense. You can't be the leader of the offense if you don't have support from others. That support is crucial in any game. That's why QB's will rely on WR; HB; FB; TE & even OL. They want to make sure that they can pass the ball to anyone that is open for the catch. Only rushing with the ball every play can take you so far to the extent of either a sack or a incomplete play. Kyree Firpo Jr knows he has to continue to learn day-by-day, his agents have been kind & respectful to him. Hopefully he can find the perfect decision to boost his career in the ECFA. It's only a matter of time before it happens.
  6. Kyree Firpo Jr. has now made it to the ECFA. He knows there is still work to be done but he wants to learn under the best to become that leading QB for any-roster. The Anchorage Storm was the first team that immediately showed interest in him. He knows there is more to come though, More teams will start to show great interest in Kyree Firpo Jr. Any talented QB will not be left for nothing, this is the ECFA where small little decisions can change a whole franchise. For Kyree, he wants to be that deciding factor. The Anchorage Storm are making a playoff push; hoping to take home all the gold & win another title. Kyree's build is based around as a dual-threat. He can be a gunslinger as well. He can run when asked too. QB's like him are so helpful because he can be your #2 option when there is none at all. He is reliable, he takes responsibility & strives to become better. Every mistake he makes will not be taken for granted, instead he will improve & try to maximize his ability. He will try to show that he has skill, will, desire & passion to play for a football team that has granted him so much through-out his career. His passion can't be matched, he is too determined to win to any-thing. Determination is the biggest key to winning any game, regardless if it's by trickery or cheating. He is looking forward to playing with a ECFA team soon.
  7. Kyree Firpo Jr was born in the Dominican-Republic. His parents eventually immigrated to the United States. We all know the story of immigration & how it changes peoples' life. Kyree is no different in this chase. Kyree Firpo Jr attended public-schools around his place, being bullied from where he came from. It was pretty much the usual treatment of a foreign outside of his country. He was upset, tired, anxious & scared. He survived this punishment throughout his whole school years. He reached his Sophomore year, where he was playing. He attended Xaverian High School to get a better foundation. He wanted to become a QB like no-other. He would try to practice like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes & other great QB's on the field after seeing them throw outstanding passes on live television. That dream seemed a lost reality though, when he injured his calf on the football field. Minutes later, he got in a car-accident. He knew God saved his life right then & there, because there was nobody else to help him. His parents were too busy trying to make some sort of income to not only fund him playing football, but playing in a very top high school. Things from there, went spiritual. The spirit & the faith he had continued to grow every single day. He didn't want to give up, nor did his body. He finally reached the EFL. It was a tough journey but this is but the beginning of the second chapter in his life. New family, old enemies & it's still the same field he used to play on. Just this time, it's on one of the brightest stages ever.
  8. This is really going to be an exciting weekend. I'm going to be watching the Storm very carefully. 
  9. Welcome to the EFL A13Lions! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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