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  2. Welfare for 3 TPE please.
  3. Best win of the season for us. Continue to try to win.
  4. Tough loss against the best team in the league but our defense has gotten better.
  5. First win of the season Pirates!
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  9. Unlike Alvin, Kyree Firpo Jr. didn't move from the Ole Miss Rebels. He also stayed there for two years before entering the ECFA. In his first-year, he didn't start off as strong as he wanted. He was off-the bench and therefore the coach didn't care about him. He only played 2 games where he had 240 passing yards, 3 interceptions and a 49% throw accuracy rate from plays. He was really good at moving the ball on first-downs but the coach didn't believe he could get any better. That year, the Ole Miss Rebels were ranked #4 in the nation with a record of 10-3. They lost in the second round to the LSU Tigers in a blow-out game which sealed the deal. In the meanwhile, Kyree FIrpo Jr. got a lot of offers from teams that were interested in his services and thought that the Ole Miss Rebels were treating him unfairly and ungratefully. Offers from Notre Dame, Oregon, Cincinnati Bearcats, Wisconsin Badgers, Iowa Hawkeyes, Arkansas Razorbacks and the Pittsburgh Panthers really made him think twice. He was on the move to the Badgers until the new coach of the Ole Miss Rebels promised him a start at QB. He over-thinked it a lot but thought why not stay with a team that is already gifted. At that time he already made a new friend in Alvin Makaratt who transferred to the Ole Miss Rebels. They were the best of friends and in their second-season, the Ole Miss Rebels played a lot of drags with the tight-ends. The Ole Miss Rebels finished 11-2 ranked #2 in the nation behind the Crimson Tide. A team who thought they were only going to be contenders now had the urge to go all the way to the championship. But, they ended up losing to the biggest underdogs of the tournament which would be the Oklahoma State Cowboys 28-18, Really disappointing way to end the season but the defense wasn't just set in the first half. A lot of injuries during the playoffs hurted them a lot. At the end of the season, Kyree Firpo Jr. was ready to move on and find another adventure. He had a 61% throwing accuracy rate, ranked #9 in the Heisman Trophy race and finished with 880 yards for the season.
  10. Alvin Makaratt played for the Western Michigan Broncos for a year before transferring to the Ole Miss Rebels where he saw his teammate Kyree FIrpo Jr. He lived in Detroit at the time to go play in College. Some will say Detroit is poverty but that wasn't definitely his mindset. He wasn't ever guaranteed a contract with the Broncos so really that is the major reason he made the move to the Rebels who were ranked #4 in the nation. The Michigan Western Broncos finished 4-9 for the season and had a lot of blow-outs. The defense was very discombobulated and due to that Alvin Makaratt didn't get a lot of chances with the team. In the off-season, he heard rumors of him getting released and cut off the team. His stats as for his tackling efficiency was about 56% and his interception efficiency was 22% in total. It wasn't terrible but he wanted to improve massively and he was open to change. In his second year with the Ole Miss Rebels, it got way better from there. That's where he met his friends before entering into the ECFA. The Ole Miss Rebels were 11-2 and were ranked #2 in the nation just behind the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Clemson Tigers were third and the LSU Tigers were 4th. The Western Michigan Broncos that season took a big toll defensively and ended with a 3-10 record for the season. The Ole Miss Rebels made it to the College Football Playoffs and to the championship where they surprisingly faced Oklahoma State who was ranked #8 in the nation and upsetted Michigan, Alabama and LSU. Unfortunately, they won the championship after defeating the Ole Miss Rebels 28-18 in which it was Kyree Firpo Jr's worst game ever. He had 2 interceptions and only 180 passing yards. He had a touchdown as well in the game but it was only four yards. Alvin Makaratt for the season had a 65% tackling efficiency alongside a 34% interception efficiency before entering the ECFA with the Biscayne Bay Pirates. Not a bad statline for the Free-Safety.
  11. As for Kyree Firpo Jr this off-season.... well he hasn't been training much. He doesn't even plan to train this off-season untilt the pre-season comes. That's what he tweeted on Twitter. He instead wants to give back to the community that he grew up from and play with them. The game of flag-football. He hasn't played flag-football in a long time so they are starting a mini-league near his community and he thinks it would be the perfect time for him to not only give back to the community but try a different perspective of football in general which isn't wrong. He got signed up to the San Jose Stampede. It's an 8-game season with a championship included so it's not bad at all. He has been talking with his offensive-coordinator throughout the tournament about what he could improve and how the offensive-lineman would have to expect from their QB. He has vouched for possibly a new drag for the wide-receivers instead of running the same play on 1st and 2nd downs. He told the offensive-coordinator that maybe simplicity isn't the answer, thinking outside of the box is better and the creativity.options that a QB can have at that moment is really useful.
  12. First off, I would like to say Happy Holidays to all who have seen this article. I wish you the best for you and your family. Now, it's the off-season and as we know it the drafts are approaching so talents are being moved, there's new signings and destiny can now be made but Alvin Makaratt hasn't really been paying attention to the draft. He knows that the season starts in a long time but he's not even resting. The effort that he puts into this game is crazy, the commitment and the desire he has to win is untouchable. Hie's scheduled a defensive training camp for his teammates to attend. It will happen three times in a week which is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday all at the same time. He said he found this online and showed the defensive coordinator of the team. The coordinator was happy with what the camp showed and he was willing to give it a shot as long as it doesn't mess up the structure of the team. Alvin Makaratt tweeted on Twitter. "if we want to get better it starts with the commitment with our team. We already have the fans backing us up so why not give them the money that they deserve every-time they come out to support this team?"
  13. Happy Holidays. Wish you the best for the upcoming new year.
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