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    Meet Dani Keys

    One of the topics in my welcome packet for Lincoln was to write a get to know you article so I wanted to introduce my player who will be playing for the team and her name is Dani (short for Danika) Keys. Dani is a running back born in Tampa, Florida and is the sister of Florida Keys...yes yes...such a creative name...and she is looking to become a premier football player in the EFL one day and will start off by going to college in Lincoln, Nebraska of all places. The girl who loves fun in the sun went to a place where the only real body of water is a river it looks like with the Platte river nearby so maybe no suns out guns out or suns out buns out or whatever in the sun for Ms. Keys. Here is a glimpse into Dani when asked by a local reporter/corn farmer around Lincoln named Stubby Wilks. SW: Welcome to Nebraska Dani! Great to have you here in our fine state. DK: Happy to be here Mr. Wilks. I honestly would say I would have never even visited Nebraska before in my life but no offence, I just did not really know much about it growing up my whole life in Florida and outside of trips up and down the East Coast, I have not left that side of the country or my state for that matter! Happy to get to know all the local spots though! SW: What is going to be the biggest transition for you? DK: With moving to the state or in football or what? SW: Ummm both. DK: Has to be the weather really. I am nooooot prepared for having snow or a winter or anything like that. I am used to lounging on a beach in my swimsuit daily and now I will be hunkered down in sweatpants, a jacket, a hat, a scarf, and all those things I don't own or have the money for right now. As for football I think the most obvious big transition will be playing against guys again. I did when I was younger and held my own but in high school we had a powderpuff kind of thing where it was women against women but that might have been too easy for me. As a female unfortunately there are not many options as far as football goes and as much as I would enjoy playing football scantily clad for drunk fans in the lingerie football league (sarcasm hopefully coming across) I would like to prove myself on the field in the real sport, where the real game is played. Maybe when I am 40 and should not play in the EFL I can look at the other option but hopefully it does not come to that. SW: Will be a huge climate shift and game shift for sure. How do you feel about corn? DK: What...what a weird question. SW: You are moving to Nebraska maam DK: Hey, only call my mother maam...or my sister...yeah call my sister that when she comes to play here. SW: Will do! Apologize for that Ms. Keys. Now...corn? DK: Don't love Ms. Keys but it is better for sure! Okay...I will answer the random question. I enjoy corn probably as much as the other American citizen. I enjoy corn on the cob, corn bread, corn mazes and all that so if I have to represent the good state of Nebraska I think I can do an okay job. DK: Thank you though I need to get back home and get into my jammies and nap. Bye! SW: Enjoy! Thank you!
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