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  1. DaniK

    Welfare 3/27 - 4/2

    Dani Keys and Florida Keys welfare for 4/9 week?
  2. Keys Branding Update 4/10/22 WE ARE BACK! We apologize for the lack of communication my lovelies! After we had set up our future for successes we had a major setback with our supplier and we went through all the legal things that were needed to in order to maintain our mission and keep our company going strong for all the Keys' brand ladies and men out there! As you know, we had named Harriet Davis our CEO last time and unfortunately that is where things got rocky and we have decided to part ways mutually with Mrs. Davis. As of today, we have hired new CEO Martha Johnstone and are very happy to work with her as she has been a major leader of many successful companies and has decided to hop in with us at the Keys brand! We are very excited to continue to push our women in leadership and grow from within and maintain that quality that all you ladies adore and that we love giving to you. When we left off, we gave you 4 choices on what new products will be delivered and put into the shop. We are announcing that after getting such huge feedback in our poll, we will be offering all of these products coming soon! Our hair accessories will start in the next couple of days and you will be able to buy brushes, combs, bows, and even shampoo and conditioner that are salon grade! Then we will offer slippers, a bra and panty set and fleece jackets in the next weeks! We are back with a lot of fun products and news and hope to keep bringing that energy to you! As always, we love you! The Keys
  3. no time this week... +3 for Dani and florida
  4. Keys Branding Update 11/12/21 Helllooooo lovelies!! The Keys here back with our weekly updates as usual and as always we are excited for this week's brand announcement and are excited to be able to catch you up on what is going on with the company! Everything has been running smoothly and it feels good to be able to say that multiple weeks in a row as our new set up really has everyone working hard and getting things done and spreading the love all around the world! We have started shipping often to Europe and Asia which has been a really interesting new journey and we are getting outreach to non football playing countries! Our products are all doing really well and our athletic shorts are doing the best and even got a big jump after the release of more sizes. We still have the poll going right now for our next new product and we have a three way tie at the top right now between our slippers, bra and panty set, and fleece jackets so keep voting for what you want to see next! Our announcement this week is still exciting though! We have hired Harriet Davis as our new CEO to help run the company and manage it. She brings a lot of marketing and management experience to the team and with both sisters about to play football again a new head voice or someone to run the show was needed! The Keys will still be heavily involved in the business and we still put out these emails personally to you gals! Remember, keep voting in the poll! It closes next week! A. Hair Accessories (Brushes, Combs, Bows, etc....) B. Slippers C. Underwear/Bra and Panty set D. Fleece Jackets Love you all and thank you all! The Keys
  5. In news today coming out of Athens, Georgia...our favorite female running back in the ECFA could be in a lot of trouble before the season is officially started! From the Athens local news team...cute star runner Dani Keys may face a suspension of some length after she was discovered to be consuming alcohol publicly around her campus. Normally this wouldnt be big news but it is breaking multiple rules and laws. The Athens campus is a strict no alcohol on campus school so that is the first rule that Dani had broken and might be a big change because in Lincoln nobody seemed to care but also it is Nebraska and not many people live there and if they do they usually have a beer or something in hand. There is also a team rule about not being able to drink in a public place especially before a game and on campus is about as public as it gets folks!!! The third rule is where it starts to get even worse for Dani as she was found drunk with a bottle of wine in hand when campus police came to stop her. This would be just minor but Dani is currently just 19 years old and is below the legal drinking limit so she is a minor in this case which is illegal and could have her get a fine or misdemenor or something. The fourth thing is more of a funny one then anything as she also had stolen local team mascot Gary the gorilla's mascot head and when found she was wearing a bra, pajama pants, and a big mascot gorilla head...very embarrasing for this star athlete. Some think that she is friends with Becka James who normally wears the gorilla costume so there are no charges for stealing the schools mascot head or anything. She does face potential charges of underage possession of alcohol and public intoxication along with the breaking of the team rules. Could Dani miss the entire season due to pending legal trouble or be suspended for a game or multiple games or will there be no action...we just dont know...it could be anything. The coaches want to see it all play out so we might see Dani suit up in her uniform before any legal things get underway which could be interesting. We dont know how the fans will take Dani being able to suit up but we asked some season ticket holders about the whole thing. Season Ticket Holders: I dont think Dani did anything too bad really. She is a young girl ya but she was not caught doing anything inapproproate besides having a few too many drinks...we will still root for the team and Dani. I think maybe she will face some sort of suspension or fine or maybe be hit with some sort of community service but i am hoping she can still play. She is going to be very importnt to the team. As of now...Dani is back on campus and attending classes. She is expected to play in the Carnage first game coming up soon.
  6. she isnt going anywheeere lol
  7. Keys Branding Update 11/6/21 Hello Ladies!!! I want to apologize for not getting any updates out in the previous week as we were experiencing technical difficulties but we are back and as always have some exciting news to bring you! Ok...first, we told everyone about our manufacturer and large warehouse and that is 100% up and running and all of our orders are matching the predicted shipping times almost perfectly! A big hand to the team for all coming together to make that amazing thing happen! Anyone who wants Keys Brand Apparel or Accesories can get it on time in as little as one full business day. Next, our athletic shorts are now available in more sizes due to the demand as we now have childrens' sizes as well as a variety of plus size shorts as well! We did not expect these to be as big of a hit as they were but I can vouch that they are extremely comfortable and perfect for the woman on the go! Our towels have been doing great with bath towels being almost the exclusive buy since it is fall and almost winter here in the States though we have had some beach towels come in from South America recently! The next exciting thing is that we want you to be the ones to choose our next Keys brand products! In a follow up, we will send out a poll with some options for you to choose from and we would love to make our customers and fans be part of this and give you what you love. Here is what to expect in the poll. A. Hair Accessories (Brushes, Combs, Bows, etc....) B. Slippers C. Underwear/Bra and Panty set D. Fleece Jackets Please let us know so we can collect our data! We do plan on releasing all of these at some point but we want to release what you want first! Love you all! The Keys
  8. Sooo...okay it has been a couple weeks since I did an article and last week I did stuff but i actually learned to do like the minimum welfare stuff which actually probably lasted about as long as me writing a whole article lol. Just kidding...i actually saw the welfare thing and clicked on it and was like oh that saves time and did it, it was like 2 seconds. Okayyy,,,so I usually do interview articles and will probably do that but I found myself in a strange situation upon logging in tonight and i thought hey...i could write 500 or more words on this...i think...I am going to try at least. Ok hear me out. The cute and amazing and fast running back Dani Keys still is not officially on a team and it is very strange. The signing day post went up for her sister Florida and she signed on to the deal but nothing found for Dani. Nowww...it would be ok but it is a bit of a weird circumstance because Dani Keys is a misfit now that was misplaced because Lincoln all of a sudden did not become a team when Dani had success and then had to be recruited again. It was a long process because Dani in real life is a spaz that was studying for exams and doing papers and spaced on any responsibility that was not school, eating and breathing. After a lot of chocolate and coffee and T-Swift I am back and I added 3 A- grades to my classes and also found a new team for Dani...so i thought. Dani was going to go to Athens who i believe is in Georgia if I am not mistaken unless it is in Greece but i dont think they play football there. Georgia is a lot closer to Dani's home in Tampa and she could have friends or family or both come to the games to watch her. They said all the right things and showed that the apes were going to use her in a lot of ways just like Lincoln did. It was going to be a match made in heaven...my final rose...my ultimate landing spot in the end but now I sit still showing my player is on Lincoln in the eflo thing and having no way to sign a contract...sad! I just realized I spelled the title with two ys but it can stay because Dani is asking herself why why...yes...bad but I am just too lazy to fix it. I think maybe it will all get rectified but for now i guess Dani is still on the market until she is not? Dani...the real life version and the fake football playing version likes to keep to their word but i just dont want to get burned for that so i have to keep my options open. I dont think anything is official anyways so i dont think i would get in trouble or anything lol. I do enjoy my creative writing i have been able to do in this league and it beats the papers i write for school because well...read this...it is bad but no one will give me an F...I hope. I think the most fun i have here besides wathcing Dani have big games is the creative writing and i love the brands writing and coming up with a bunch of new clothes. I would love to be a designer in real life but dont think i have that kind of creativity and skill so i can pretend i do at least. I get to ramble on as me in my articles and interview things and put together a professional mass e-mail type thing out for the brands so i get to be multi talented! Anyways...it is a crazy scenario and i hope it gets fixed but if not i dont know what will happen. Dani is my favorite player here probably because we share a nickname and it has been really fun as a tiny girl running back. Sorry Florida. I love you too but you get like 4 tackles in a game and that is it lol.
  9. 1. Do you believe in life on other planets? I dooo! It just makes sense that there would be. 2. How do you interact with someone who disagrees with you? My stubborn ass would fight theeem lol 3. Do you think our dreams have hidden meanings? No i think they are just dreams and weird things happennn 4. When you want to give up, what keeps you going? My family is my greatest support system! 5. Do you live by any words of wisdom? Yes. my sister always tells me dont worry until you have something to worry about 6. What's the first step you take in trying to achieve a new goal? i try and outline my whole plans before i do them 7. How do you turn a “no” into a “yes”? depends on the no lol some nos will never turn to a yes 8. What do you do to overcome a personal setback? umm i usually call my sister lol she calms me down 9. Is it easy for you to accept help in achieving your dreams? yes like in the answer above and in number 4 my family helps me so much espcially working through college classes. these were some deeep questions lmao
  10. Keys Branding Update 10/23/21 Hey everyone!! We are back after some down time and we are back to deliver some exciting news! A couple weeks ago we released the Athletic shorts and our demand has certainly outpaced our supply so please be patient as we still have some orders set to go out. We have a lot of things going on at once and are really amazed by the reaction to what we are doing so far. We thank you all for your continued support and love! First of all, the most exciting news! We have a new manufacturer and are now doing everything in a large warehouse in Tampa, Florida instead of from a small business location and a large back room. This news allows us to really catch up and get ahead on our orders and you can know that all the money you have helped pour into this business is being used to keep us growing and expanding our outreach to women around the country and the globe. Second, we of course have a new product to announce! We will be releasing Keys' brand towels! Both bath towels and beach towels will be available with the Keys logo in the corner on the bath towels and keys' special designed beach towels. Also, our bath towels will come in standard sizes as well as bath sheets as well for the extra fluffy comfort for the times you just want to lounge around in a towel and forget about the outside world! Love you all! The Keys
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