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  1. Today is the story of Jacob Robinson, TE and ECFA prospect. He you had a rough start in life but football might be what is needed for him to continue to support his changing fortunes. Jacob was born on the mean streets of Chicago. His father was one of the leaders of one of the the worst gangs in the city. His mother was usually to high or drunk to care for her child. Add some domestic problems and you have an evroment that was far from loving or caring. Eventually the inevitable happened. The father was killed in gang violence and the mother died of an overdose shortly thereafter. Thus left young Jacob orphaned at age 6. He would bounce around the foster system for five years,becoming angrier by the year. Then he met Mr. Robinson. Where most saw only an angry kid, Mr Robinson saw a kid in need of love. He would adopt Jacob and meet his angry with patience and compassion. Jacob, in turn, would eventually call his dad. It was Mr. Robinson`s demand that Jacob stay off the street that brought him to the gridiron. He played offense with the anger of a defense player. FB, WR, TE it didn't matter to him. Helping the team win is the only thing that mattered. He would stand out enough as a underclassmen, that he was recruited from his poor, intercity school to play for the best private prep high school team in the state. He would lead his team to back-to-back state championships as an upperclassman. No he wait to decide where you'll continue his football career.
  2. After some problems with my last post I am back. Not exactly what happened the first time, but I am glad everything is now fixed. With that out of the way. With that out of the way, let's talk Pirate football. It seems this year will have to be one of rebuilding. I understood it would be hard with many underclassmen such as myself. I thought we would have gotten at least one win by now. Only thing we can do now is continue to grow and develop. Season is far from over yet, and I still have something to prove. The path may be harder than anticipated but I have to believe it will end with me in the Hall of Fame.
  3. 1. Probably red 2. the VHL and SBA 3. food, Probably Raman noodles 4. Too many to count 5. Either Japan or Austria 6. Obi-wan Kenobi 7. If missing fingers count, than yes 8. This one. 9. Anything other than my native English. 10. 96 I think. 11. No 12. Spartan
  4. September, 15 2021 I have already moved to Biscayne Bay. Parents just left couple of hours ago. They helped me set up everything. Now its starting to feel real. Am feeling a little homesick right now but I suppose that will pass once the hard work begins. Biscayne Bay is so big and the program here so storied that I have have questioned whether or not I belong here. I am a hick of the hills of Ohio and now I am in a big city. I can be overwhelming. But my coach recruited me because he believes in me and I have a community that loves and supports me. I may screw up sometimes, but I promise you I wiill fight everyday like I did for the high school. I will not be a disappointment.
  5. It was a struggle for William Groves to stand out. Do to the size of the school he attended, many scouts didn't know who he was. Now scouts are practically beating down the doors. The journey to get to that point has been remarkable. Will, as he prefers to be known by, was raised in a smal mining town in rural Ohio. In this place, high-school football means everything. Will had an older cousin who had preformed well for the school. Needless to say, there were great expectations placed on to Will as soon as he stepped on the practice field. He would be forced to play both SS and WR due to the limited number of players on the team. He played decent his first two seasons, but it was in his Junior year he began to stand out. He lead the team on defense in every stat of worth and also lead his team in receptions. Things were looking up for Will until they weren't. After his Junior year, the school district had decided to close the school. This decision was not made without controversy and the fight to save the high school was on. Rather the enroll in another High School like many of his teammates did, his voice was one of the loudest. He stood tall with his town and they won. The high school would be open and football would be played. Named the team's captain at the start of the season, Will would be filled with a renewed sense of purpose and would be a force on both sides of the ball. He lead his team to the first round of the playoffs. For a town who had almost lost it's high school, getting this far was enough for most, except for Will. He secured victory for his team and the fans stormed the field as if the championshiphad been won. Of course, the team would loose next week but that moment was special. In spite of his achievements, Will was largely unknown by college scouts. That changed during the all star game. Choosing to play as a safety, he disrupted the opponents passing game and returned an interception for the the game winning touchdown. He was named MVP and that got the scout's attention.
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