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  1. Korei-Mason Joestar-Smith, 6'1", 240 ~ United Kingdom + Ireland Position: Quarter Back Build: Pocket Passer College: New York University Hometown: London, England Hello there, my name is Korei-Mason. My last name is somewhat embarrassing to me because my father legally changed my name to be Joestar-Smith, named after basketball player Joe Smith with "star' after it, thinking he would be a star. I played in the American football program at New York University after they offered me a scholarship. I played for the full four years, getting very mediocre stats and not standing out there. I wasn't a hard worker, I admit that much. I tried as much as I could, but injuries are things that happen. I suffered multiple injuries, not that many terrible ones like some of my classmates, but bad enough that they have had lasting damage on my body. In the first year, I was the team's morale support and gave 110% of my energy to the team. I was a reserve, one might say. In my second year at NYU, I was tossed around multiple positions with my main positions being Running Back and Quarter Back. The coach found out that I was a better Quarter Back than a Running Back and that became my main position when you talked to me about playing American Football. I was a mediocre quarter back, not being able to throw extremely far, but still being good enough to maintain a starting position with the team. In my final year, I was again tossed around different roles, starting as a Quarter Back and ending the year as a Kicker, a completely different role than I was used to. I mostly had the strength to keep up with the collegiate level of American Football because I had a rather bulky frame and had the strength to play different positions. Now, I'm out of a job one might say, and need to find my way back into the league.
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