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  1. Decent Game hope to do better next time
  2. Predicting Seattle getting the dub
  3. Another Good game for Ayomide Ayodele and James Hoar
  4. 1. What is your favorite football team 2. Favorite book 3. Favorite Video game 4. Favorite Movie 5. What do you think about the Minnesota Vikings 6. Justin Jefferson or J'amaar Chase 7. Who do you think is winning the super bowl this season 8. Who do you think is winning the afc 9. Who do you think is winning the nfc 10. Who do you think has a chance of winning MVP 11. Do you think Brady's the goat 12: Do you watch college football
  5. Accept. Ready to win a championship
  6. Ayomide Ayodele is an immigrant from nigeria who came to the U.S.A when he was 8. Ayomide Quickly fell in love with the minnesota frontiers after his parents moved to america including their wide receivers like adam thielen and the former frontiers receiver stefon diggs. Ayomide was a fast kid who no one could keep up with, he was so fast that a lot of people thought that he would go into Track and become a star runner and so did he but everything changed when he saw the minneapolis miracle. In Fact not only did he see it, he was in the stadium that day wearing a stefon diggs jersey sitting right behind the endzone where that touchdown was scored and got to see his favorite player do it in person. Ayomide father had been a soccer player and his mother a track athlete and they had hoped that their son would play one of their sport but after that day they knew that their child would ask them to play football and so they decided to help him any way they could. Ayomide transferred to Jenks in sixth grade and trys out for the Jenks football and while there were some doubts from some of the coaches, immediately they saw him in action they could not wait to get him on the team and he excelled during the four years before high school already gaining attention from some of the top college teams. Before he even started high school, Ayomide started to get compared to Randy and some other legendary wide receivers but instead of becoming arrogant, he remained humble and kept putting in work in the gym every single day. In Ayomide freshman year in high school he took the league by storm getting 1,313 yards and 17 touchdowns in just his first season. Every single year he just kept improving and kept getting better and better and was even named as the #1 recruit for colleges across the country. Of course like he was, he kept humble and also made sure to keep his 4.0 GPA to make sure that there was no way that his grades could affect any type of scholarships that he could get. He also commented that he would not be committing to a college until the end of his senior year. In his senior year, Ayomide made sure that there were no question about whether he was ready for college football by racking up 1,600 receiving yards and 25 touchdowns completely smashing every single receiving and touchdowns by a wide receiver that Jenks has ever had leading the Jenks Trojans to their fourth state championships in a row and then decided to finally commit to ...
  7. James Hoar came up from a loving rich family and grew up as a Jenks lifer. James Parents wanted him to succeed in any way he wanted to and were ready to pay for anything that he needed to succeed. James inspiration to play football came from him going to a minnesota frontier game when he was 6 where he saw his role model anthony barr play, catch an interception and lead the defense to shut down the opposing team. James father was a former nfl player in himself who had also played for the frontiers and wanted his son to also play for them. Once James told his father of his dreams, his father started to train him little by little like throwing the ball around with him and them running laps around the track. Once James reached middle school, he tried out for the football team and erased every doubt out of the coaches minds that he deserved to play. Going into James high school freshman season, he was already getting attention from scouts while starting to get compared to legends like Ray Lewis but James remained humble and just kept putting in the work in the gym.This helped James get 34 comb tackles, 7 assists, and averaging 5.0 sacks a game in just his freshman year and his number just kept getting better and better that in his junior year, he went for 78 totals tackles, 55 of them solo, and 23 assisted, averaged 3.0 sacks a games and pulled in 2 interceptions one of them which he took for a pick six.By his junior year James Hoar was the most wanted athlete and received several offers from tons of colleges in U.S.A but he decided to wait until his senior year to commit. James Hoar senior year broke records at the Jenks High school for amount of sack, tackles and interception in a single year. James had 118 tackles in this year alone, 85 of them solo and 33 of them assisted were assisted, He averaged 6.0 sacks a game and racked 12 INT in just a single season leading the Trojans to their fourth state championship in a row and then decided to finally commit to ...
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