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  1. What is your favorite color? Black 2. What brought you to the EFL? Long time SBA player, looking to try something new. Saw this on the affiliate page. 3. If you could only spend $50 more, what would you buy? $50 barley buys anything now a days. I guess pizza and beer. 4. How many times do you check the website during the week? I try to check daily. At least every other day. 5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Turks and Caicos 6. If you could be a character in any movie, what movie would it be? The predator from Predator. 7. Have you ever broken a bone? Never 8. Which season is the best season? This one cause its my first 9. If you could speak any other language fluently, what would it be? Spainish. Ive been in situations where I couldve if i knew how. Seems most useful. 10. How many days until Christmas at the time of you writing this? 30 11. Is there a certain candle/perfume smell that is absolutely repulsive to you? Candles that smell like food are pretty gross to me. 12.Who would win in a fist fight, @TacticalHammer or @Spartan? Lets say Hammer.
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  5. ECFA SNAPSHOT Welcome ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for this week’s edition of ECFA Snapshot! An express look around the league, for all those fans out there who find themselves always on the go! On this week’s Snapshot; It’s still early, but with four games now in the book, and about a quarter of the season behind us, we take a look at which team has already begun to establish itself as this year’s potential favorite, as well as taking a look at at least one team that could already be looking forward to next season. So, strap in and get ready, because this week’s ECFA Snapshot is just about ready to kick-off! Standings Heroes Conference Legends Conference W L T W L T Manchester Lookout 3 1 0 Death Valley Rangers 4 0 0 Trenton Generals 3 1 0 Hades Creek Phalanx 3 1 0 Athens Carnage 1 3 0 Roswell Encounter 1 3 0 Biscayne Bay Pirates 1 3 0 Savage City Wraiths 0 4 0 Top Dog- Death Valley Rangers After a week one victory against the Manchester Lookout, the only other team that might have a case for the top overall spot, the Rangers have imposed their will on opposing franchises on their way to 4-0 season start. While we’ve only seen a small sample size to this point, one of the early impressions we’ve been left with is that Death Valley is an extremely balanced roster, capable of winning games on both sides of the ball. Offensively, the Rangers are beginning to establish themselves as the leagues premiere rushing attack, with a backfield headed by star running back Duke Dyer. With a league leading 697 yards on the ground, 5 touchdowns and a 7.3 ypc average, Dyer has not only been the driving force behind the Rangers 2nd ranked scoring offense, but he’s also allowed the team to dictate the pace of play through ball control and effective clock management. It’s hard to imagine, but despite allowing an average of only 11.0 ppg to their opponents, some analysts still believe that the best of Death Valley Rangers defense is yet to be seen. While some have attempted to tamper down the achievements of this stifling D, arguing that their most impressive performances have come against only sub-par competition, it’s hard to ignore the teams opening day performance against the very talented Manchester Lookout. While fans of Manchester have attempted to frame the loss as more of an aberration than anything else, it’s worth noting that the Lookout, a team that has scored at least 40 points in every game this season but one, could only muster a measly 14 points when starring down the Death Valley defense. Now, with their most recent battle ending as a 40-3 beat down of the Biscayne Bay Pirates, many are beginning to wonder if any offense out there has the tools needed to challenge Death Valley’s gauntlet of wrecking balls. Circling The Drain- Savage City Wraiths You may feel like there’s still plenty of time to turn the Wraiths football season back around and make a playoff run, but you’d probably be wrong in thinking that. Yes, technically, with 12 games still on the schedule the Wraiths still have an opportunity to right this ship, but if you’ve actually been paying attention this season and have watched the Wraiths with your own two eyes, you’d know that the Wraiths season was dead even before opening kickoff of game one. At 0-4, Savage City is now the only team remaining in the ECFA without a win for season 31, and to be frank, they really haven’t been all that close. With an anemic offense that has thus far only managed to spit out 17 total points over their four games, and a limp defense that’s currently allowing 29.7 ppg, this season Wraiths roster appears to be severely under maned. Even in a week 3 matchup against the 1-3 Biscayne Bay Pirates, the league’s 2nd worst scoring offense, the best that the Wraiths could come up with was a 16-7 humiliating defeat. It just hasn’t been pretty in Savage City this year, and there really hasn’t been much of reason to think that things are going to improve any time soon. Top Performer For Quarter 1- QB Alexander Chase Everett Duke Dyer is certainly deserving of this honor as well. As we detailed earlier, his 697 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns are a big reason why the Rangers are undefeated. But while Dyer may separating himself as the league’s top rusher, Manchester’s quarterback Alexander Chase Everett appears to be taking the crown as the ECFA’s top signal caller. While I’ve only been a member of the league for a few weeks now, from what I can gather, effective passers, with the ability to keep their mistakes to a minimum, are not easy to come by in the ECFA. So, while running backs appear to be the dominate players at the younger levels, having a good quarterback could be the golden ticket that gets your team over the top. While Everett’s 670 yards passing aren’t exactly what you would call “game changing”, his 7-to-1 touchdown to interception ratio through these first four weeks, is certainly rare and noteworthy.
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  8. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Roswell, New Mexico, home of ECFA’s Encounter franchise. In only a few moments, members of the media will be introduced for the first time to one of the Encounters latest additions, LB/DE Rey George. While chatter surrounding the potential pickup of George began last week, following a rumored visit with the team, it wasn’t until late last night that news officially broke of the signing. Despite many promising and intriguing attributes, the addition of George isn’t without its risks, and although many see George as a future EFL prospect, recent polls show that only about 50% of the Encounter fan base support the signing. The mixed bag of emotions on display in the Roswell faithful stem mostly from George’s recent track record, which includes multiple disciplinary actions taken against the young defensemen for on field conduct detrimental to the game and his fellow competitors. After entering into his senior season as one of the higher rated defensive players in the nation, George’s stock quickly began to plummet after two separate instances resulted in a pair of one game suspensions, which proved to be costly for his former alma mater. In short, many believe that Rey George is a bigger headache then he’s worth. Never the less, the signing is just the latest example of the Encounter’s aggressive offseason recruiting strategy, as they try to improve upon last season’s underwhelming 5-11 record. Let’s listen in now as Rey George steps to the podium. George: Hey everyone, thanks for coming out for this. It’s great see all the new faces of the media members and sports writers that I’m sure I’ll be working with as the season goes on. For those of you who don’t know me from my high school days, I’m not much of a talker, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I can’t put into words how truly excited I am to be starting this chapter of my life, and want to thank the Roswell Encounter for getting to know me and giving me the opportunity to come in and compete for this franchise. I can’t wait to get to work and meet some of my new teammates, and look forward to being a part of bringing W’s back to the Roswell fans and ownership. With that, I’ll take a few questions. Media Member #1: Rey, it seemed to take a little while for you to sign with a team after committing to join this year’s class of prospects. A lot has been made about your history of discipline and whether or not any of the ECFA franchises would be willing to take on the risk that comes with signing a player like you. Was Roswell the only team to offer you a contract, or were there other teams out there vying for your services? George: I’m not sure what my past history has to do with today, and what I’ll bring to a team going forward, but I don’t feel like any of that crap affected the process that eventually led me to Roswell. I had a few offers, but Roswell just felt like the best fit. They felt as though I had something to offer the team, and I doubt any of that other garbage played a role at all. Media Member #2: Rey, in the past, competitors have used words such as malicious, dangerous, dirty, and toxic to describe you, with one individual going so far as to even call you a cancer on the game of football. What do you say to those out there who feel this way? George: I don’t say anything… Those sound like the comments of a sore loser who got their butt whipped one to many times, and I don’t really concern myself with the thoughts of the pathetic sheep of the world. I play with a lot of emotion, it fires me up and fuels the engine that allows me to go out there and make play after player for my team. I can see why that would be frustrating to someone who only plays football for the fun of it, or who uses it as a way to impress cheerleaders. I’m not interested in any of that BS, and I’m not really interested in them or what they have to say about how I handle myself on a football field. Media Member #3: Rey, some people believe that the one game suspension you received during the final game of your high school season was a major factor in your team losing that game and ultimately missing the playoffs. While you clearly don’t see any issue with how you play the game, does the thought of “costing your team” a win, or even worse, a playoff appearance, weigh on you at all? George: I don’t think the two are related in the least. Honestly, if I didn’t play the way I do then my team probably wouldn’t even have made it that far in the first place. So, no, I don’t think about costing my team a win. What weighs on me is that we let our rivals come in and knock us out of the playoffs in the last game of the season. That’s what hurts. I play to win, and when I lose it’s like getting hit in the face with a 2 x 4. The losing in general hits me hard, and weighs on me for a while, but for all I gave my team last year, no I don’t think for a minute about me costing them anything. Media Member #4: You were one of the most penalized players in the state of Wisconsin during your junior and senior year. Is that a part of your game that needs to be cleaned up, or are you not concerned with that either? George: I obviously don’t want to create negative plays for me team because of penalties, but honestly, regardless of how many flags came my way in high school, I really don’t think that that will be a continued concern with my career going forward. High school refs see what they want to see in a lot cases. Honestly, I think I had a bullseye on my back in a lot of those games, and a lot refs started making phantom calls for penalties that I never actually committed. When a 6’5”, 250lb guy lays out a 5’8” 150lb kid in his sophomore year, refs start believing that can see things that aren’t actually happening. This is a bigger stage, a much more competitive level, the guys playing in this league are guys who belong in the sport. I doubt it will be a problem for me going forward. Agent: Alright, well that’s it for the questions for today. My client once again wants to thank everyone for coming out today and looks forward to speaking with you all again as the season progresses. We look forward to having a great season here in Roswell.
  9. The Midwestern state of Wisconsin is known for churning out some of the toughest individuals this country has to offer. Its long winters and ever changing, unpredictable climate are not for the weak or faint of heart. So, while the badger state is not typically known as being a hotbed for blue-chip football prospects, it’s not hard to see why Wisconsin has still managed to crank out its fair share of 5-star recruits. One such athlete who has begun gaining traction among scouting circles has been Chocorua High Schools DE/OLB Rey George. In many ways, trying to describe defensive prospect Rey George is just like trying to describe a Wisconsin winter, harsh, brutal, unrelenting, even cold. Let’s just say that if Rey George’s high school football career were a popularity contest, he wouldn’t exactly be the odds on favorite to win. While words like hard-nosed, tough, and aggressive, sound like ideal adjectives when describing a football player, George seems to have earned a reputation for taking it to another level entirely. In more ways then one, Rey George is a monster within the high school ranks. On one hand, his hold nothing back, seek and destroy, human wrecking-ball style of play has elevated him into prestigious position of being recognized as one of the nation’s most feared pass-rushers. On the other hand, his rogue, no mercy, chaos inducing tendencies have been described by a few as being toxic and malicious at best. In fact, following his teams state semi-finals victory his junior year, an athlete from the rival school was quoted as saying that George was “The dirtiest player I’ve ever gone up against. Footballs as tough sport and everyone’s out there trying to make plays, but at the end of the day it’s just a game and its meant to be fun. Sometimes it seems like he’s not out here for the fun of it, he’s out here to put someone in the hospital.” As a four starter for the Chocorua Sachems varsity squad, George’s Jekyll and Hyde, high-risk/high reward, tendencies are well documented throughout his high school career. As an underclassman, George’s high potential was evident to coaches very early on. Used mainly as a rotational, pass rush specialist, George showed flashes even as a freshman, logging 6 sacks in his first year. As a sophomore, a 12.5 sack season cemented George as a 4-down defensive stalwart playing mostly out of the defensive-end position, but also occasionally standing up as an outside linebacker. It wasn’t, however, until his junior year that Rey George began gaining attention as a potential high-end college recruit. As the Chocorua Sachems stormed their way to an 11-1 record, that would carry them all the way to the Wisconsin state semi-finals, George established himself as the team’s most impactful defensive starter, setting a school record for sacks with 22.5 while also logging 6 forced fumbles, two of which he returned for touchdowns. While George’s playmaking ability had become undeniable, his habit for creating chaos was also becoming apparent. Despite stacking up a slew of gaudy defensive stats, George also claimed the crown of being the most penalized player in his schools division. Entering into his senior season, the expectations for George had grown through the roof, with many believe that he could produce sack numbers high enough to compete with the top players in the nation. Unfortunately, while still a finalist for Wisconsin’s top defensive player of the year award, a number of self-inflicted setbacks would ultimately prevent George from exceeding his junior year productivity. Although still recording an impressive 19 sacks, two separate one game suspensions would prove costly to both George and the Sachems. After jumping out to a fast 4-0 start to season, a week five performance that strapped George with 3 personal fouls, all culminating in an incident where a referee would be shoved to the turf, left Chocorua not only with its first defeat, but also without its defensive star for the next game. Despite the loss, the team would eventually steer itself out of troubled waters and, with one game left on the season, held a 9-1 record. With emotions running high, a season finale showdown against the teams long-time rivals found history repeating itself in a way that would ultimately put a nail in the coffin of the Sachems season. With 10-0 lead early on in the 2nd quarter, a drive killing sack of the opposing quarterback caused tensions between the two teams to crack, and as emotions began to overflow, the ultra aggressive George took matters into his own hands and, after, removing an opposing players helmet from his head, tossed it into the stadium bleachers. In a move that saw George ejected from the game, effectively ending his high school career, the door swung open for the opposing team to mount a comeback and, in true heartbreak fashion, cost the Sachems a spot in the postseason due to the 20-17 defeat. While blessed with elite measurable and truly high end talent, Rey George has made himself a very difficult player to root for, and even more difficult player to analyze. Even with the skillset necessary to compete at the next level, it’s hard to imagine coaches, trainers, and even teammates accepting the style of play that George brings to the table. In many ways he’s the epitome of a “boom or bust” prospect. If able to course correct from his current, well-deserved reputation, he could become one of the elite pass rushers of his generation. If, however, he chooses to continue on his current path, George could see himself cut from a roster before the end of training camp. Only time will tell what the future holds for Rey George.
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