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  1. I checked Goliathus as well, and he turned up as suspicious. VOTE GOLIATHUS
  2. Pretty big talk for someone that goofed up their claim by calling an innocent suspicious.
  3. Alright, claim time. I'm also a SHERIFF. Doomsday, the Sheriff N1: Spent the night in my own damn jail. N2: KDD (Innocent) N3: MMFLEX (Suspicious) Based off of Advantage's results, it rules out Vampire and Jester IIRC, and Hex Master as well, unless there are multiple Coven and Hex Master doesn't have the Necronomicron.
  4. I'm going to go with my gut and vote for the guy caught in a lie. VOTE TAC
  5. I'll hop on the VOTE KDD hype train
  6. Not on N1. Also obligatory Wawa post since I forgot yesterday
  7. The Necronomicron did not appear last night, so there is no Coven. Every night from now on is a full moon, so the werewolf and Juggernaut will be out every night.
  8. Doomsday, the Lookout Salem is absolutely bustling lately, which can mean one of two things. One, the new Wawa is really energizing the population, or two, trouble's afoot. Can't say I know what it is for sure... but I certainly know where to watch to find out... N1: Watched Berocka, a Jailor claim. There were no visitors. N2: Watched Berocka, visited by TheCheese and DonCutta190. Transported. N3: Watched Berocka, nothing happened.
  9. No one visited Berocka last night.
  10. I am a Lookout, and have been on Berocka the past two nights. No one visited on N1, last night I saw DonCutta190 and TheCheese, whose roles are both confirmed due to them being dead. I was transported last night, which saved me from the Werewolf. Juggernaut specifically targeted TheCheese.
  11. No, only who visited the Jailor, which was nobody. Idk, just not @Berocka.
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