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  1. Lethal Strike: Williams Terrorizing ECFA Offenses SACRAMENTO - Two years ago, NCAA scouts sadly crossed high school senior linebacker Tye Williams off of their recruiting lists after he suffered a torn ACL. Some feared he would never play again, others believed he would never be the same player again. However, don't try to tell that to Death Valley Rangers quarterback Alex SonFire, who was pulverized by Williams twice during a brutal 48-7 demolition of the Rangers by the Sacramento Venom. "Yeah, I wouldn't have believed that either," said a beleaguered SonFire after the game. "He was everywhere today, including our backfield. Our locker room is probably the only place I didn't have to watch out for him." After winning the Shaka Lawal Trophy as the ECFA Defensive Freshman of the Year in Season 20, Williams has elevated his game even further. Entering Week Six of the ECFA season, Williams had 41 tackles, just one shy of the league lead. His two sacks were tied for first, an amount that he doubled against Death Valley. Sacramento has boasted a strong defensive unit this season, with Williams emerging as a leader in his sophomore season. "Tye has been an absolutely phenomenal presence for us," said Eno Rama, Sacramento's Athletic Director. "When I started working here, he was already a part of the team as a redshirt addition, but it was clear that he was a very motivated young man ready to prove that he wasn't finished playing football. I don't think there's anyone in the ECFA that believes he's not a special player right now." Williams' play has also begun to attract EFL scouts. With any concerns of long-term effects of his ACL Tear effectively dashed with his strong play in the ECFA, he has a very real chance to be a high draft selection in the EFL Draft. However, Williams gave no indication that he would be entering the Season 22 EFL Draft, meaning that any EFL team would have to wait until at least Season 23 before adding Tye Williams to their roster. "I haven't put much thought into it, to be honest," Williams admitted when asked about his thoughts of going pro. "Playing professional football has been my life-long dream, but right now I am committed to playing my best for the Sacramento Venom and completing my education. If I do these things, my time will come. One step at a time." While Tye Williams' story has barely begun, it's not terribly difficult to get wrapped up in his story, just like a quarterback in the sights of the pass-rushing linebacker. As he continues to develop into one of the ECFA's most feared linebackers, the hype for his eventual pro debut continues to grow. Although we don't know when that will be, one thing is for certain: ECFA quarterbacks can't wait until that day comes. Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, which sometimes covers one of two random players instead of the Minnesota Frontier. He enjoys watching Investigative programming on television, those old Nerf footballs that whistle when you throw them, and a quality piece of meat cooked over a fire.
  2. Big performances for Staubach and Tye, along with two big wins for Hades Creek and Sacramento!
  3. F in the chat for Grand Rapids
  4. Another quality day at the office, two big wins!
  5. The MSFL Times Frontier Victorious In First Game MINNEAPOLIS - With 27 seconds to go and the Toronto Skyhawks facing a 4th and 1, the capacity crowd roared to life. Abroham Drinkin gestured for the Minnesota Frontier's hometown crowd to get loud, and they were all too happy to oblige. Julius Terrafrom stepped behind his center, snapping the ball as Renomitsu patrolled the sideline with a huge smile on his face. With Jabari Spalding trying to gain the edge, Terrafrom had to quickly dump the ball off to Damon Spencer, who was immediately brought down by Jayson Cross. The crowd roared as the final seconds ticked off, and absolute jubilation erupted on the field. Renomitsu was drenched in Garorade and shortly thereafter lifted onto the shoulders of Pengu Lee and Butter Fingers as the rest of the team gathered around and the celebration began. Minnesota had not won the EFL Championship, but their 24-9 victory over Toronto gave the Frontier their first win in franchise history in their first game. "It was just our day, our time," Lee remarked to reporters after the game. "Our first game in team history, in front of our fans at home… there was just no way we were going to lose that game." Indeed, it was evident early on that the Frontier were playing with extra motivation. Running back Victor Von Vanmort scored the first points in Minnesota history with a four yard touchdown in the first quarter, with the score of 7-0 holding at the end of the quarter. Toronto was controlling the ball with Asahel Asahel, but they were unable to finish their drives. Minnesota added to their lead on a drive featuring three big receptions by Butter Fingers, the third being a three yard touchdown reception. With less than a minute to go in the half, Evenging Chong kicked a 34 yard field goal to finally put Toronto on the board, 14-3 heading into the half. "It was a phenomenal start," said Butter Fingers in a post-game interview. "We knew we had to keep it up, because we knew that wouldn't be enough." True to Fingers' word, the Frontier's momentum continued into the second half, with DeShaun Marion restoring the 14 point lead with a 43 yard field goal on the opening drive. After holding Toronto to a three and out after pinning them deep in their own territory, the Frontier quickly marched down the shortened field, with Pengu Lee hitting Jadeveon Pierre-Creek on a 19 yard touchdown to take a 24-3 lead. Toronto, however, was able to put together a lengthy drive, finally reaching the endzone on a six yard touchdown from Terrafrom to Mat Tocco. However, Evenging Chong missed the extra point, making the score 24-9 going to the final quarter. The Skyhawks forced a three and out before the third quarter ended, with Toronto driving to continue their comeback bid. A big conversion on a 3rd and 9 had Toronto on the verge of entering the red zone, but a huge interception by Santa Claus put a sudden halt to the threat. An eleven yard return on the pick put Minnesota in better field position, and despite not being able to do anything with the turnover, a 71 yard punt by Marion effectively flipped the field on Toronto. It wound up being too much for the Skyhawks to overcome, and although they strung together a big drive to end the game, it was too little, too late, and a joyous home crowd celebrated their team's first victory, 24-9. "As far as first impressions go, it doesn't get much better than this," Renomitsu remarked with a grin following the game. "It feels great to see that the Minnesota Frontier have started our journey on the right foot with a big win like this, and we plan to give our fans even more great memories this season!" For now, however, it was all about the moment. Expansion franchises often endure many hardships during their initial seasons, giving moments like this even more meaning. For fans of the Minnesota Frontier, having been in attendance at not only the team's first game, but their first victory will be a badge of honor that many will claim to have been to. Attendance numbers, however, will show that not all of the hundreds of thousands of claims were truly there. Time will tell what other memorable moments the Frontier will produce in the future, but they sure didn't waste any time in getting started! Jethro Novacek, an All-EFL Team selection at tight end, is a Danny Wuerffel Award-winning writer for the MSFL Times. He enjoys the satisfaction of perfectly seared grill marks, making dreadful puns and New Balance sneakers.
  6. Dat 4th Quarter by Sacramento tho
  7. Just win, baby. #BeLegendary
  8. Looking for two big wins from the Phalanx and Venom!
  9. Will the Carnage vs Generals game have over or under 691 yards of total offense? UNDER Which running back will have the most EFCA rushin yards in week 5 - Fred Flinstone, Khalil Carson, or Levi Lattimore? - FRED FLINTSTONE Which EFCA team will score the most points in week 5? - HADES CREEK Will the total ECFA passing yards for week 5 be - below 2,050 yards, between and including 2,050 and 2,250 yards, or over 2,250 yards? - OVER 2,250 What ECFA receiver will lead the country for the season in receiving after week 5? - TERREN LASLEY Will there be over or under 283 points scored in week 5 of the EFL? - OVER Which EFL passer will put up the most passing yards in week 5 of the EFL? - VINCE CARSWELL In the Kracken vs Wolfpack game, which player of these 3 will have the most tackles - Amina Gunner, Baker Blade, or Mum-O Killowe? - AMINA GUNNER Will the Miami Neptune have a better, worse, or the same record as the San Francisco Frenzy at the end of week 5? - BETTER Will Johnny Gregg make over or unerd 2 field goals in Wisconsin's week 5 game vs Toronto? - OVER
  10. It wasn't pretty, but the W is the only thing that matters in the standings. I'll take that any day!
  11. The MSFL Times After the expansion draft put the first-ever players of the Minnesota Storm onto the roster, General Manager Renomitsu faced a critical day for the future of his new team at the Season 21 EFL Draft. After building a stout defense with the expansion draft, the Frontier entered the day in dire need of offensive playmakers. With the eighth overall pick, the Frontier had a bounty of players to choose from, but opted for a different haul: New Orleans proceeded to select WR Kam Bam Chancellor, while Minnesota picked up three second rounders, allowing them to better fill out the roster. One of those selections turned out to be the first draft selection in franchise history… … another linebacker? Spalding is surely another defensive standout, and with Abroham Drinkin nearing the end of his career, there's certainly roster space. He's definitely a player that you can envision being a huge piece for Minnesota for the duration of his career, but the rich got richer, as the Frontier's offense still needed major help. But as the selections slipped away, less and less offensive prospects were left on the board. However, making use of his resources, Renomitsu made his move… The move to acquire Butter Fingers finally gave the Frontier a potential star on offense, with Fingers showing the promise of being a top receiver in the EFL. As opposed to simply selecting Chancellor at 8th Overall, Renomitsu now had his #1 receiver and more picks to work with. With no quarterback on the roster, there were concerns of how effective he could truly be, but another trade quickly provided us an answer… Suddenly, Minnesota had their franchise quarterback with the young Pengu Lee. Entering his second season, that extra season of development could prove to be instrumental to the Frontier's competitive window. With the very next pick, Lee received another weapon… With the expansion draft revealing Renomitsu's strategy to build a strong defense, the EFL Draft was quickly establishing that the Frontier would be looking to the air when it came to their offense. Jadeveon Pierre-Creek being paired with Butter Fingers quickly established an exciting future for Minnesota's passing attack. With the identity of the new team forming, the offense received another selection with the team's next pick… While far from a flashy selection, Quentin Barnes' selection would nevertheless have a big impact. His abilities as a blocker could open up rushing lanes for the currently vacant HB position, along with buying Pengu Lee and his receivers time to work their magic as a pass protector. With Minnesota's last selection of the day (that they used), however, it was the defense's turn to add youth… With expansion draft selection Luke Cafferty moved as part of the trade up for Butter Fingers, Renomitsu had created a slight hole defensively, but one that Jayson Cross quickly fills. With Cafferty on the back nine, Cross is a guy that certainly better factors into the Frontier's future. He might be a slight downgrade over Cafferty this season, but with continued development, Cross can be a big factor into the team's future. The draft finally complete, we'll now take a look at Minnesota's roster: OFFENSE QB: Pengu Lee HB: Victor Von Vanmort FB: Quentin Barnes WR: Butter Fingers WR: Jadeveon Pierre-Creek K: DeShaun Marion DEFENSE LB: Rock Lemington LB: Abroham Drinkin LB: Jabari Spalding LB: Tee Pee E CB: Djibril Kabore CB: Chondrichthyes Squaliforme CB: Jayson Cross SS: Santa Claus With the drafts now over, Minnesota's inaugural roster was now set. With a strong defensive core built, and an offense set with a franchise QB, Pengu Lee and two young receivers in Butter Fingers and Jadeveon Pierre-Creek, the building blocks have been set. The passing game is critical in the EFL, and Renomitsu has built a team that will certainly be able to pass the ball for years to come. A solid defensive core, with placeholders to man the line until more future studs can be acquired, should do well with keeping the Frontier in games. They're a team that could surprise this season, but put themselves into that position without mortgaging the future. But with that said, there's only one thing left for the Minnesota Frontier to do: take the field. We'll see you next week to go over Minnesota's first game in franchise history! Jethro Novacek, an All-EFL Team selection at tight end, is a Danny Wuerffel Award-winning writer for the MSFL Times. He enjoys a good haircut, laughing at online dating commercials and ripping Manchester's hearts out. Special thanks to @Pengu and @Enorama for their draft day graphics!!
  12. That is taking #BeLegendary to a whole new level!!
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