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  1. Name: "Big" Van Vader Born: Lynwood, California High School: Lynwood High School Knights Position: Pass Rushing Line Backer Number: 69 Height: 6'4 Weight: 250 Stats: Junior Tackles:7 Senior Tackles:63 Sack:11.5 INT:1 FF:2 FR:1 Van did not start playing football until his junior year in where he got hurt for the year with broken leg. He then rehabbed and worked harder than he had in his life, leading to an unbelievable senior season. Van went from being on the bottom of the scout rankings for line backers, and now being one of the most sought after players in his position. Van has the size and speed of a senior college line backer right now and is still extremely quick off the ball. His only issue on the defensive side of the ball is pass coverage, Van doesn't seem to have the agility just yet to keep up with routes. Van's big hands has helped him block a ton of passes, even leading to a interception from the line this year. His Coach says " Van is a multi-faceted, talented, and versatile football player. Van not only excels on the football field, but “scores a touchdown on every possession” in the classroom as well, sporting a 4.0 GPA with several Academic Honors achievements, as well. On the football field, Van displays his leadership skills by his play making ability. He is #1 in the state of California in tackles per game (12.2), and #4 in the state of California in total tackles. His game film displays his athleticism and adaptability on the football field. His transition to football was flawless and Van made it look like he’d played backer all his life! Van plays his position with great balance, quick and decisiveness on his pre-snap reads and keys. Shows great directional control and hip flexion and change of direction with no “waisted” steps. Van displays an above average instinct of eluding/shedding the would-be blocker and rallying up to make the play. He has deceptive closing speed and can go from sideline to sideline in run support. Van has great vision and trusts his instincts in dissecting the opponents play calls. One of Van's best attributes is that he is an absolute tackling machine! He uses his fundamentally sound tackling mechanics to put the runner on the ground. College coaches, Van is one of the best consistent tacklers that I have seen. He has great “hitability”, meaning when he shoots the gap and attacks the runner low and explodes and wraps with 2 hands, they go down to the ground." MEASURABLES: * 6'0" 170 *Bench: 210 *GPA: 4.0 *Squat: 275 *40 Yd: 4.75
  2. Name: Rick Rude Born: St. Peter, Minnesota High School: Robbinsdale Cooper High School Hawks Position: Deep Threat Wide Receiver Number: 11 Height: 6'0 Weight: 190 Stats: Freshman Rec:5 Yards:81 TD:0 Sophomore Rec:29 Yards:402 TD:2 Junior Rec:50 Yards:639 TD:4 Senior Rec:66 Yards:1,037 TD:13 Scouting Repot: Rick comes from a small school in Minnesota, but don't take that as a weakness. Rick has shined even with very little help around him, look at his 13 touch downs this past year while his quarter back was a first year starter. Rick decided against a professional wrestling career to follow his dreams of playing college and pro football. He has been a leader in his high school locker room since his junior year and will be a great addition to any college locker room. What he lacks in height will be rivaled by his work ethic and determination. Here is what his coach has to say about him: "His game is speed. 40 yd. - 4.4. Rick is very athletic and has tremendous body control and awareness. He has very quick hips and does not lose any speed when opening in to coverage. He is a student of the game and this is evident in his pre-snap reads. He anticipates plays based on formation and down and distance. Rick displays tremendous ball skills and has a knack for making plays. Sideline to sideline, this guy is a play to the whistle dude. His track speed translates very well to the game and he is definitely a weapon covered or in the open field." Rick is the oldest in his big family (3 brothers and 2 sisters) and has been 4th in his class while holding a full time job. He wants to go to a school with not only high standards, but also a great engineering program. Rick does have his eye's on a few schools, but does not want to let anyone know just quite yet, he enjoys a "good surprise" he says. His father was a college athlete as while being a four year starter himself in Iowa, showing that the apple may not fall far from the tree. For all inquires for Rick Rude, please email his father Randy Rude at yungthicboi69@gmail.com
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