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  1. livestream draft I know now its not even an option, but it would be really cool. The draft now is also really cool but to have 2-3 members who are in the league for a couples of season saying good stuff about a new gen, its hype them and motivate them.
  2. 1. Welcome to the jungle ACDC and Guns and Roses would be my go to band to enter the field on 2. I don't I only celebrate after a win before that its focus at 110% 3. yes and purple tinted. 4. Tony Gonzales 5. Seattle I always hate them 6. not yet 7. I don't know maybe I mean probably 8. Will you marry me? 9. with the team to be MVP you need a team to circle you and elevate you. 10. yes every coach 11. any late night show 12. playing hockey and basketball
  3. I just like talking trash so my best moment is winning and losing the championship last season I also like stats padding season but only sometimes.
  4. he is from vhl he doesnt know gm in the efl need skill and not just luck Im sorry about him
  5. 1. eat a lot and a wedding 2. I have to say New York Herd and the Philly Reapers in the EFL and VHLM both teams made there respective finals last season and they are both looking to do the same this season. 3. yes and no I like the new years eve shows but beside that I don't really care, but the food is good. 4. just multiples tourney Im coaching we did lost in the finals tho. 5. IRL hockey and Basketball and gaming 6. yes just need to be a bit more strong and agile to get more sack. 7. Yes definitely I think we are a playoff team its going to be close but I think we have the pieces to do it. 8. Gabrijela Kazimira probably win Rb of the year 9. Athens I want to crush them.
  6. New York winning everything like everything. If you doubt that well you dum dum
  7. https://tenor.com/view/red-panda-gif-5039120
  8. the draft to see all the new player that think that they will stop Ragnar Jarvinen and the New Yorks Herds its so funny to watch
  9. I really don’t know you have so much talent and I need to do some research because Heisman only make me thing of the mayo brand and I don’t like mayo so yeah I think a player will win this cup but I just wanted to far away from me I really don’t like mayo
  10. Winning the championship with Minnesota. Sing or chants or visualize my next play Monster energy punch the tropical one soo good and make your heart go pump pump 5. Im bringing @Comrade_cat @Datboi69 @chief @jhatty8 and @CrookedAnt to watch any game that @Adrest245lose 6. I wants to be an Hall of fame and I wants to be the best 7. Favorite suicides DD love his suicides most hated tackle I don’t like to tackle my teammates for a drill 8. The community 9. Always East because NY and the conference that Athens isn’t in. 10. Some rip jeans and a street t-shirt always a must
  11. 1. To be the best TE to ever touch the grass. 2. break every TE records 3. I dont have any player who is suprising the plyer who are good were suppose to be so we all good. 4. Minnesota but not for a good reason I thought they would be a bit better. 5. prob between Pikachu or Billy Bumper 6. David King and Wilson are all great pick for that award. 7. Basketball no hesitation 8. no always was a football natural 9. no, not my style
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