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  1. Dalibor Dvorsky on getting drafted 1st Overall by Minnesota It was a busy week for our S35 1st overall. After losing the EFCA corner back of the year and answering some interview for the upcoming draft. It was finally time for the s35 draft. He was sitting with his family at a close restaurant from the stadium with his agent and his close friends Ragnar Jarvinen and his family. Jarvinen and Dvorsky always had a little rivalry since their childhood, they were against each other in Europe before both of them transfer to the same High school in the US. But more of that in a next article, so the two family’s are talking about what the life of the two young players will become while enjoying the food and the company. A lot of nostalgia was in the air when entering the stadium, settling down at their sit. Mister Dvorsky was keeping an eye on twitter and some journalist who was ranking the top prospect of the draft and nudging Dalibor every time he saw a mock draft who ranked him at 1st overall. After some time waiting the draft started and the Minnesota Frontier Gm walk on the stage to announce their pick, : With our 1st overall pick the Minnesota Frontier are proud to select Dalibor Dvorsky from the Roswell Encounter. Dalibor was ecstatic and really exited to join Minnesota. After some talk with the management team about contract, Dalibor his finally at the Frontier Training camp with all the Frontier Roster to train and be prepared for the S35 season. 255 words
  2. I wonder who is going to be 1 and 2
  3. Manchester PC answer 9 question to claim 3 TPE 1. What is your favorite NFL team and why? 2. Who do you think will win the NBA Finals the Boston Celtics or the Golden States Warriors? 3. Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breath in the water? 4. Who do you think his our rival this season for the cup? 5. Why did you selected your position and why did you chose that build is it a player you admirer your dream football player or you if you were a football player? 6. Would you rather know all the thing in the space or in the water? and Why? 7. What's your player pre meal and after meal before and after a game? 8. If you had the choose on which team your player will end up in the EFL what team would it be? 9. Why is the Red Panda the best animal ever?
  4. All the message above this one is true, a lot of them can be put in a big genre of Recruitment who means more activity, more content, more players etc. Something that I really like about some other league is the interactions with all the members and some Live event like the Draft could possibly be an idea. Some offseason tournament could be fun too.
  5. 10/10 because Im 10A and 2OA not biased at all
  6. Dalibor and Ragnar Jarvinen for sure they will take the world of the EFL by surprise and will turn some heads in their first season in the EFL. For the EFCA Dogwood Maple will turn some head with his really strong arm and Anthony Pratt will win the defensive player of the year.
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