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  1. Just realized I put 269 tackles lol I meant to put just 69
  2. Otto for a long time has never really cared for the sport of football. He even thought it was dumb looking and “looked too easy to play”. He was mainly a baseball Center fielder his whole life until high school. The varsity football coach at a local high school noticed him while taking reps in the outfield for the high school team and was immediately intrigued, the coach decided to walk over to him after practice attempt to talk him into giving the sport of football a shot. After much much back and forth he decided he would try it just to get the “old man” off his back. With the physical attributes he had and the ball / positional awareness he developed in baseball he was plugged in at safety, and he fell in love. From playing zone reading the QBs eyes just like reading the ball off a bat in the outfield, to rushing in to stop a run, which he compared to running and stopping a ground ball. Otto possessed a lot of raw talent and brains, just not enough experience to start. He was stayed at a JV level until his senior year of high school, the coach felt like he just didn’t know the game enough to be promoted to the varsity squad. He saw some action throughout his years in showing flashes of potential greatness, but it wasn’t enough. He was seen somewhat as a failed project. It wasn’t until his senior year he really came through. During summer training camp the coach named him the started and did not regret it. He finished his senior year with 15 int 269 tackles 11 sacks and many many passes defended. colleges started to reach out, but were worried about his lack of experience. Many were thinking it was a fluke season and he didn’t know the game enough to successfully play at a higher level. He reached out to many many programs but none seem too interested. The lack of film he has either has not helped. Otto doesn’t plan to quit. He plans on shutting the doubters down. Perhaps a team will decide to take a chance on him in the coming season.
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