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  1. 1) Don't really know, i go with the chargers i guess. If they're still in contention that is. 2) Most brands are filled with sugar so looking at it from that point of view probably quackers or something like that. Tasting i pick Lion, Cookie Crisp and Honey Cheerios. 3) Yes, i have the same phone and case from probably 2018 and i am happy with that. 4) A Wall. 5) Never really gave it a try and didn't own a skateboard like not once. 6) Don't quite understand what you mean, but i guess personally i am alright. 7) PS4, quite some time but yeah. Not a fan of card games to be honest. 9) No, there's no need since everyone's pretty much has a phone nowadays.
  2. Baz El Meliani Finals Collection Card.
  3. 1) The Denver Broncos 2) Don't really like reading books thus, not have favourite. 3) That's a really hard question which to have an answer to will take maybe days so i am going to answer with my favourite game of this week, which is NCAA Football 10. 4) Probably Shawshank Redemption. 5) Don't really follow them so not much to say. 6) Don't know those people so i don't have an answer to that. 7) Not sure, maybe the Chiefs or the Rams. Probably Chiefs but again not sure. 9) Again probably the Rams but not sure. 10) Lamar Jackson i guess? 11) Not really, he is pretty decent though. 12) Not really, I don't watch football as a whole in the moment to be honest but i like the sport and have some knowledge on both the NFL and NCAA.
  4. This presentation is dope, gifs all around!
  5. Welcome to the EFL GP18! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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