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  1. Thanks for picking me up! Not a great showing, but that's why my teammates are the absolute best. They always have my back.
  2. I'll tell you what - having a supporting cast like we've got in Athens is so important. Takes the pressure off and lets us score in a multitude of ways.
  3. Big win! Let's keep it up - can't let our foot off the gas pedal.
  4. What's one rule of American football that you would change and why?
  5. Thanks to blisteringly hot temperatures over the last week, Dogwood Maple's yard full of plants, vegetables, vines, and flowers, has suffered a terrible fate - heat death. "It's just really frustrating to see all the time and effort I put into the garden and to see what's become of it recently. I've been trying to stay positive, but the outlook is grim back there." When asked if this would impact his on-field play, Maple was candid and quite transparent. "I'd like to say no, but I keep asking myself what else I could've done. Did I water enough? Too much? Anyways, I'm going to focus on the play on the field and that's definitely my primary concern. We've gotten off to a hot start this season and I'm not going to be the reason that stops. I've gotta just keep grinding away at practice and not think too much about my poor plants." While many are blaming the heat wave, there was some online rumors circulating that it was a rival fanbase who intentionally poisoned Maple's garden to get him off his game. "Have I seen those rumors? Yes. Do I put much stock into them? Not really. It would take an especially callous person to do that and I'd like to think nobody would stoop that low. It is a little strange when I think back to last week, though. I did see some unusual cars parked near our house, but just chalked it up to the neighbors hosting a party or something. Somebody on one of the message boards posted a picture of someone in a hood carrying something large in their arms, but it honestly could've been anything. Let me just say this - if it turns out to be true, I'm going to order up a dish of revenge faster than you can say "Harvey Updyke." Fortunately for Maple, not everything succumbed to whatever the cause was. "It's mostly the hydrangeas that were killed outright. A couple of tomatoes didn't make it, as well as an entire row of lavender. The rest of the yard wasn't ruined, but it's not exactly looking like a lush landscape out there. At this point, I'm just glad that anything made it at all. The heat index here last week was in the low 100s on a daily basis and it hasn't rained in what feels like forever. I'm just trying to look on the bright side, I guess. It could've been everything, but thankfully it wasn't." Next up for Maple in the garden? First, he wants to make sure he implements some safeguards in the future. "I need to make sure my irrigation system gets a full inspection, definitely. I also need to keep a better eye on when I plant things because even though they went in the ground in the spring, it was especially hot, so I need to just have a better handle on the calendar. Some of these are rookie mistakes that I can learn and grow from, but I just hate that I'll have to wait another season to replace the plants. Not to mention the money and sweat equity I put in back there. It's just a shame, plain and simple." If you have any information about a suspected garden crime, please contact your local authorities. (551 words)
  6. The temperatures in Athens topped 100F this week with a heat index in the 110s. Not only has this been uncomfortable and even dangerous for some, but it has also thrown the Athens Carnage organization into turmoil. The heat has literally melted part of their practice facility leaving them no choice but to practice outside, which was a huge problem. "Normally we go inside on days like this, but with the roof melting off, we had to come out here. I figured that it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but boy was I wrong," said quarterback Dogwood Maple. "The coaches made sure we were hydrated, but players were dropping left and right. I got a little woozy during red zone drills and had to see the team doctor for a minute. It was absolutely brutal out there." According to a player who would prefer to remain nameless, they wouldn't be surprised at all if the Carnage go on a losing streak thanks to the heat. "We just haven't been able to practice at a high level or even really prepare for our opponents. It's awful." While other franchises are not immune to the rising temperatures right now, the Sun seems to have set its sights on Athens in a major way. "I called some other players around the league and they were ragging on me because it was so comfortable where they were, they could wear long sleeves. Don't get me wrong, I love Athens, but I could use a break from the summer heat waves," continued Dogwood Maple. As far as the damage to the Carnage's practice facility, the team's lead architect was hopeful. "We'll be able to make repairs, but it will take a couple of weeks. We were lucky that the molten roof didn't fall on any players. That would've resulted in trips to the emergency room and probably much, much worse," said architect Bill de Structures. The good news for Athens is that cooler weather is on the way. While the temperatures will still be in the low 90s, the heat index will retreat back to double digits thanks to some lower humidity on the horizon in the coming weeks. But could this heat be an advantage for the Carnage? Maple thinks so. "We may not like it, but we're somewhat used to it now. If we get a team coming in here that's used to the cold or even just cooler temperatures, we could have a huge edge against them. We're hydrated, we're prepared, and we know how to respond when we get a little fatigued in the fourth quarter." Athens looks to start off the season with a bang after having won their opening game by a large margin. Last year's runners up hope to ride the current hot streak to home field advantage and a chance at redemption in the championship. "If going through this heat gets us in a better spot for the long run, I say 'bring it on'. Last year ending the way it did left a bitter taste and we'll do whatever it takes to get another shot. I figure if we can survive the heat, we can survive the regular season and make another run in the postseason," finished Dogwood Maple. 545 words
  7. 1. I could not be more ready for the new season! I feel like we have a good shot at the title this year. 2. Some good, some bad, some meh. Hopefully we can get it rolling for the regular season. 3. I always eat Waffle House before kickoff. 4. Definitely hanging out with friends or family - gotta have time with my people! 5. The Batman. I loved the story and the acting. 6. Definitely my ability to juggle. Not many people know that. 7. Snacks, fun group games, and more snacks. Did I mention snacks? 8. My parents were both good athletes, but I'm the first in my family to play football. It was a big step! 9. Probably Joshua Jones, but in a friendly way 10. Not really - I just want to do the best I can and hopefully bring a title to my squad. 11. My main goal is to just be the best possible player I can be. 12. Definitely McWolf and numbers! They've been awesome in Athens
  8. I'm going to throw one out to @Youngbuck! It's always nice to have another elite QB to try to compete with and I feel like we've got a friendly rivalry going on.
  9. +3 - Question of the Week +3 - Affiliate Brand (SBA)
  10. I would love to have more statistical information on EFLO. It would be great to have everything housed there, from updates to standings to statistical leaders. Navigating to the index isn't a pain or anything, but it would be nice to have it all in one place, with an emphasis on historical stats.
  11. Not to toot my own horn, but I think it could be a huge year for everyone in Athens, including Dogwood. We have the skill players, the defense, and the overall dominant offense to put up some crazy numbers if the stars align.
  12. 1. I think the Wraiths are in need of a new/refreshed logo, I'll put it that way. 2. It's too bland for my liking. 3. I would not. I like to see my player in action and a lot of the hard work by OLs is hard to quantify. 4. That's hard to say - I want to blaze my own trail and try to make a name for myself. 5. Well I didn't join this league to be a B+ version of someone else. I trust my skillset and my coaches to help take me to greatness. 6. I like it, I think. 7. I think the sims are about as good as they can be for immersion. I enjoy the game threads each and every week! 8. That game would be fun, for sure. Why not? 9. I would absolutely recommend EFL to a friend. It's a fantastic community. 10. My favorite is definitely this year. We had a great season and are primed to top it next year! 11. I read the sims when I have time and always read them line by line when we're Game of the Week. 12. @McWolf!!!!! Thanks for bringing me to Athens and being so helpful every step of the way. You're one of the reasons I've really enjoyed EFL so far
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