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  1. I've gotten absurdly lucky with awards and ships for my players already. And as nice as that is, I don't think those things really have been my favorite as such. The best time I've had in the league is just the hype and activity in the HCP LR as we were setting up for the full uncap season last time round. Sadly it didn't end like we wanted, but the hype at the start of the season was a blast.
  2. The best team is going to be whichever team is randomly favored by the sim gods this season. And the actual best team will probably choke and not make the finals.
  3. The part where it ends, that's always good.
  4. With the off-season hitting us, the clone Anthonius Prattis has now left the hivemind here at Step-Hasbro Gaming™. A sad time indeed, if it wasn't for the fact that new LB Anthonio Pratti just came to be as yet another clone of the OG Anthony Pratt. How many clones will we accrue in the EFL throughout Mr. Pratt's career? Well, that remains to be seen, as we're currently up to 4 players of the Pratt variety. This off-season training seems to have been relatively normal at least, starting out with Mr. Pratt just shoulder checking the shit out of our reporter on arrival. Leading to a quick visit to the hospital and a lot of apologies from Mr. Pratt who apparently was under the assumption that mere mortals were able to absorb such things. Turns out they weren't, as we also got reports that Mr. Pratt has flattened at least 3 other individuals this off-season, including his sport therapist's receptionist, one uber eats driver, and one paparazzi (that wasn't stalking him, mind you). All this points towards Mr. Pratt finally working on getting his Tackling game up to par, at least somewhat. When we linked up with Mr. Pratt later at his Clue Mansion. We weren't overly surprised when he invited us to play a game of Clue the Board Game. Only to proceed an absolutely murder us with his next level tactics. Leading us to believe that he's been working on his Intelligence too. Scary stuff!
  5. I'm going to come in with a hot take here and say it's the one who is most deserving of it, who is going to get it. Now you may say that's a cop out answer because I don't know what the Heisman is. And you would be correct, but that's beside the point!
  6. I assume BOT217 isn't a valid answer. So I'll have to go with future stud QB, the one and only Maurice "Inty" Hartless. @CrookedAnt
  7. Seattle from last szn vs. Seattle from last szn. Because I'd win no matter what. EZ choice, really.
  8. Even Hotter take!! New York will lose all of their remaining games!
  9. Well, it's been a month so it's time to check back in with the Pratt clones. Overall the OG Pratt in Seattle has been chilling, fondling balls, you know just his usual stuff. Nothing too exciting as far as total tackles go, but more starting to branch out into the fancier stuff with the PDs and those other things that I totally remember the name of. 100%. I promise. For Pratts, he's sticking to what he knows and loves. Never, ever, ever running more than 9 yards per attempt. It's just how he likes to do it, always has been. Now due to my complete and utter lack of reference I don't even know how far an RB is supposed to be running per attempt, but whatever. At least he gets to fondle the ball a lot, and much like OG Pratt he likes that sort of thing. Just the other day he got to do it more than 28 times in one game. He was so excited he decided to write a poem about it, but due to the restrictions on "suitable content" on these forums I'm afraid I cannot share the contents of said poem, sorry. Prattis, the most lifelike of the Pratt clones, is just having a blast on the d line and putting up quite a few tackles. He had 17 the other game, I think that's the most I've seen on one of my Pratt boys so far. So that's nice, since OG Pratt was kinda low on those numbers in his uncapping season. Now since Prattis is a RTP there's only so much he can do moving forward. But it's still nice to see him put up the numbers in his final season under Step-Hasbro Gaming™ control. We'll see you all next month, when we'll probably get to catch up on the insanity that is Pratt clone off-season training once again. I think? I'm not going to pretend to have any idea what the schedule is, but I feel like I'm probably due one of those by this time in November, right?
  10. The part of the season where my LR is the most hype (whichever that may be), cause really if you asked me on any give day what part of the season (or which season) it is. My answer would be yelling "Look an eagle!" and then running away.
  11. I guess winning the ship as a rookie and getting Defensive RotY is probably what I should answer? But the real answer is hanging out with a bunch of cool people in the LRs. I don't *really* care about sportsball, so the camaraderie in the LRs is more where it's at for me here.
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