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  1. BOT220 tried to get a quick one past us, but nuh-uh!
  2. Rough game BOT234, you'll get em next time!
  3. Bot Kicker with the measured 1 extra yard on top of Wolfe. Machine precision, literally!
  4. BOT220 back at it AGAIN with a huge punting game. Much excite.
  5. As much as I hate Bot on Bot violence, Bot Kicker did show BOT234 how it's done. I'd expect nothing less from a seasoned pro like it.
  6. Bot Kicker showing everyone what's up. I respect that.
  7. @Berocka you might be beating up the poor bot kickers most the time with your Donkey kicker, Don Keigh. But I know BOT221 is coming for you! (and apparently so is Jardy)
  8. QOTW +3 Player Brand +3
  9. Since Events Week is upon us, we decided to check in with Anthony Pratt to see how his off-season training is going. Only to find that where we expected to see our belowed LB there was nothing but a giant mountain of Protein Powder bags labeled "Clue Glue™: Ulta Gainz Edition". And when I say mountain, I mean the foyer of Clue manor was packed to the ceiling. If I had to estimate I'd say it was something like $5 million worth of protein powder, that's insane! After we made our way through the maze of paths that had been carved into the mountain of gainz, we made our way into the library where we sat down to interview Mr.Pratt, who was busy running on his treadmill at max speed. It kind of reminded me of those Ottawa Senators post game interviews where they were on their training bikes cycling while doing the interview, anyways i regress. So we went in there with a plan for this interview, but that was all out the window now as we just had to ask "Mr. Pratt, what is with the literal mountain of Clue Glue™: Ultra Gainz Edition in the foyer?" To which his answer was simply "Well, coach *pant* said to spend my salary on equipment that *grunt* helps my Strength. So I *pant* figured spending $5 million on THE *grunt* BEST *grunt* PROTEIN *grunt* POWDER *grunt* MONEY *grunt* CAN *grunt* BUY (actually it's only Tier 1, but whatever) was the most *pant* logical *wheeze* solution." After that I'm sad to admit our team was in too much disbelief to continue the interview and decided to simply excuse ourselves to protect what little is left of our sanity.
  10. Probably work on the new member experience a bit. I felt like in the posts I got linked when I first joined there were a fair amount of either confusing or outdated stuff that made me quite unsure of what I could/couldn't do. Despite coming from another TPE league in the VHL. Memory is fuzzy on the specifics, but I do recall being quite sure the cap was actually 9 TPE based on what was in one of the new player posts that was linked.
  11. After taking a break to think about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. While coincidentally being at 199 TPE. Anthony Pratt is now back to it with his off-season routine of covering himself in the aforementioned ice+Clue Glue™ mixture and agility inside Clue manor, while everyone else attempts to murder him. No way to ensure maximum slipperiness like the imminent threat of losing a game of Clue. After making quick work of the opposition and reaching the dizzying heights of Agility one might actually expect from a LB. Mr. Pratt went back to the wardrobe to get out, the now dusty, Sonic the hedgehog suit from last off-season. A single manly tear of nostalgia rolling down his cheek. He donned his suit and came running past the break room here at Step-Hasbro Gaming HQ at speeds we've never before seen from man of his advance age. While going back to his old catch phrases of "I am Speed!" and "Gotta Go Fast!". We really hoped he'd be out of what phase for good... As expected this lead to the eggheads going back down to the basement to try and find where we stored our solution to the last time this issue occurred. Only to find that it was missing. Not the invention, no the entire room was simply not there anymore. We are not entirely sure what to make of this, but the universe potentially folding in on itself is a later problem. For now we'll just have to start working on recreating our glorious Clue Glue™ powered solution in time for next season. In the hopes that maybe we'll get Mr.Pratt out of his hedgehog persona by training camp. If not, then well I guess the Phalanx will have one player in the wrong color shirt next season. It is what it is...
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