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  1. What is one thing you've learned about the EFL over the course of this season?
  2. I challenge Dogwood Maple to throw me many many touchdown passes this season.
  3. +3 Affiliate Brand (SBA) +3 QotW
  4. I'd love to see more members on the site in general. Doesn't have to be super active members or anything either. I really just show up to claim my TPE and leave, I don't really have a great reason to sit and hang out.
  5. I'm gonna say Wandon Rolanin. Heartbroken from losing in the finals, time to catch some balls this season baby!
  6. Wandon Rolanin and Fandon Solanin have both had magical rookie seasons. Their training has not gone to waste, and one must commend their ability to select teams to commit to, as they both met against each other in the finals. One was guaranteed a championship. Of course, it was Death Valley who pulled away with the win in the end, but it was a perfect learning opportunity for both players. One learned what it is like to win, while the other is learning how to handle losing. Both skills are incredibly valuable for anyone hoping to have a successful and longstanding career. Rolanin didn’t exactly blow anyone away this season acting as essentially a 4th receiver by the end of the season. He did however see a lot of success in clutch moments. Pulling off 4 touchdowns brought him tied for 7th in the league, despite still being 3rd on the team. Obviously, the Carnage passing game was simply too good. At least too good for everyone besides the Rangers. Solanin was a very middle of the pack defender, which he hopes to improve on in the coming seasons. But apparently, Solanin was an important piece to shutting down the Carnage offence, pulling off some clutch tackles in the final game.
  7. one of those big ol' layer dips and lots of chicken nuggets
  8. I agree with the alumni bowl, get the best active alumni (or current I guess) players from each EFCA team and pit them against each other. Bring back old teammates and have some fun.
  9. definitely sacking, nobody is even close and it doesn't seem like the window is open for it anymore.
  10. I'd love to break the record for the absolutely coolest dude around, but it's gonna be hard because there's some really cool dudes around
  11. Wandon Rolanin has joined the Athens Carnage as their de facto second Wide Receiver option. The team has two high quality quarterbacks that Rolanin should aim to take advantage of, in order to help learn the sport of football. He is aiming to just get into the lineup and learn the systems and plays in order to be as useful as possible. Wandon joins the team, sitting at a record of 2-2, winning their last game, and hoping to start a bit of a winning streak, to stay high up in the standings. Fandon Solanin accepts an offer from the Death Valley Rangers, who have put together a clean record of 3-1 so far. Fandon sits as a third safety option, and hopes to push his way into a nice starting position in the near future with a bit of time and training. The team looks to have a strong offensive core, so shoring up that defensive play could be what sends this team over the edge into contender status. Fandon will have to keep working hard to help push his way into eh lineup, and help push his team to success. So far so good though, training hard last week.
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