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  1. SBA Quotes and VHL.com articles/graphics/podcasts for 1 TPE each. Max of 2 uncapped TPE.
  2. Wandon and Fandon have had a blast so far rolling up to Wisconsin to start the season. Neither have been by any means a dominant force out there yet, but both have done their fair share of work. Fandon has been a part of a few key interceptions, leading to some very interesting game results. He has also been deflecting passes regularly and getting in those key tackles. Not much more I can ask for from a rookie Fandon. Wandon has been alright I suppose, nothing flashy but returning to his simplistic routine. He hasn’t been getting that many targets, although he hasn’t been getting that many yards after the catch either so it’s a bit of a cycle. Dogwood Maple has been tearing up defenses however with his smart playmaking, so if Wandon is the guy, Dogwood will make sure it gets to his hands. Development has really slowed down for both players, not that their training has been any less, but because they’re reaching the peaks of some of their main skills. It is hard to continue to make significant progress after working on the same thing for so long. Each milestone feels like less and less, but I suppose their sum total is what will cause the _olanins to break out. Get some experience under their belts and continue to grind and one day we might see something great out of them. Keep an eye on Wisconsin in the future though, we’ve got a great program primed to win soon!
  3. Definitely being a part of Athens 3-peat. One of the best LR experiences I've ever had.
  4. (I'll give a real answer too but I'm enjoying the bit) The New York Herd will not win like everything! (but for real this time) The Athens Carnage will complete the 4-peat!
  5. Fandon Solanin joins his brother in the rookie core of the Wisconsin Brigade. While not nearly as flashy of a player as his brother, he still has a lot to offer in this rookie season, and hopes to learn from the defensive veterans already on the team. It is harder to define what Fandon Solanin is compared to Wandon. Offense is pretty straightforward, get ball, run, score point, win. Defense is a lot more intricate, thinking about when to take risks and how much you can afford to give in order to get greater reward down the line. Fandon wants to become the king of the counterattack. Forcing turnovers is his thing, whether that is via interceptions, fumble recovery or just forcing punts. The sooner he can get his brother back on the field the better. He is willing to take those risks in order to get there, and hopes to rely on his veteran teammates to cover for his errors. He will not be playing in his natural position as a safety for some time at least, and will have to get used to being a defensive back for the time being. He will have to make use of his speed to compete with the opposing receivers. It will be hard to judge how good he is this rookie season, as I’m sure he will struggle initially to compete against veteran receivers. But as he gets more comfortable I expect him to start winning battles in the air, getting some interceptions, and at the very least rendering passes incomplete. He will have to outwork not only the receivers, but the quarterbacks as well, knowing their playbook better than even the receivers he will be covering, to get that extra step. There will be a lot of room for Fandon to grow in the coming seasons, but he has the tools to get off to a decent start. He will need to be creative, smart and even ballsy to make a name for himself this season, and that is exactly what he intends to do. Wisconsin will be relying on him heavily down the stretch, but now, he is on his own to prove his mettle.
  6. Once again, Wandon Rolanin is a rookie. He wasted no time last time around when it came to seeing personal and team success. He has the raw toolset to compete at a high level, but will need more rounding out to become a top receiver in the league. He hopes to see a lot fo targets this season, and grow into a genuine threat down the field. Wisconsin will have a hard time breaking away from the pack of the Eastern Conference right away, especially when it comes to depth and role pieces, but with a strong defensive and running game, they may be able to win some key games. Wandon is reunited with Dogwood Maple, who he had incredible success with in college, and hopes to build upon that chemistry even more. It will be interesting to see how Wandon can compete not only against other receivers personally, but EFL caliber defensive players on the field. There is a lot of experience and just raw physicality that Wandon has not had the time to catch up on compared to these veterans, so he will have to use his head to weasel his way into some yardage. Wandon does enter the Brigade as their top receiver so far, and that is a lot of pressure for a rookie to carry, but it should give him plenty of opportunities to prove his talent and make some mistakes. Getting targets is the most important thing for young players and getting those targets early can help him grow into his potential much faster than he may have as a 3rd or 4th option. This is also the first time he has gotten to play with his brother, and he is excited to have a friend in the locker room right away. It can be hard walking into a new locker room, especially one as established as this one, with a veteran group that has been here for some time. Wandon wants to start making progress as quickly as possible, and this may be the best season to really show what he’s got. Over time, there will be plenty of time to mature and grow into his body, but this is where we see those flashes of brilliance that will show everyone why he was deserving of such a high pick.
  7. Fandon Solanin has just joined his new team, the Wisconsin Brigade. It has been a tough few seasons for Fandon, and it was time to move onto something new. It was incredibly hard watching his brother Wandon see all of this success, and to know that your college career’s peak was right at the beginning, and as a depth piece no less. Fandon still has a lot to prove to himself, and to those around him. In his freshman season, he joined the last great Death Valley Rangers squad, as the dynasty came to a close along with the great TacticalHammer’s reign. They took out the up-and-coming Athens Carnage in the finals, and Fandon got to go head-to-head with his brother in the only remotely fair matchup they’ve had. It was huge to get that initial win, but no more would go Fandon’s way. The _olanin’s were raised very loyal however, and Fandon chose not to transfer after a disappointing sophomore season. In fact, he stuck to his plan and stuck around for a full college career, being one of the only bright spots on the team. There was not much to play for but pride, and even then, not a lot of pride was had. But Fandon continued to get reps and continued to grow as a player. He got a lot of attention heading into the draft, as a loyal and fundamentally talented player. College will not be the high point for Fandon, or at least it shouldn’t be. Hopefully there will be strong team seasons, and lots of camaraderie and success. Even while he laments the lack of success he saw in college after that miraculous rookie season, he knows that he wouldn’t have been happier anywhere else, and sometimes things happen for a reason. Fandon had to see rock bottom to know that if he loved this, he would love anything else. Sometimes you have to know the worst case to appreciate the best case. He has seen both sides now, and is happy anywhere along the scale. As college fades to the back of his mind, the lessons learned will not, and will forever be a part of who he is today.
  8. As Wandon Rolanin gets settled in with his new team, the Wisconsin Brigade, he can’t help but be a little homesick. Obviously his time in college had to end someday, and he is so glad to be moving on to the next step, but college really shaped who Wandon is today and how he sees football. He had the pleasure of being a member of the Athens Carnage, an absolutely undeniable dynasty over recent season. Wandon got to play with the best of the best, and held his own. 4 seasons of watching the top prospects uncap and dominate the league, doing his part to play a simple game and keep the defense unsure as to who was going to be targeted. By his senior year, he had carved out a role as an incredible runner, and a clutch receiver. In his first season, he went head to head against his brother Fandon, a duel that would be remembered for a long time, as the old dynasty of Death Valley clashed against the new dynasty of the Athens Carnage. DVR took the win, but lost their GM in the process, taking several steps back from their previous heights. Athens took the loss in stride and began to pile on their pieces, dominating recruitment. Sophomore and Junior seasons happened very quickly and were very dominant for Athens. They were virtually unstoppable there, lead by an amazing running game and some Wandon Rolanin action to keep everyone on their toes. His Senior season was where things really started to heat up though. He was easily separating himself from the pack, absolutely crushing it in the red zone, and taking over the top spot all-time for receiving touchdowns. The clutch connection was real, as they took down their foes in the finals, although for the first time in a few seasons, as the underdog. Wandon has forged a strong connection with the Carnage and has been in contact with them still as they prepare for the upcoming seasons. Hopefully Wandon will be able to reach the heights he had in Athens once again, this time with Wisconsin.
  9. I think the program the SBA implemented in this announcement was a great addition and something along your lines of thinking. A first-gen bonus for max earning for a whole season. If you miss it in one season, you try again the next season. High enough reward to make it worth it, and a short enough period that it isn't impossible, and it helps compensate for the lack of carryover TPE.
  10. I'm going to come up with an even hotter take. I think someone not unanimously deserving of it will win it. That may also be a cop out answer but I also don't know what this Heisman is, at least in EFL, I think it's basically just the MVP award in college?? One day I'll learn something.
  11. Gave me a reason to look at the player list and I've suddenly become a big fan of wook wooter!
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